Thumb sucking in Children: Reasons and Solutions

Baby Thumb Sucking

Most of the children aged 2-4 are habitual of sucking their thumbs. However, this habit may continue as they grow old. Some children keep this habit till they become 8 years old. This may cause a lot of worries for the parents. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind this and also look for tips on how to stop thumb sucking.

Why do children suck their thumbs?

The most common reason behind this is the need for comfort. Thumb sucking a very primitive activity that starts in the womb. Children find sucking their thumbs comforting in all situations, especially when it’s something that they don’t prefer or like. In such cases, they such their thumbs even more.

What are the results of sucking thumbs?

While it is common for children of up to four years of age to suck their thumbs, they may attract many health issues due to this habit. First, germs and bacteria may enter the body of your children due to thumb sucking. They play around a lot and touch many things that may contain germs. On sucking their thumbs, they give germs and easy passage to their digestive system. Second, thumb sucking may cause a small depression in their mouth because of which the teeth may not appear in a proper line and the child may even have speech problems. Some experts claim that the upper jaw of the children can also become narrow and they jaws and teeth won’t meet properly.

How to stop thumbsucking?

You must not use force of bad tasting products available in the market in order to stop your children from sucking their thumbs. There is a simple way to tackle this problem which would not only break their habit, but also encourage them to play. There is a variety of thumb sucking guards for kids available in the market. These guards are basically spandex gloves that come in attractive colors and designs. These thumb sucking guards make for a cool accessory as well.

You can order some thumb sucking guards from and make your children stop this bad habit. These gloves come in a pack of two and are placed inside a gift box. Moreover, they come with a plush toy for the kids. This ensures that your children don’t feel they are being forced to give up thumb sucking and they may enjoy and play around. Once they engage in more productive and educational activities, they will forget about sucking thumbs..