Thumb Guard vs Glovey Huggey

Thumb sucking is a habit from which many parents are trying to break their child. Among issues caused are teeth growing in crooked and needing expensive braces. I thought about this on a recent trip to Disneyland as I noticed all the children sucking their thumbs. I wondered how many unsuccessful methods were used to deter this habit. Did they try mittens, spicy-flavored nail polish or band-aids? I noticed a relatively new product called thumb guard.

The idea was well-meaning, but I don’t see too many children being comfortable in it. In addition to being a large piece of plastic that appears uncomfortable over the thumb, it looks like a brace. If it looks like the child broke his wrist or thumb, people will question what happened for him to need to wear it which can cause him embarrassment if he’s truthful. My alternative to these methods is the glovey huggey stop thumb sucking gloves.

The design is a glove cut-out with a cover over the thumb. Gloves go on both hands, so the only attention is to the fashion because of the matching pair and vibrant styles. This will be an especially big hit among children that are pop music fans as this is similar to the late, Michael Jackson’s look. Attention will be diverted from the child’s habit, and the child can feel relaxed wearing the gloves in public. For a look at the many choices available to help children stop thumb sucking visit our store