Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking

There many small children who have a habit of sucking their thumb with which they may look cute when they are a baby but it is not the same when they become toddlers. Parents try all sorts of different ways to stop the thumb sucking. There are parents who try and yell at their children and they try to give them rewards if they stop sucking their thumb. Thumb sucking soon becomes a habit and like all habits your child needs your care and guidance to stop it.

Many different ways and means are there which can you’re your child sucking their thumb. Most of the techniques are easy and others are a bit harder for you to implement.

You can make use of a thumb sucking guard to stop your child from sucking their thumb: If all of the tricks which you had previously tried out have failed then you can stop your child from sucking their thumb with the help of the Glovey Huggey. It is a sort of device which has the plastic cover of the thumb which can be attached to your child’s wrist. Our thumb sucking guard interrupts the process by breaking the vacuum created by sucking. It will be possible that your child stops sucking their thumb within four weeks.

Never force your child for using the thumb sucking guard: As a parent you should use the Glovey Huggey if and only if your child accepts it. You should never force your child to use this device as it can damage your child’s psyche.

Reminder to make use of the fluid method: You should make use of a liquid with a bad taste and apply it on your child’s thumb. Because of its bad taste your child will not put suck their thumb. If your child has a thumb sucking guard over their thumb, it will help remind your child that they are indulging in a bad habit. As a habitual thumb sucker your child may not even realize they are indulging in a bad habit. If they have a cloth over their thumb it will help remind them. However, these gloves are not uncomfortable and hence they will not hurt a child only that they will not give them the same type of feeling in their mouth as their skin. Thumb sucking is a powerful habit and it is the thumb sucking guard which will help the child in coming out of this bad habit.