Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking

toddler sucking her thumb while her mother holds her.

Thumb sucking is a behavior displayed by infants and young ones that is usually characterized by rhythmically sucking the thumb. This habit is a source of pleasure and happiness that’s why infants and babies develop a strong attachment with this habit. This connection or attachment is what makes it hard for parents on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. This habit normally stops in the age of 5 or earlier in some cases. However, children stick with this habit even if they start to get older. Thumb sucking has to stop before a child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, it may affect the normal growth of their mouth and teeth.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking especially when emotional issues start to hit the scene. It is difficult for parents especially for the mothers to stop the thing that makes her child happy. Despite this situation, there are still parents who are desperate and open about the idea of helping their children finally overcome this habit. Thinking about the effects this habit may cause make parents decide that thumb sucking can be dealt with using the proper approach.

There are helpful tips on how to stop thumb sucking that parents can execute in order to help their child overcome this habit. One effective tip is to reward your child whenever he is not sucking his thumb. This is a way to motivate him and make him forget about thumb sucking. Praising a child whenever he does not thumb suck is also the best way to make him feel appreciated in a way. Another tip recommended to parents in order to help their children deal with the habit of thumb sucking is to divert their child’s attention into other things and activities. Let your child draw, sketch, paint and play around rather than tolerate the child to do the habit.

Using thumb sucking prevention devices is also another option on how to stop thumb sucking effectively. These devices can provide ultimate solution to finally end this habit and save your child from the negative effects of this. Glovey Huggey is the leading provider of thumb sucking gloves that is made from spandex material. The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves are made from finest and durable materials. These gloves come in different colors and attractive designs your kids will truly love. Kids will not experience pressure and hassle in overcoming the habit because the Glovey Huggey ensures that they can still have free hand movement and comfortable feeling.

Parents can now get the chance to access these very interesting and effective thumb sucking prevention devices. By means of visiting their website, parents can learn how these devices effectively work on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. They can now gain optimism and confidence that their children can finally eliminate this habit in their system having the assurance that their children are safe and enjoying the process.