The Thumb Sucking Epidemic

From the first time you witness your little bundle of joy sucking away at their thumb, you think how cute they really look. At in this moment you never take the time to think that this act could be a habit which could not only be dangerous for their teeth but also for their physical and mental health. Although thumb sucking might seem normal there are a few things that your child could be at risk for just by doing it.

The major concerns many parents should consider are delayed speech, frustration, orthodontic issues, anxiety, and the introduction of germs that shouldn’t be in their bodies. The biggest issue parents have a problem with of course is how there teeth can get so ruined, because of their thumbs being in their mouths all day the teeth grow around the thumb giving their teeth a more crooked look. And as they get older humiliation is another big problem they will soon have to face, it may be a hard habit to break but it’s worth it to get away from the humiliation and irreversible damage.

One solution to thumb sucking parents are turning to is the Glovey Huggey, a decorative glove which covers the thumb to help and prevent them from sucking their thumb which in a way weans them off of their habit. The product was developed by a local mother who was fed up with the lack of help for this particular habit. Given the next holiday Easter is coming up, it would be the perfect gift for any child with the habit problem.

The US is not the only country with this problem either, because of how normal it is places like the United Kingdom and Australia are also affected. Residences of places like the United Kingdom and Australia could also highly benefit from this great product. This product seems to be the best solution for a world wide problem.

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