Using Science to Make Cool Party Drinks for Kids


Using Science to Make Cool Party Drinks for Kids

If you have toddlers in the house, then you need to brighten up summer parties with these cool kitchen experiments that will be a hit with your kids and others too. Here are some mind blasting, super ideas that we came up with, all you need is a few ingredients to get started with:

Candyfloss punch

The name as it is sounds like it is a hoot. Cotton candy can easily be made by melting a stash of hard candies. This will open up a whole avenue of beautiful color and tasty flavors you need is 250ml chilled Raspberry Fruit water. about 3 teaspoons of Jelly bean flavored syrup, 2 teaspoons of icy orange juice, 2 strawberry flavored pink Mentos and some cotton candy.All you have to do is

  • Make cotton candy with the help of a candy floss maker. Add candies and place the fresh candy flossing a container and seal it airtight.
  • Add the syrup to a tall glass, fruit water and lastly the orange juice.
  • On top of this add the 2 Mentos and pile the candy floss on top. Get a straw to go through the floss. The cotton will melt in your mouth and the drink is lovely to taste.

The Hulk

If your toddler has thing for Pop Rocks drinks, then this is the drink you’d want to make. Take about 250ml sprite, 3 teaspoons of green apple syrup, 2 apple green Mentos, 1 packet of Pop rocks,1 tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and some baking soda.

  • Take a glass, pour in the sprite, vinegar and the syrup. Stir the mixture and drop in the Mentos
  • Add some baking soda, a pinch will do and then put the contents of the Pop Rocks packet. The drink is beautiful to present.

The salted monkey eyecatcher

This drink is one super way to give a twist to your regular root beer. Take root beer, half a banana, 4 Hershey chocolates, 1 scoop of caramel and vanilla ice scream.

  • Blend the salted caramel ice scream, banana and the chocolate and add 3 ice cubes.
  • Pour this mix into a tall glass. Add root beer.
  • Now after the foaming stops, add the vanilla bean ice scream.

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