You won’t believe what he did to stop thumb sucking

Aggravated by your child’s constant thumb sucking? If so, please do not try and solve the problem the way one Dad did. In a bizarre news story a Floridian Dad actually broke his 5 month old daughter’s thumb. That’s not frustration that is just a great big dose of crazy! Given the chance to address him, this is what I would say…

She’s only 5 months old you moron! Maybe a little harsh but what parents need to realize is that many of the annoying habits children have will fall away as they get older. Have you ever seen a grown man drag his blankie into a boardroom? If you are not the type to get confrontational you could hold on to your passive aggressiveness and just let society brow beat your child into conformity well, it is an option, better than child abuse I must say.

Here’s an idea, try a pacifier first: A lot of caregivers may feel unsure about giving the baby something else to become “addicted” to but at least a pacifier can be taken away. You cannot remove a child’s fingers! Well you can but it’s against the law! In time a child will give up their binky/yumyum/Nuk or whatever you end up calling it.

Comfort is Key: That is the real reason behind the action. Find another more acceptable form of comfort for your child. Have them wrap their arms around a stuffed animal, rub their back while they fall asleep and when necessary, gently remind them not to suck their fingers. Kids can be practical too, when they are engaged in a dirty activity have them look at their fingers and say something like “fingers do not belong in our mouths. Look how dirty they can get.” you may give your child a phobia but hey, they won’t be sucking their thumb anymore, right

Thumb Guards: A genius of an idea. Colorful fabric (or plastic) in an array of designs cover the thumb and ties or snaps around the wrist. This blocks the pleasure that children receive from sucking their thumb, instead they get the not so pleasant taste of cotton or plastic on their thumb guard. Parents have used nail polish, Band-Aids and even hot sauce, why not try thumbguards?

If you are like the strange Dad in this story and would do anything or almost anything to teach your child how to stop sucking thumb, please stop and think. There may be other alternatives to violence or hot sauce. In the grand scheme of things thumbsucking really is not the end of the world, some adults probably still do it when no one is looking. Where ever you are, stop thumb sucking! Do yourself a favor and get a thumb guard!