Thumb Guard

Thumb sucking is something a baby does to soothe himself. He’ll go to sleep sucking his thumb but once he starts growing older and once he’s two or four the thumb sucking should be stopped. If the child doesn’t stop thumb sucking he’s going to do damage to his teeth and mouth and possibly his jaw so you’ll have to take measures to make him stop.

You are going to have to teach your child how to stop thumb sucking before he goes to school. Limiting the time he sucks his thumb or where you will allow it might help but that is not going to stop it completely if you are trying to wean him off it. Praise him when he is not sucking his thumb rather than criticize him when he is sucking his thumb. If your child should get hurt, the first thing he’s going to do is suck on his fingers or thumb, allow that because you will see that he’ll calm down being in that thumb sucking zone.

Work with your child and talk to him about his habit. Let him know that you can see what he is doing and that might help him stop thumb sucking. If he tells you that he’s unaware of what he was just doing perhaps giving him another way to comfort himself might help like a blanket or a favorite toy that he plays with just to keep his hands busy.

There is another thing that you can do to show your child how to stop thumb sucking and that is with a thumb guard. The thumb guard will go onto your child’s thumb and around the wrist and it comes in all different colors. Anytime your child wants to suck his thumb this thumb guard is going to be in the way and help stop him from sucking on his thumb. This will not cause any pain or put your child in any discomfort. It is there to try to break the habit of him wanting his thumb in his mouth and it can and will help. Purchase two if you need to for both hands or for when one is in the washing machine.

How to stop thumb sucking is difficult but something will work so keep after your child and teach him it’s not healthy for him and don’t start to worry because your child will stop thumb sucking but only when he is ready to do so..