Thumb Sucking Has to Stop

Thumb sucking is an infants’ way to comfort and pacify them especially when they are about to sleep. This is usually done by means of putting their thumb inside their mouth and sucks it repeatedly. Infants and younger kids naturally display fondness with this habit. These younger children consider thumb sucking as their soothing and comforting device. This habit remains to be harmless, however when the child starts to develop his permanent teeth, thumb sucking starts to be a problem.

Thumb sucking has to stop before the teeth develop because if not, children may start to bit and hurt their fingers. Thumb sucking displayed beyond the normal age, may cause dental and speech problems that is why parents are more desperate to help their children overcome this habit as early as possible before bad effects start to get worst.

It is hard for parents to deal with this problem however it is even harder on the part of the child who has already developed a strong attachment with this habit. This usually what makes it hard for the children to let go of the habit and finally remove this from their system. Breaking the habit can be complicated and difficult especially when the child refuses to cooperate. Parents are advised to have the courage and patience in supporting their children because breaking process cannot be taken by the child alone. The involvement of parents can make the process easier for the child.

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