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How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids
How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids

How to stop thumb sucking

Thumb sucking has been hotly discussed topic among the parents but what is amazing is that parents are not pediatricians and they are not familiar with the topic yet they still have an opinion on thumb sucking. The question that parents should ask themselves is: how should parents guide their kids to stop popping the thumb finger in to the mouth once they develop that habit. People always come up with myths regarding thumb sucking but most of those myths are not true. Parents should learn to guide their kids in a positive manner if they want the habit of thumb sucking to stop.

The habit of thumb sucking is a common with the kids of age 2 to 6 and this happens to over 80 percent of the kids. Thumb sucking is not a disease that just pops out but it is a natural reflex in tabbies that is used to clam the bay when tired, bored, hungry and bored. Most of the times babies suck their thumb finger when they want to sleep. Parents should understand that thumb sucking is not an awkward thing in kids but they can begin to intervene if the habit extends to the age of 3 years and above. Parents need to learn a lot on how to stop thumb sucking in kids.

There are various methods and steps that can be used to stop kids from thumb sucking. How to stop thumb sucking is a challenge to mothers since they use harsh words to refer to their kids. Sometimes harsh words have a negative impact when t comes to correcting a certain behavior. Kids feel upset and unworthy when their parents become harsh on them. Positive ways in how to stop thumb sucking should be embraced by parents since they can help a long way in stopping the habit.

Use of rewards is the first step in how to stop thumb sucking. As we all know, incentives are good in motivating workers and students in their learning; the same case applies to kids, when parents reward their children for good progress, the kids feel it and appreciate it since they recognize that their parents are happy of them.

The other important step on how to stop thumb sucking in kids is ensuring that the kids are constantly involved in activities that require both hands. This is a good way that helps the kid to forget that they have to suck their thumb fingers. Such activities include the use of gamming pads and playing with them. Parents should be the key people on the frontline since they have to be present when their kids need them, parents ought to monitor the progress of their kids. It’s too unfortunate that some parents become aware of the thumb sucking habit when it is too late; this creates an impression that the parents are rarely with their kids.

Parents should be given tutorials on how to stop thumb sucking since they involve methods that are unreliable and unhelpful to the affected kids. These lessons are very important since they help parents understand the seriousness of the problem..

Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids
Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids


Children somehow love to play with water especially when it isn’t bath time. Be it the hose pipe, a swimming pool and lately discovered water balloons. There is practically so much that you can do this summer. Here are some games that you and your toddlers can play in your own backyard using some colourful water balloons.

  • Exploration: If your child hasn’t seen a water balloon then the thrill to hold one is clearly shown on their faces. When the feel the surface and compare its weight to a balloon without any air they learn that water has weight. They can carry the balloons around and even drop them to see what a splash it makes.
  • Filling them up with water: One can set a timer to see who which family member will fill 10 balloons the fastest. You could even try a competition wherein children can put there balloons under a running tap to see who has the largest water balloon without letting it drop on the ground.
  • Catch: This game is a huge hit with children of all ages actually. Take a water balloon and toss it around with friends and family. One could also play hot potato too. Rubbing soap on your hands makes the game a tad bit difficult.

  • Waterballoonhunt : Hide those colourful water balloons and see how many kids find and get the water balloons back to an adult without letting them burst.
  • Water Balloonfight : make teams wherein you have to playfully throw water balloons at each other. Make sure nobody hurts the other in the process.
  • Launching Water Balloons: You can create a launcher to throw water balloons over a long distance. Compete with friends and see how long everybody goes for. Perfect game for kids and adults too.
  • Dropping balloons : Allow your kids to drop balloons from varying heights and see the splatter on the floor.

If you have a baby at home then not knowing how to stop thumb sucking can be frustrating. You obviously don’t want the habit to stay and this is precisely why we at endthumbsucking.com have created thumb guards for babies. We believe that instead of letting the habit stay, it is best to nip it in the bud. Our Glovey Huggey guards easily go over the child’s thumb and doesn’t promote thumb sucking. Along with our signature products , we send out stickers and toys as incentives for not sucking their thumbs..

Thumb sucking guards
Thumb sucking guards

Sometimes thumb sucking is embarrassing for both kids and parents. Kids who do the thumb sucking really face a hard time in school. One may wonder how but the answer is: children tend to tease those who have the habit of thumb sucking. Parents are also embarrassed when they walk with their children in public and yet the kids are sucking their thumbs. It is unfortunate that the parents beat their kids up just because of the behavior; this is not an issue that is supposed to cause conflict in the house. Parents should be understanding since sucking is a natural reflex in kids. If parents are justified to beat up their kids because of sucking their thumbs, then they should allow the kids to suck their tits. Parents should give their kids time to become aware that thumb sucking is bad. The only time parents should intervene is when the problem becomes a habit. This should be done before it gets to the level of addiction.

Parents should assist their kids since thumb sucking is a habit that ca have some adverse effects to the health f kids. For instance, kids develop dental problems mostly after the milk teeth fall out. It is unfortunate that thumb sucking can be cause dental problems that can extend to adulthood. Dental problems that are caused by thumb sucking can be costly to rectify; therefore when the problem of thumb sucking becomes difficult to stop, a thumb guard should be put in to use.

Thumb guards act as distracters and barriers to thumb sucking. A thumb guard is a special made glove that is put on the hands of kids who have developed the habit of thumb sucking. Some parents fear that the thumb guard can cause health problems but this is false. Thumb guards are specially designed and they are made of medical upgrade plastics to make sure hygiene is maintained. The plastic is of high quality thus it cannot cause any problem to the kid. Most of the times kids like the guard and they enjoy being in it despite the fact that it is meant to help them stop what they love doing most (thumb sucking).

Thumb sucking guards come in different design so children can guide their parent on the design they would love. All the thumb sucking guards have decorations that babies like. For instance some of them have funny drawings such as cartoons. Thumb sucking guards are secured with wrist bands, therefore parent don’t have to fear that their kids will lose them when playing. The wrist bands re designed in a way that only the parents can remove them. Parents must ensure that the thumb sucking guards are cleaned regularly and thoroughly to ensure that germs are washed away.

The use of thumb sucking guards is the most preferred method by parents since it does not require much follow up. The kids don’t have to be monitored as long as the thumb sucking guard is present. This is one of the non aggressive methods that parents should use if they want to succeed in ending the habit of thumb sucking..

Break your child’s habit Discourage Thumb Sucking
Break your child’s habit Discourage Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common habit to be found amongst young children especially till the age of two to three years. Many of us believe it to be harmless, considering it to be a coping mechanism employed by children in times of anxiety and restlessness. However, once the child starts losing baby teeth, a prolonged thumb sucking habit can lead to various problems including misalignment of the teeth and speech issues.

Negative Consequences of Thumb Sucking

At a young age, humans tend to have a soft jawbone which is why fingers and thumbs are able to change the shape of our jaw. Extended thumb sucking can lead to pressure being put on the roof of the mouth, causing the upper jaw to become narrow. This can result in misalignment of the teeth, pushing forward of the front teeth and a permanent change in shape of the jaw. Prolonged thumb sucking may even cause cross-bite, a condition where upper and lower teeth do not meet properly, and the top molars bite into the lower molars.

Orofacial Myofunctional disorders are another cause of concern for parents of children with a severe thumb sucking habit. This refers to a situation where the tongue of the child moves forward while swallowing or resting. Speech problems, including a lisp or an incorrect pronunciation of certain sounds such as s, z, sh and ch, is an outcome of such a disorder.

Remedies at Home

If your child has reached preschool age, and still sucks his/her thumb, take action. A direct confrontation or screaming at the child is not a good way to handle such a situation. To discourage thumb sucking, the following mechanisms can be put in place at home:

Positive reinforcement: Play a game with your child. Keep a calendar and mark the days when the child does not suck his thumb and reward him with his favorite toy or meal after a certain number of days. Also, do not forget to compliment him every time.

Reverse psychology: Instead of discouraging thumb sucking directly, point out to the child that other fingers feel left out so he should suck them too. The child is most likely to get tired of sucking all of them and quitting the habit altogether.

Reminders: Placing gloves on the hand or fluids that do not taste good is another way to discourage thumb sucking in your child. These act as a reminder to the child to keep his thumb out of the mouth.

If you believe a certain object triggers the habit in the child, help your child put it away.

Offer your child to suck the thumb in private rather than public. This will lead to less time being spent on the habit. Once the child does so, you can move on to discouraging thumb sucking at times when the habit is most deep-seated.

Be patient. Talk to your child when he is ready. Understand that it is a hard habit to let go of. It is most likely that peer pressure or being teased at school will discourage thumb sucking in the child, and serve as an incentive to get rid of the habit.







Easy tips to Prevent thumb sucking
Easy tips to Prevent thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a natural activity of the infants. Even the doctors say that it is a healthy habit till the time babies do not develop permanent teeth. Most of the children leave this habit when they are 2 years old while some of them continue till they are 4-5 years old. Though thumb sucking is not a very big problem but it can cause problem in the teeth which can disturb the overall positioning. That is why it becomes necessary to prevent thumb sucking and a number of measures are taken for it.

Some of the simple as well as beneficial tips to prevent thumb sucking are given below.

Making use of thumb sucking devices such as the Glovey Huggey; which is really a superb option. There are a number of thumb sucking devices like thumbsters or soothers which are specially designed to overcome such problems. These are easy to use and have no side effects on the health of your child.

The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves is the next option that you can try. These gloves are made of spandex material which is comfortable and gives a relaxed feeling to the kid. The gloves are made with to cover the finger or the thumb so that it can prevent finger sucking as well as thumb sucking.

Different kinds of sour liquids or gels are also available which can be applied on the thumb of your baby. As these are awful in taste therefore they will not try to suck their thumb. Repeating the same for a few days can bring a difference in their habit. Thum liquid is one of the most popular liquids which is used to prevent thumb sucking and is safe for use.

Pay attention to what your kids are doing. Make sure that this habit is overcome at an early age only so that there are no problems. Make your kids busy with magazines or toys that they like. This will divert their mind and they will not think about sucking their thumb.

Thus there are lots of measures that can be taken to prevent thumb sucking at an older age. Parents should focus on the growth of their child and try to keep them away from such habits but if they are unable to stop this habit, they must try the above ways. It will surely be useful and worth trying.


Our new Camo thumb sucking glove
Our new Camo thumb sucking glove

Thumb sucking is a very common issue that most of the parents face but there is nothing to worry about. There are different ways through which you can easily get rid of this habit without having any harmful effects on their health. One of the best options for getting rid of thumb sucking habit is thumb sucking glove. These are designed in such a way that it completely covers the thumb due to which the babies are not able to suck the thumb. The quality of gloves is good which means that even if they put the thumb in their mouth, it will have no effect on their health

There are lots of benefits that the thumb sucking glove offer to the children as well as the parents.

1. Every parent has gone through this typical situation when their kids develop this habit but there is nothing to worry about as these gloves are really useful in meeting your needs. With the help of the gloves, kids will never suck their thumb and after a few days they will forget everything and stop sucking their thumb.

2. The thumb sucking glove is designed from spandex material which ensures complete covering of the thumb. This means that your baby will never try to suck the thumb as they will not find the same taste. Only the thumbs (or 2 fingers) are enclosed through the material so that it becomes difficult for them to suck their thumbs.

3. The best thing about the gloves is that it is available in all sizes therefore you can find the right size for your kid. If you are not sure of the size, contact the store as they will let you know about the right size that will suit your kids. One size is for about 2-4 years old kids and the other is for 4+ years kids. The gloves come in both boys and girls therefore you can use them and get rid of this habit.

4. The design of thumb sucking glove is such that the rest of the fingers are free apart from the thumb therefore the kid can play around and involve in any kind of activity. The price of the gloves is reasonable thus suiting your budget. Therefore you can easily purchase a pair so that you can change them every day.

So this was all about the new Camo thumb sucking glove which is packed with a number of features to stop this habit.


Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Bad Little Habit
Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Bad Little Habit

If your child sucks his/her thumb it is a habit with the help of which they can feel comfortable. There will be many consequences for your child later on which can include the problems of damaged teeth and jaws. Therefore, if you are a responsible parent you do need to know How To Stop Thumb Sucking habit of your child.

There are many parents who fret that when they see their child sucking their thumb it becomes a sort of problem for them. All parents realize that such a tendency is both bad and harmful but at times they are at a loss when it comes to thumb sucking how to stop this habit.

Children are found sucking their thumb, especially when they feel that they are insecure and it provides a comfortable environment. Children need to stop sucking their thumbs before their permanent teeth start appearing which is usually when they are six years of age. If they don’t, then it is going to deform their teeth and at some other stage they might have to wear braces.

You can stop your child from sucking their thumb by adopting a positive attitude. Never punish your child for it as that will make them resentful and at the same time all the more insecure. You should be as gentle as possible when you correct them. You can provide them with other alternatives such as a warm blanket or even their favorite toy. You can even try to be with them before they fall asleep which will ensure that they don’t suck their thumb.

You should also be aware as to when your child resorts to thumb sucking. You should be able to find out the reasons as to the time of the day they suck their thumb and what brings this on so that it becomes easier for you to avoid these situations for your child.

Another thing which you can do is trying and distracts your child whenever you see them sucking their thumbs. You should try to slowly and gently remove the thumb from their mouth and direct your child’s attention to some other thing. It is over a period of time that your child will be able to rid themselves from the problem of thumb sucking. You should have a positive reinforcement and good parenting habits will certainly help you in achieving your answer as to how to stop thumb sucking habit of their child.


Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking
Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking

There many small children who have a habit of sucking their thumb with which they may look cute when they are a baby but it is not the same when they become toddlers. Parents try all sorts of different ways to stop the thumb sucking. There are parents who try and yell at their children and they try to give them rewards if they stop sucking their thumb. Thumb sucking soon becomes a habit and like all habits your child needs your care and guidance to stop it.

Many different ways and means are there which can you’re your child sucking their thumb. Most of the techniques are easy and others are a bit harder for you to implement.

You can make use of a thumb sucking guard to stop your child from sucking their thumb: If all of the tricks which you had previously tried out have failed then you can stop your child from sucking their thumb with the help of the Glovey Huggey. It is a sort of device which has the plastic cover of the thumb which can be attached to your child’s wrist. Our thumb sucking guard interrupts the process by breaking the vacuum created by sucking. It will be possible that your child stops sucking their thumb within four weeks.

Never force your child for using the thumb sucking guard: As a parent you should use the Glovey Huggey if and only if your child accepts it. You should never force your child to use this device as it can damage your child’s psyche.

Reminder to make use of the fluid method: You should make use of a liquid with a bad taste and apply it on your child’s thumb. Because of its bad taste your child will not put suck their thumb. If your child has a thumb sucking guard over their thumb, it will help remind your child that they are indulging in a bad habit. As a habitual thumb sucker your child may not even realize they are indulging in a bad habit. If they have a cloth over their thumb it will help remind them. However, these gloves are not uncomfortable and hence they will not hurt a child only that they will not give them the same type of feeling in their mouth as their skin. Thumb sucking is a powerful habit and it is the thumb sucking guard which will help the child in coming out of this bad habit.


Five Positive Habits Children Learn From Their Siblings
Five Positive Habits Children Learn From Their Siblings

It’s always tough on the older sibling when mum brings home a new baby. Suddenly the older child is no longer the center of attention and with around 80% of us having a brother or sister, sibling rivalry is a phenomenon that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

But as much as we remember complaining about our annoying brothers and sisters throughout our childhood, most of us tend to forget the many ways in which our siblings influenced our development, emotionally, socially and academically.

Here are five positive lessons children can learn from their siblings.


1) Conflict Resolution

Squabbling, to parents, is an annoyance that can occur on a daily (sometimes thrice daily) basis. Sometimes as parents we wish we could just bash their heads together and force them to get along, but for the children themselves, these tussles provide an excellent opportunity for them to develop as people. Through conflict with a sibling, the child boosts their emotional, mental and social skills.

As tempting (and sometimes necessary) as it is to break up the dispute, parents would do well in letting their children resolve the problem themselves every once in a while. Next time there is a struggle don’t give them an audience, or they might play up to you to get you on their side. Instead, teach them how to see things from the other person’s point of view and help them reach a compromise together.


2) Important Life Skills  

Studies in child development have shown that babies who have an older brother or sister learned to walk significantly earlier than their older sibling did. This is thought to due to the fact that babies copy the behaviors they see around them, in order to learn how the world works. This habit stays with us all through childhood, into adolescence and even into adulthood, as it’s in our DNA to want to be part of the pack. Therefore, if your child has picked up the habit of thumb sucking, seeing the older child not sucking their thumb will act as a social reminder that the behavior isn’t seen as ‘cool’ or mature and they will be unconsciously encouraged to stop.


3) How to Teach

Older siblings often learn, through being around their younger brothers and sisters 24/7, how to teach. This means they have to pick up important skills in patience and humility in order to get the youngsters to talk and play properly with them. Our older siblings therefore play a huge part in our education, from speaking, reading, writing, artistic development and sport to much much more. All be it in an informal way, whilst simultaneously becoming less selfish and more sharing individuals themselves.


4) Self –Soothing Methods

Dividing your time as a parent between your children can be difficult, as quite often all of your children will crave your attention at the same time. But don’t fret because you haven’ got two or more sets of arms, take comfort in the fact that the child you are temporarily neglecting, is learning valuable self-soothing skills that will help them become more resilient and deal with their feelings better in later life.


5) Building Their Own Identity

As previously discussed, younger siblings like to copy their older brothers and sisters’ behavior  But many younger siblings get to a stage in their development where they want to be seen as individuals. Having another child to compare themselves to aids this building of the self and helps you child focus on their personal strengths and weaknesses. At times your child may feel inadequate compared with their sibling, but being familiar with this feeling early on keep them from damaging their self-esteem too much, as they learn quickly that everyone is good at different things. To keep your children’s self-esteem high, make sure that you have a reward system in place that recognizes individual achievements.

What did you learn from your siblings as a child? Share in the comments below!


Louise Blake is a new mum who well remembers the fierce battles she had with her siblings, but also the lessons she learned. Now settled in Bath she currently writes for Classroom Carrots who help to improve child behavior.

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Thumb sucking in Children: Reasons and Solutions
Thumb sucking in Children: Reasons and Solutions

Most of the children aged 2-4 are habitual of sucking their thumbs. However, this habit may continue as they grow old. Some children keep this habit till they become 8 years old. This may cause a lot of worries for the parents. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind this and also look for tips on how to stop thumb sucking.

Why do children suck their thumbs?

The most common reason behind this is the need for comfort. Thumb sucking a very primitive activity that starts in the womb. Children find sucking their thumbs comforting in all situations, especially when it’s something that they don’t prefer or like. In such cases, they such their thumbs even more.

What are the results of sucking thumbs?

While it is common for children of up to four years of age to suck their thumbs, they may attract many health issues due to this habit. First, germs and bacteria may enter the body of your children due to thumb sucking. They play around a lot and touch many things that may contain germs. On sucking their thumbs, they give germs and easy passage to their digestive system. Second, thumb sucking may cause a small depression in their mouth because of which the teeth may not appear in a proper line and the child may even have speech problems. Some experts claim that the upper jaw of the children can also become narrow and they jaws and teeth won’t meet properly.

How to stop thumbsucking?

You must not use force of bad tasting products available in the market in order to stop your children from sucking their thumbs. There is a simple way to tackle this problem which would not only break their habit, but also encourage them to play. There is a variety of thumb sucking guards for kids available in the market. These guards are basically spandex gloves that come in attractive colors and designs. These thumb sucking guards make for a cool accessory as well.

You can order some thumb sucking guards from http://endthumbsucking.com and make your children stop this bad habit. These gloves come in a pack of two and are placed inside a gift box. Moreover, they come with a plush toy for the kids. This ensures that your children don’t feel they are being forced to give up thumb sucking and they may enjoy and play around. Once they engage in more productive and educational activities, they will forget about sucking thumbs..