Toddler Games: Fun & Educational

Babies thrive on the love and care of their parents, making playtime an excellent opportunity to instill lessons in language and encourage motor skill development. This vital period of life never seems to last long enough. In what seems like the blink of an eye, children grow up. These games can help prepare them for the next step: school.


This classic game aids your baby in understanding that objects still exist even when not in sight. This understanding is an important milestone in an infant’s cognitive development. This game often begins during the newborn phase and can continue indefinitely. Whether played with hands or a cloth that a baby can pull to reveal mom’s face, peek-a-boo is a universally beloved game.

Anticipatory Games

Midway through a baby’s first year of life, they become capable of anticipatory actions. When your baby is on your lap, try gently touching your foreheads together, saying, “ahh-boom” each time you do this. After a period of repetition, your little one begins to anticipate the coming forehead touch and will start to lean toward you, knowing what happens next.


Has there ever been a baby who did not love pat-a-cake? Around the seven-month mark, a baby learns to clap hands and will do so joyfully as you chant the pat-a-cake rhyme. They will begin to grasp the concept of timing and eagerly take part in repeating your movements. Young babies try to vocalize with sounds, but before long, your child will sing along from memory.

Oops! Cause and Effect Play

You can incorporate nearly any stackable toy for this game but blocks work best. Around 3 months, use them to build a tower from the objects. Help your baby reach out and gently knock down the tower. This game teaches your baby that actions have consequences.

This Little Piggy

Babies are very big fans of babbling and this game is always a joy for them. This little piggy is a fun way to teach your baby that even if they are small, they can still actively participate in playtime. They quickly discover that this ticklish activity can often be prolonged simply by sticking out their baby toes in mom or their caregiver’s direction.

No matter what your baby’s game of choice may be, take full advantage of playtime. While clearly a fun activity, babies are soaking in everything around them, so make sure what they absorb from you is fun, educational and valuable.

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