How a Thumb Sucking Guard Can Help You

Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking can be a nasty habit that a child has. Many children have thumb-sucking issues. They use thumb sucking as a way to soothe themselves. However, we all know that there are other ways to self soothe rather than using thumb sucking .

While many parents thing that thumb-sucking is okay for the early years of life, this might be true, but later down the road as they keep thumb-sucking , you will find that this can have a negative impact on their life. There are many things that this will affect if they keep thumb-sucking .

For starters, you will find that they could have issues with their teeth which can be caused by this. There is an emotional issue as well. When they do this in front of peers and those who they are supposed to look professional before, you will find that they will be teased and you as a parent could be ridiculed. Yet, as parents, we have all been down this road before. You don’t know what to do to stop this.

That is why we have created our own thumb guard called the Glovey Huggey . This is an alternative and when you use this, your child won’t be able to suck his or her thumb. While we want our children to be able to get themselves to stop crying, there are some things they do or use which might be a problem later down the road. When you get our thumb guard (Glovey Huggey) , you can start to train them to not use their thumb. Our thumb guard keeps it so that they cannot stick their thumb in their mouth. This doesn’t hurt the child. In time, he or she will learn how to self soothe without the use of a thumb guard or the Glovey Huggey or their thumb for that matter. You are just one step from breaking them of this habit.