Use The Glovey Huggey For Thumb Sucking And Nail Bitting

Thumb sucking has been the habit of the child ever since he was still in the womb of his mother. Because the habit goes back even way before the child is actually born in this world, it may be hard to break for some children especially if the habit has been included in the development of the brain of the child. Unfortunately this seemingly harmless habit has it toil on the child that does it for a long period of time. The continuous performance of the habit tends to bring stresses to the developing upper palette of the child. Aside from that the child the natural alignment of the teeth that will grow from the upper palette tends to collapse towards the inside of the mouth. And if the child continues to do the habit of thumb sucking until the time that his frontal baby teeth grew, there is a tendency that the child may develop another bad habit such as nail biting. Nail biting may not have a direct effect on the oral development of the child but it has a very disturbing effect on the growth of the nails of the child. When the growing nails of the child are bitten of frequently the nails in that finger will eventually shrink exposing the soft flesh that the nails are protecting from any physical hazards.

But fortunately there is a product that is developed by Glovey Huggey not only to prevent the habit of thumb sucking to prolong but also to prevent the development of certain bad habits that may arise from thumb sucking such as nail biting. The Glovey Huggey does not only cover the thumb but it covers the nail area also. By preventing any direct contact between the flesh of the thumb and the nails, the sensation that arises from doing the habits will be eliminated. And if the child is frequently prevented from feeling the sensation form the habit of thumb sucking and nail biting, then these habits will sure be gone without your child even noticing it.

If you are worried if there are dangers that may come from using the Glovey Huggey, well worry no more. Even if the child resorts to biting and sucking the Glovey Huggey just to satisfy his crave to do the habit, the child will not be harmed. The materials that are used to make the Glovey Huggey are clinically approved not to contain any harmful substances and are considered safe to use even for toddlers. Aside from the safe materials that are used to make the said product, it is also available in different designs that can be considered as cool by most number of children.

With the gallery of designs that can be seen in the Glovey Huggey website, you can let your child choose the design of the Glovey Huggey that he wanted. And together with the Glovey Huggey the product comes with a free plush toy to make the child intrigue in using the Glovey Huggey and make it a fun and more adorable experience for him and forever rid him with the bad habit of thumb sucking.

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