Thumb Sucking Guard Really Does Help

Is your child already in the toddler stage of life? Do you know what are the different kinds of milestone achieved this stage? And do you know what unnecessary and insignificant traits are in this stage? And also, did you know that thumbsucking is one of the most common insignificant traits that a toddler child has? Well, there are reasons behind why thumb sucking must be eliminated as a bad habit; it can cause malocclusion, acquire disease, may have a speech problem, and dental problems.

How Can You Stop Thumbsucking?

As far as you had not done anything to stop thumbsucking, your child may be prone to having it as a bad habit in his/her entire life. to prevent this kind of action, certain things can be done like; limiting him/her and giving some distractions, offering him/her rewards if they had stop thumbsucking for a certain period of time. Others had tried to punish their child for thumbsucking which is not recommended. But the best way to prevent or stop your child for thumbsucking is by using a thumb sucking guard.

Glovey Huggey Among Others

This is a thumb device that can greatly help you to prevent your child from thumbsucking. In comes in forms like thumb gloves. It is a way that you can actually help your child within a positive way. Among others that have usually a negative way to stop the thumbsucking has a big impact to their child. Like yelling, spanking, and humiliating their child in front of others will cause them a psychological problems that they will carry on when they get older. But through thumbguards, they themselves will be the one to stop thumbsucking. The reason for that is, the thumb will be guarded by spandex material and it is what they will feel and taste when they are thumb sucking. With this kind of taste and texture, they would not be provoked to suck anymore on that cloth.

Where Can You Buy Glovey Huggey?

Glovey Huggey have the best thumb sucking devices to offer. They have ranges of designs and colors that your child will surely love to fit in their hands. This thumbguards will surely stop your child from thumb sucking while having fun. It allows the hand of your child to move fully and it has modifiable wristbands that come in two sizes. One is for the kids that are 2 to 4 years old and the other has 4-8 years old. It is easy to wash so therefore you can wash them regularly to prevent any contagion of bacteria. And making it very affordable, it can be purchase easily to help your child stop thumbsucking…take a look at

Thumbguards Plus Many More!

When you purchase from Glovey Huggey, you will have two thumb gloves with a lush toy for free! And it is shipping-free. Wrapped like a box gift, your child is eager to look whats inside. And thumb gloves are fashionable in every way so your child may not be embarrassed to wear them at home or at school and they can even show this to their classmates.