Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Habit

There are a number of reasons why children suck their thumbs and parents are looking everywhere in order to know how to stop thumb sucking habit of their kid. It is nothing more than a natural reflex in infants and it often starts in the womb according to medical specialists. Babies suck on their fingers, thumb, things around them, as this is totally a natural way for them to learn about stuff near them.

However, there comes a point when parents start concerning about this habit of their kid. Excessive thumb sucking can cause a number of problems such as interference with proper mouth growth and the alignment of the teeth. In addition to that, it can affect the root of the mouth. And that is why parents need to know how to stop thumb sucking habit of their kid. According to a recently conducted study on thumb suckers and their inability to learn how to stop thumb sucking, scientists have discovered that all thumb suckers have few things in common such as the role of their parents in motivating them to stop this habit and teaching them how to stop thumb sucking. And if you are looking for ways to teach your kid about thumb sucking how to stop this habit, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

For starters, keep this in mind that there are several ways to break the habit of thumb sucking and hence you every kid cannot be cured using a single particular technique. This means that you cannot force your child to adapt one method to learn how to stop thumb sucking and instead you need to use various tactics until you find the right remedy. Make sure you take all the necessary precautionary measures into consideration in order to train your kid how to stop thumb sucking in the best possible way.

One of the most common method used to tutor kids how to stop thumb sucking is the used of anti thumb sucking gloves. These gloves force kids to put their attentions somewhere else and the material used in these gloves allow kids to learn more about how to stop thumb sucking.

However, if you still want to try other methods to teach your kid how to stop thumb sucking, you can always go for the popular bad taste solution. Although this method is not considered to be a good one, this can possibly be the last resort. This technique involves putting a solution that taste really bad but is totally harmless, on your kid’s hands. And when the kid will suck his thumb or fingers, the bad taste will force him to stop doing that. However, other techniques such as a simple discussion on how to stop thumb sucking with your kid should be preferred. You can also buy a fancy looking toy for your kid as a replacement to the thumb. Although this won’t solve your problem, it will allow you to use other methods with more effect afterwards.