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End Thumbsucking: Potential Consequences if Your Child Continues This Habit
End Thumbsucking: Potential Consequences if Your Child Continues This Habit


Research shows most children who suck their thumbs will not suffer any long term effects if they stop the habit by the age of five. The real health concern begins after this age and becomes more serious as the child gets older. Less than 5 percent of children continue to thumbsuck past this age.


More than a Bad Habit?

If thumbsucking is accompanied by hair pulling, parents may be dealing with more than just a bad habit. Also, if your child is sucking his or her thumb so intensely it is causing a callus, there may be something else going on with the child. These actions may be related to emotional problems such as anxiety. In general, it is a good idea to consult a pediatrician to confirm the child’s behavior is simply a bad habit and has no underlying cause.


Possible Consequences: Dental

The biggest long-term problems arising from thumbsucking revolve around the mouth, obviously. Dental concerns are the first that come to mind. The most well known issue with thumbsucking is the development of improperly aligned teeth. The habit can restrict growth of the lower jaw, which could require complicated facial correction surgery. Teeth may also start to protrude outward from the mouth which could result in an abnormally large gap between the upper and lower teeth, according to an orthodontist San Antonio. All of these dental problems will merit a visit to an Orthodontist San Antonio branch.


Possible Consequences: Speech

Some children will develop speech problems. These problems include having difficulty with certain sounds and the pronunciation of certain letters including s, l, z, t, d among others. The poorly aligned teeth contribute to the speech problem. The child may also have a lisp. One other somewhat speech related issue is tongue thrust. Some children will seemingly not be able to control their tongue coming out of their mouth extensively when speaking.


Worth Mentioning

Another possible complication is the child may develop malformations of the roof of the mouth. This will usually come from intense sucking. It is not as common as the other problems mentioned, but could be an issue for anyone with a particularly soft upper palate..

Glovey Huggey Thumb Guard Speaks for Itself
Glovey Huggey Thumb Guard Speaks for Itself

Infants display a natural fondness of sucking their thumb to gratify themselves. This habit is their source of happiness, security and pleasure. Thumbsucking is a behavior displayed by children especially of younger years and this is manifested by putting their thumbs inside their mouth for oral gratification. This pleasure-seeking habit is being tied up to breast feeding because children, especially of younger years, always have the tendency of putting anything into their mouth. This habit normally stops when the child start to grow and mature but unfortunately there are some who keep this habit even when they grow older.

Parents fully understand that this habit is an effective soothing mechanism for their child but once this habit starts to harm and results in unhealthy threats, this starts to be a problem. Thumbsucking may affect the normal growth of the teeth and might as well hurt the kid’s thumb when engage in excessive thumbsucking. This habit needs to be stopped, especially when the child’s permanent teeth begin to grow. This situation causes many parents to worry about the safety and welfare of their children. There are actually effective tips to help parents deal with their child’s habit of thumbsucking and these tips help to eliminate this habit from their system permanently.

Parents should give full awareness and attention to their child in order to help them overcome this habit. Rewarding them when not thumbsucking can also be a motivating factor to help him quit. Diverting the child’s attention into other things can be a means of helpful distraction. Let the child engage into different activities such as drawing, painting and playing that can help him forget about his old habit. Help the child understand that this habit should no longer be done and explain to him the damage it may cause in a simple manner that he can understand. Using thumbsucking product such as thumb guard can be considered because this provides ultimate protection to the child’s thumb.

Glovey Huggey offers parents the best and high quality thumb guard and buying this is a brilliant option because this thumb guard is safe, effective and most of all less expensive. This thumb guard comes in cool looks and attractive designs that children will surely love. They won’t even notice that they are being put into test. The Glovey Huggey thumb guard entails a non-aggressive method therefore your child won’t experience too much pressure as he overcome thumbsucking. This one-of-a-kind thumb guard can be availed online by visiting their official website http://endthumbsucking.com.

The Glovey Huggey offers the best and most reliable thumb guard that is made and specially created using the finest and high quality materials. Its increasing popularity and demands from parents and customers make the Glovey Huggey thumb guard’s sales rate to rapidly increase and gets stronger every year. The Glovey Huggey gained an impressive customer support and more individuals and buyers are getting interested and persuaded on buying the thumb guard and all other products. The Glovey Huggey thumb guard is definitely the best choice that leads your child finally overcome thumbsucking in a manner that he will truly enjoy.


Dental Devices for Thumbsucking
Dental Devices for Thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a common and natural reflex displayed by babies and younger children. This activity becomes a source of their passion and pleasure that is why they tend to engage in thumbsucking especially during sleeping time. Thumbsucking is normally characterized by a rhythmic sucking of thumb placed inside the baby’s mouth. Babies and youngsters thumbsucking routines are somehow connected to breast feeding activities. Although this activity makes the children happy and secure, it is a sad reality that this habit starts to be a problem when children grow older.

Thumbsucking can cause dental problems and can affect the normal growth of the children’s teeth. Due to continuous thumbsucking, problems like misalignment and out of position teeth growth can be expected. This activity can also narrow the child’s dental arches and can result to difficulty in chewing and swallowing. The problems brought by thumbsucking sometimes depend on the intensity if the activity. It becomes a serious problem if child possess aggressive thumbsucking because it might hurt their thumbs and mouth as well. Aggressive suckers are usually the ones who experience serious dental problems.

There are lots of remedies and solutions that can be considered by parents who wish to end their child’s habit. But due to emotional connection some parents find it hard to see their babies and child long for their thumbs as they usually do. Breaking the habit of thumbsucking is really crucial; it is somehow difficult for the parents to resolve this but much more difficult to the child because this activity somehow makes them feel happy and secured. Good thing is that there are dental devices for thumbsucking that can effectively help your child to stop thumbsucking.

Glovey Huggey is the ultimate provider of dental devices for thumbsucking that is proven to be effective in helping your child finally say goodbye to this bad habit. They offer thumb guards that are less expensive and possess easy to use features. The Glovey Huggey dental devices for thumbsucking such as thumb guards are definitely cool and children will surely love these stuffs because they come in creative patterns in different colors. Children succeed to stop thumbsucking using this non-aggressive and positive method. Thumb guard also plays a great contribution in promoting excellent dental health ad normal teeth growth on children.

Using these dental devices for thumbsucking encourages and promotes positive attitude while eliminating the habit of thumbsucking. Parents are even satisfied on how these dental devices for thumbsucking amazingly work to stop their child’s thumbsucking without experiencing too much pressure. These thumbsucking guards used with positive application and reinforcement is very effective in terms of dealing with thumbsucking habit of your children. Because of Glovey Huggey, you can now enjoy a positive and effective means to stop your child from aggressive thumbsucking without spending lots of money.

Aside from helpful solutions and remedies such as praising the child when not thumbsucking, correcting the source of anxiety and not tolerating the habit especially at night, parents can now add using dental devices for thumbsucking in the list of ultimate solutions that help their child stop thumbsucking permanently.


Thumb Sucking vs. Pacifiers
Thumb Sucking vs. Pacifiers

Parents of thumb sucking infants will usually question whether they should use a pacifier as a substitute for the thumb. It is important to note that there is no research to back the claim that one should be preferred than the other. The advantages and disadvantages of use of thumb sucking and pacifier is not clear cut, there are some issues which parents must consider.

Some claim that one advantage of using pacifiers include the ability of the parents to control when the baby will be allowed to use it and being able to take the device away when it no longer proper. However, the use of pacifier increases the child’s risk of incurring middle ear infection when they continuously use it after 1 year of age. On the other hand, some claim that the use of thumb-sucking has the advantage of not interfering with breast feeding and that the child will stop at age 3-5. But, if this becomes a habit after that age, it can lead to dental and speech problem.

What parents must realize is that there is no reason to encourage the babies to use either of these methods. The sucking instinct of the infant can be satisfied thorough bottle and breastfeeding. For those who have a habit for thumbsucking as they found comfort on it, there is other way on how to break it. Pacifier sucking and thumbsucking must be addressed the earliest possible time so as not to have any problems in the future. This can be done by using some products which helps in eliminating the problem in a healthy and fun way.

One of the most effective and positive way of addressing thumb sucking problem is the use of thumb guards. The latter is a device made from spandex materials which is non-toxic and safe. It is also available on different styles, designs and color which every child would love to wear all day. With this, the child’s attention is diverted from thumb sucking. They give a skin like feel to the pacifier but without the taste and texture of the thumb to which the child is dependent upon. With this, the child will be discouraged from sucking on his fingers.

Eliminating thumb sucking and pacifier use should use method which is not harsh and cruel to the child. It must be something which is friendly, playful and caring. Parents should be patient and determined to eliminate this habit but must not resort to punishing and spanking. This can just lead to some psychological problem of the baby. Rather, approach the problem in a positive way such as the use of thumb guards and other methods like giving them gifts if they will stop resorting to the habit. It is also very important to explain to the child the disadvantages of this habit and how getting rid of it can be beneficial for them.

Help your child get rid of thumb sucking and pacifier without any fuss or sadness with thumb guards. Packages will usually include a toy which can help in eliminating the habit fast; take a look at all our Glovey Huggey http://endthumbsucking.com/store/



Thumb Sucking Guard Really Does Help
Thumb Sucking Guard Really Does Help

Is your child already in the toddler stage of life? Do you know what are the different kinds of milestone achieved this stage? And do you know what unnecessary and insignificant traits are in this stage? And also, did you know that thumbsucking is one of the most common insignificant traits that a toddler child has? Well, there are reasons behind why thumb sucking must be eliminated as a bad habit; it can cause malocclusion, acquire disease, may have a speech problem, and dental problems.

How Can You Stop Thumbsucking?

As far as you had not done anything to stop thumbsucking, your child may be prone to having it as a bad habit in his/her entire life. to prevent this kind of action, certain things can be done like; limiting him/her and giving some distractions, offering him/her rewards if they had stop thumbsucking for a certain period of time. Others had tried to punish their child for thumbsucking which is not recommended. But the best way to prevent or stop your child for thumbsucking is by using a thumb sucking guard.

Glovey Huggey Among Others

This is a thumb device that can greatly help you to prevent your child from thumbsucking. In comes in forms like thumb gloves. It is a way that you can actually help your child within a positive way. Among others that have usually a negative way to stop the thumbsucking has a big impact to their child. Like yelling, spanking, and humiliating their child in front of others will cause them a psychological problems that they will carry on when they get older. But through thumbguards, they themselves will be the one to stop thumbsucking. The reason for that is, the thumb will be guarded by spandex material and it is what they will feel and taste when they are thumb sucking. With this kind of taste and texture, they would not be provoked to suck anymore on that cloth.

Where Can You Buy Glovey Huggey?

Glovey Huggey have the best thumb sucking devices to offer. They have ranges of designs and colors that your child will surely love to fit in their hands. This thumbguards will surely stop your child from thumb sucking while having fun. It allows the hand of your child to move fully and it has modifiable wristbands that come in two sizes. One is for the kids that are 2 to 4 years old and the other has 4-8 years old. It is easy to wash so therefore you can wash them regularly to prevent any contagion of bacteria. And making it very affordable, it can be purchase easily to help your child stop thumbsucking…take a look at http://endthumbsucking.com/store/

Thumbguards Plus Many More!

When you purchase from Glovey Huggey, you will have two thumb gloves with a lush toy for free! And it is shipping-free. Wrapped like a box gift, your child is eager to look whats inside. And thumb gloves are fashionable in every way so your child may not be embarrassed to wear them at home or at school and they can even show this to their classmates.


Makeup and Nails: Is your Child Ready?

Every mom has found their darling child tucking into their cosmetics bag haven’t they? I even have several pictures of my boys with mascara all over their sweet faces and lipstick just about everywhere else! If you haven’t found squashed lipstick in your makeup bag, then you are a lucky momma, but if you have girls, likelihood is they are coveting your cosmetics stash from a young age.

So how do you handle the urge for you little ones to wear makeup. Even if you are not a makeup mom yourself, little girls are privy to the done up front covers of magazines they see at the supermarket, and the made up girls on TV. Even their dolls appear to be wearing makeup.

For moms of thumbsucking kids, nail varnish can be a godsend. My trick is to paint my little girl’s nails and then on her thumbnail paint some extra detail, so she really doesn’t want it to come off. If the habit wins out then I at least match her painted nails to her Glovey Huggey thumb sucking guard as it encourages her to wear it. I try to make her thumb guards as cool and appealing as possible!

As for other makeup, I do not mind my kids experimenting at home. A great idea I saw on a mom blog a long time ago was fake makeup, made of melted wax and poured into pots so little ones could mimic the wearing of makeup without actually putting any on their sensitive skin.

However, as kids get older, this probably won’t cut it and they will want to play with lots of different colours. Lots of moms will be fine with this and buy cheap makeup for their young ones to enjoy at playtime. I am definitely in that group. In fact I didn’t mind my girls going out with some makeup on. It’s just them creating and playing and is entirely innocent, but I know many moms do not feel comfortable with their children wearing any make out of the house.

For me things change with tweens and teenagers as that’s when the intent of makeup wearing changes. It ceases to be imaginative dress up and instead it becomes a tool of attraction, making your kids feel prettier, older and often more part of their crowd.

When my eldest hit this age, I decided to help her out as she still wasn’t au fait with subtle makeup application. Instead I took her to the store and we selected a mascara, blush and lipstick that would be all hers and that looked natural, I drew the line at foundation – totally not necessary for her. This way, she had autonomy, but I was still in control of her not looking like jezebel!

This way too, I was also able to purchase all natural non toxic products which I believe are much better for our health.

Do you let your children wear makeup?

Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4 and an advocate of healthy living including choosing a natural skincare  regime and natural cosmetics, especially for young skin..

Creating Christmas Traditions
Creating Christmas Traditions

This time last year I was writing a blog for an Italian real estate agent and had the pleasure of submitting several posts discussing the Italian traditions of Christmas. I was quite surprised to find that Italian Christmas traditions in both the North and South of the country are quite different to what we experience here in North America. Food is still a big part of their day, but Santa and Christmas trees aren’t.

I have a young family and it’s been fun to create a unique approach to gift giving and the folklore of Father Christmas. Learning about different customs around the world really got me thinking about how we could build traditions in our family.

Here are some of the different traditions from other areas of the world that we are going to incorporate into our own Christmas celebrations.

  • Italian letter writing – On Christmas Eve, after dinner, children put a letter on their father’s plate. The letter tells their daddy why they love him and are grateful for him and mom.
  • Dutch Christmas Eve – My husband’s family are from Friesland, north of Holland. Traditionally the Dutch, like many countries in central and northern Europe, open their presents on Christmas Eve. We now choose one present to open on Christmas Eve (will it be a thumb sucking guard this year?) and open the rest on the ‘big day’.
  • Greek offering to the less fortunate – A lot like their Mediterranean counterpart, the Italians, the Greeks don’t give many presents. Instead they give small gifts to hospitals, orphanages and people in need. This year, we will be participating in a gift rally for those in local foster care.
  • Austrian Baked Carp – I love turkey, just love it, but I like the idea of an alternative. We celebrate Christmas with a big family gathering so I am going to bring a fish to shake things up a little at our Christmas table.
  • Egyptian New Outfit – I like this tradition most of all! On Christmas Eve Egyptians will head to church dressed in a new outfit. Growing up in the north of England we did similar on Christmas Day, we always saved something special for the 25th. A cool idea might be to gift a new Glovey Huggey to match the outfit your child is going to wear. This is a good way to encourage them to wear the thumb guard and make it fun and exciting.
  • French Chocolate Log – I’m not a big fan of fruit cake which is the tradition for Christmas. Long ago I started to make a French chocolate log for dessert. Serve with cream or ice cream – delicious!

Christmas is a fun holiday to celebrate whether you celebrate age old traditions or are creating your own family folklore. It is a great time to hang out with your kids and show how much you love them, thumbsucking and all.


Author Bio: Breanna Andrews is a mother of two young children and a writer. As the article suggests, she loves new clothes and is currently coveting this Becksöndergaard star scarf by Minkpink for herself and the Nature’s Pride for her daughter!

Image courtesy of posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


You won’t believe what he did to stop thumb sucking

Aggravated by your child’s constant thumb sucking? If so, please do not try and solve the problem the way one Dad did. In a bizarre news story a Floridian Dad actually broke his 5 month old daughter’s thumb. That’s not frustration that is just a great big dose of crazy! Given the chance to address him, this is what I would say…

She’s only 5 months old you moron! Maybe a little harsh but what parents need to realize is that many of the annoying habits children have will fall away as they get older. Have you ever seen a grown man drag his blankie into a boardroom? If you are not the type to get confrontational you could hold on to your passive aggressiveness and just let society brow beat your child into conformity well, it is an option, better than child abuse I must say.

Here’s an idea, try a pacifier first: A lot of caregivers may feel unsure about giving the baby something else to become “addicted” to but at least a pacifier can be taken away. You cannot remove a child’s fingers! Well you can but it’s against the law! In time a child will give up their binky/yumyum/Nuk or whatever you end up calling it.

Comfort is Key: That is the real reason behind the action. Find another more acceptable form of comfort for your child. Have them wrap their arms around a stuffed animal, rub their back while they fall asleep and when necessary, gently remind them not to suck their fingers. Kids can be practical too, when they are engaged in a dirty activity have them look at their fingers and say something like “fingers do not belong in our mouths. Look how dirty they can get.” you may give your child a phobia but hey, they won’t be sucking their thumb anymore, right

Thumb Guards: A genius of an idea. Colorful fabric (or plastic) in an array of designs cover the thumb and ties or snaps around the wrist. This blocks the pleasure that children receive from sucking their thumb, instead they get the not so pleasant taste of cotton or plastic on their thumb guard. Parents have used nail polish, Band-Aids and even hot sauce, why not try thumbguards?

If you are like the strange Dad in this story and would do anything or almost anything to teach your child how to stop sucking thumb, please stop and think. There may be other alternatives to violence or hot sauce. In the grand scheme of things thumbsucking really is not the end of the world, some adults probably still do it when no one is looking. Where ever you are, stop thumb sucking! Do yourself a favor and get a thumb guard!


Announcing a New Thumb Sucking & Finger Sucking Gloves!

Every person who is a parent knows how difficult it can be when you child has a habit. Some children have a habit of picking their noses while others like to take off their shoes. What is certain is that parents have the very important job of finding ways to help their children to break and overcome these habits.

One of the most common habits found among children is thumb sucking. Studies have shown that the urge for a baby to suck it’s thumb begins as early as the womb. Many babies continue sucking their thumbs once they are out of the womb because it gives them a sense of security. As they age, many children continue to struggle with thumbsucking and often times they turn to it when they need to find comfort. Most of the time it helps them to relax and often times they will do it as they are falling asleep. Parents from all over the world are wondering how they can stop thumb sucking, which explains why some most commonly searched terms online are “how to stop sucking thumb,” and “how to stop thumb sucking.” Luckily, there are many solutions out there to help!

If you are a parent who is wondering how to stop thumbsucking, there are some wonderful solutions to help you to counter the thumb and finger sucking habits. A thumb guard, or a thumb sucking guard, is a very useful product that has helped many children break their thumb sucking habit. Another great solution is the thumb sucking glove and finger sucking glove, which fits nice and comfortably over a childs hand and keeps them from easily sucking on their thumbs and fingers.

The Glovey Huggey is an innovative product that is designed specifically to help you and your child with the process of breaking the habit of thumb and finger sucking. It is a glove designed to fit over your child’s index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers and attaches around your child’s wrist with an adjustable wrist band. The Glovey Huggey can be found in many, many styles, patterns and colors and makes the process much more fun for your child. These gloves provide your child with a fun, adorable alternative to other finger sucking solutions. If you’re going to be breaking the habit, why not break it in style with a pair of fun and colorful gloves?

The Glovey Huggey gloves are now avaiable in an adorable new Rainbow Love dot material that your child is sure to love! Check out EndThumbSucking.comThumb Sucking Gloves Rainbow LoveFinger Sucking Gloves.

10 Reasons to Stop Thumb Sucking
10 Reasons to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumbsucking is a common trait among children. Often times, they do it when they are teething, bored, scared or feeling stressed out. Although it a common trait, you should stop thumb-sucking by the time the child reaches three at the very latest. It can be extremely detrimental to their adult teeth when they start coming in around the age of four. Here are the top ten reasons to stop thumb sucking.

1. It can reshape their jawbone to form around the thumb because it is more pliable and soft. This makes their jaw very narrow, potentially causing many problems later on in life.

2. Teeth will grow in crooked and your child will end up needing braces to have it fixed. That is only if they don’t have to have their jaw broken first.

3. Thumb sucking will cause their upper jaw to move forward increasingly while their lower jaw will push backward. Their top front teeth will also push together and outward to allow the thumb to fit inside.

4. One of the biggest reasons that you should stop thumb sucking is to avoid poor tongue placement and problems chewing in your children. When they suck their thumb their palate moves and it causes such problems as well as being unable to swallow properly which can cause choking hazards as well as make your child drool considerably more than most others do.

5. Lisps and other speech impediments can occur when your child has their thumb in their mouth.

6. Infection in the fingernails and mouth. Your children aren’t thinking about what’s on their hands before they stick them in their mouths. A thumb sucking glove can correct this problem.

7. Skeletal deformities that can lead to insecurity as a teenager.

8. Collapse of the tonsils making your child snore loudly.

9. Overbite

10. Cold sores are more common because your child isn’t washing their hands before sticking their thumb in their mouth and you never know where it’s been beforehand.

Stop Thumb Sucking with Glovey Huggey!!