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Thumb sucking guards
Thumb sucking guards

Sometimes thumb sucking is embarrassing for both kids and parents. Kids who do the thumb sucking really face a hard time in school. One may wonder how but the answer is: children tend to tease those who have the habit of thumb sucking. Parents are also embarrassed when they walk with their children in public and yet the kids are sucking their thumbs. It is unfortunate that the parents beat their kids up just because of the behavior; this is not an issue that is supposed to cause conflict in the house. Parents should be understanding since sucking is a natural reflex in kids. If parents are justified to beat up their kids because of sucking their thumbs, then they should allow the kids to suck their tits. Parents should give their kids time to become aware that thumb sucking is bad. The only time parents should intervene is when the problem becomes a habit. This should be done before it gets to the level of addiction.

Parents should assist their kids since thumb sucking is a habit that ca have some adverse effects to the health f kids. For instance, kids develop dental problems mostly after the milk teeth fall out. It is unfortunate that thumb sucking can be cause dental problems that can extend to adulthood. Dental problems that are caused by thumb sucking can be costly to rectify; therefore when the problem of thumb sucking becomes difficult to stop, a thumb guard should be put in to use.

Thumb guards act as distracters and barriers to thumb sucking. A thumb guard is a special made glove that is put on the hands of kids who have developed the habit of thumb sucking. Some parents fear that the thumb guard can cause health problems but this is false. Thumb guards are specially designed and they are made of medical upgrade plastics to make sure hygiene is maintained. The plastic is of high quality thus it cannot cause any problem to the kid. Most of the times kids like the guard and they enjoy being in it despite the fact that it is meant to help them stop what they love doing most (thumb sucking).

Thumb sucking guards come in different design so children can guide their parent on the design they would love. All the thumb sucking guards have decorations that babies like. For instance some of them have funny drawings such as cartoons. Thumb sucking guards are secured with wrist bands, therefore parent don’t have to fear that their kids will lose them when playing. The wrist bands re designed in a way that only the parents can remove them. Parents must ensure that the thumb sucking guards are cleaned regularly and thoroughly to ensure that germs are washed away.

The use of thumb sucking guards is the most preferred method by parents since it does not require much follow up. The kids don’t have to be monitored as long as the thumb sucking guard is present. This is one of the non aggressive methods that parents should use if they want to succeed in ending the habit of thumb sucking..

Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking
Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking

There many small children who have a habit of sucking their thumb with which they may look cute when they are a baby but it is not the same when they become toddlers. Parents try all sorts of different ways to stop the thumb sucking. There are parents who try and yell at their children and they try to give them rewards if they stop sucking their thumb. Thumb sucking soon becomes a habit and like all habits your child needs your care and guidance to stop it.

Many different ways and means are there which can you’re your child sucking their thumb. Most of the techniques are easy and others are a bit harder for you to implement.

You can make use of a thumb sucking guard to stop your child from sucking their thumb: If all of the tricks which you had previously tried out have failed then you can stop your child from sucking their thumb with the help of the Glovey Huggey. It is a sort of device which has the plastic cover of the thumb which can be attached to your child’s wrist. Our thumb sucking guard interrupts the process by breaking the vacuum created by sucking. It will be possible that your child stops sucking their thumb within four weeks.

Never force your child for using the thumb sucking guard: As a parent you should use the Glovey Huggey if and only if your child accepts it. You should never force your child to use this device as it can damage your child’s psyche.

Reminder to make use of the fluid method: You should make use of a liquid with a bad taste and apply it on your child’s thumb. Because of its bad taste your child will not put suck their thumb. If your child has a thumb sucking guard over their thumb, it will help remind your child that they are indulging in a bad habit. As a habitual thumb sucker your child may not even realize they are indulging in a bad habit. If they have a cloth over their thumb it will help remind them. However, these gloves are not uncomfortable and hence they will not hurt a child only that they will not give them the same type of feeling in their mouth as their skin. Thumb sucking is a powerful habit and it is the thumb sucking guard which will help the child in coming out of this bad habit.


Learn How to Stop Thumbsucking with School Almost Over
Learn How to Stop Thumbsucking with School Almost Over

School is almost over and this is the time that the thumb sucking habit of your child should be over too. No matter how old your child is, thumb sucking is a habit that would certainly be affecting his personality. He must not only be socially shy but may also become conscious in his peer group as he sucks his thumb and others don’t. Moreover, it is quite frustrating for parents to deal with this habit and they often try all methods that they could to stop thumb sucking. If your child also has this habit and you want to know how to stop thumbsucking, then you must read on for some golden knowledge.

Thumb sucking is quite a harmful habit that starts with some innocent movements in the mother’s womb. Infants can be seen sucking their thumbs every now and then. However, as children grow up they engage in many activities and the thumb is not their primary ‘companion’ as it used to be in infancy. There are some children who do not or cannot give up this habit and this creates problems for them as well as their parents.

Do not think that you are all alone with no help. You can visit http://endthumbsucking.com/ and find answers to all your questions. No, it is not a lengthy e-book on good parenting; it is thumb sucking guard that prevents your child from continuously sucking his thumb.

The best part about this thumb sucking guard is that it comes in a gift box. Therefore, your children will never feel that they are being forced to give up a habit that they love. Moreover, the thumb sucking g guard is itself made of spandex and available in two sizes. The small size is for children 2-4 years old and the large size is for children 4-8 years old. The thumb sucking guard is itself colored and designed in such a manger that children love to wear them. Moreover, the colorful and bold patterns on the guards make children engage in different physical activities. Once the child’s mind is diverted somewhere else, he would hardly find time to suck his thumb.

These thumb guards are available in a pair and the gift box also comes with a plus toy for the kids. It provides positive encouragement to the children to get up and start playing instead of thumb sucking. The habit would break slowly and the child will be happier to show off their thumb accessory..

Makeup and Nails: Is your Child Ready?

Every mom has found their darling child tucking into their cosmetics bag haven’t they? I even have several pictures of my boys with mascara all over their sweet faces and lipstick just about everywhere else! If you haven’t found squashed lipstick in your makeup bag, then you are a lucky momma, but if you have girls, likelihood is they are coveting your cosmetics stash from a young age.

So how do you handle the urge for you little ones to wear makeup. Even if you are not a makeup mom yourself, little girls are privy to the done up front covers of magazines they see at the supermarket, and the made up girls on TV. Even their dolls appear to be wearing makeup.

For moms of thumbsucking kids, nail varnish can be a godsend. My trick is to paint my little girl’s nails and then on her thumbnail paint some extra detail, so she really doesn’t want it to come off. If the habit wins out then I at least match her painted nails to her Glovey Huggey thumb sucking guard as it encourages her to wear it. I try to make her thumb guards as cool and appealing as possible!

As for other makeup, I do not mind my kids experimenting at home. A great idea I saw on a mom blog a long time ago was fake makeup, made of melted wax and poured into pots so little ones could mimic the wearing of makeup without actually putting any on their sensitive skin.

However, as kids get older, this probably won’t cut it and they will want to play with lots of different colours. Lots of moms will be fine with this and buy cheap makeup for their young ones to enjoy at playtime. I am definitely in that group. In fact I didn’t mind my girls going out with some makeup on. It’s just them creating and playing and is entirely innocent, but I know many moms do not feel comfortable with their children wearing any make out of the house.

For me things change with tweens and teenagers as that’s when the intent of makeup wearing changes. It ceases to be imaginative dress up and instead it becomes a tool of attraction, making your kids feel prettier, older and often more part of their crowd.

When my eldest hit this age, I decided to help her out as she still wasn’t au fait with subtle makeup application. Instead I took her to the store and we selected a mascara, blush and lipstick that would be all hers and that looked natural, I drew the line at foundation – totally not necessary for her. This way, she had autonomy, but I was still in control of her not looking like jezebel!

This way too, I was also able to purchase all natural non toxic products which I believe are much better for our health.

Do you let your children wear makeup?

Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4 and an advocate of healthy living including choosing a natural skincare  regime and natural cosmetics, especially for young skin..

New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Thumb Sucking

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Every year, I make up my mind to do one thing that will make me feel better but NOT make me feel guilty if I don’t do it. That’s the thing with the pressure of New Year resolutions, a huge percentage of people don’t see them through and end up starting a new year feeling guilty rather than refreshed.

Two years ago at new year, I vowed never to put myself in social situations I did not enjoy, and last year I decided to stop sucking my stomach in, something I have done for the past almost 40 years! These may seem like strange resolutions to make but I managed to stick to them easily and they made me feel so much better. I get invited to a lot of events and it wasn’t until I hit my 30s and decided to be honest with myself about not enjoying them. Now when an invite comes in, I remind myself about that resolution I made for myself and I don’t feel guilty saying no!

I can’t recommend these sorts of intentions enough. They are good for you and easy to stick to, unlike the promised three visits a week to the gym! I know a lot of parents with thumsucking kids want their kids to try and give up their habit for the New Year. This is a lot of pressure, more so than usual. This is such a big expectation that to fail can feel worse than ever and put the dampeners on your ‘stop thumb sucking’ campaign! With my thumb sucking daughter, I have never used January 1st as a prod to give up thumb sucking.

Instead, for Christmas I have bought her a new thumb sucking guard, presented it on New Year’s Eve and asked if she is able and prepared to wear it at least four times a week in the New Year. This alleviates the pressure and gives my daughter a compromise to the dreaded, okay, it’s January first, no more thumb sucking.
Everyone in my house sets intentions for the New Year and we prefer to call them intentions. By doing it together, I find us more likely to support each other and stick to our choices.

Even if it is as simple of no thumb sucking at school, you can use January 1st as a tool to kicking the habit, but go easy, most of us probably know, that too much pressure can drive our kids to their comfort and thumb sucking zone very quickly.


Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4. She enjoys writing about health and parenting related topics. Currently she is developing a business selling natural skincare and organic cosmetics with a focus on making sure teenagers make healthy skincare choices..

Creating Christmas Traditions
Creating Christmas Traditions

This time last year I was writing a blog for an Italian real estate agent and had the pleasure of submitting several posts discussing the Italian traditions of Christmas. I was quite surprised to find that Italian Christmas traditions in both the North and South of the country are quite different to what we experience here in North America. Food is still a big part of their day, but Santa and Christmas trees aren’t.

I have a young family and it’s been fun to create a unique approach to gift giving and the folklore of Father Christmas. Learning about different customs around the world really got me thinking about how we could build traditions in our family.

Here are some of the different traditions from other areas of the world that we are going to incorporate into our own Christmas celebrations.

  • Italian letter writing – On Christmas Eve, after dinner, children put a letter on their father’s plate. The letter tells their daddy why they love him and are grateful for him and mom.
  • Dutch Christmas Eve – My husband’s family are from Friesland, north of Holland. Traditionally the Dutch, like many countries in central and northern Europe, open their presents on Christmas Eve. We now choose one present to open on Christmas Eve (will it be a thumb sucking guard this year?) and open the rest on the ‘big day’.
  • Greek offering to the less fortunate – A lot like their Mediterranean counterpart, the Italians, the Greeks don’t give many presents. Instead they give small gifts to hospitals, orphanages and people in need. This year, we will be participating in a gift rally for those in local foster care.
  • Austrian Baked Carp – I love turkey, just love it, but I like the idea of an alternative. We celebrate Christmas with a big family gathering so I am going to bring a fish to shake things up a little at our Christmas table.
  • Egyptian New Outfit – I like this tradition most of all! On Christmas Eve Egyptians will head to church dressed in a new outfit. Growing up in the north of England we did similar on Christmas Day, we always saved something special for the 25th. A cool idea might be to gift a new Glovey Huggey to match the outfit your child is going to wear. This is a good way to encourage them to wear the thumb guard and make it fun and exciting.
  • French Chocolate Log – I’m not a big fan of fruit cake which is the tradition for Christmas. Long ago I started to make a French chocolate log for dessert. Serve with cream or ice cream – delicious!

Christmas is a fun holiday to celebrate whether you celebrate age old traditions or are creating your own family folklore. It is a great time to hang out with your kids and show how much you love them, thumbsucking and all.


Author Bio: Breanna Andrews is a mother of two young children and a writer. As the article suggests, she loves new clothes and is currently coveting this Becksöndergaard star scarf by Minkpink for herself and the Nature’s Pride for her daughter!

Image courtesy of posterize / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


Announcing a New Thumb Sucking & Finger Sucking Gloves!

Every person who is a parent knows how difficult it can be when you child has a habit. Some children have a habit of picking their noses while others like to take off their shoes. What is certain is that parents have the very important job of finding ways to help their children to break and overcome these habits.

One of the most common habits found among children is thumb sucking. Studies have shown that the urge for a baby to suck it’s thumb begins as early as the womb. Many babies continue sucking their thumbs once they are out of the womb because it gives them a sense of security. As they age, many children continue to struggle with thumbsucking and often times they turn to it when they need to find comfort. Most of the time it helps them to relax and often times they will do it as they are falling asleep. Parents from all over the world are wondering how they can stop thumb sucking, which explains why some most commonly searched terms online are “how to stop sucking thumb,” and “how to stop thumb sucking.” Luckily, there are many solutions out there to help!

If you are a parent who is wondering how to stop thumbsucking, there are some wonderful solutions to help you to counter the thumb and finger sucking habits. A thumb guard, or a thumb sucking guard, is a very useful product that has helped many children break their thumb sucking habit. Another great solution is the thumb sucking glove and finger sucking glove, which fits nice and comfortably over a childs hand and keeps them from easily sucking on their thumbs and fingers.

The Glovey Huggey is an innovative product that is designed specifically to help you and your child with the process of breaking the habit of thumb and finger sucking. It is a glove designed to fit over your child’s index and middle fingers or middle and ring fingers and attaches around your child’s wrist with an adjustable wrist band. The Glovey Huggey can be found in many, many styles, patterns and colors and makes the process much more fun for your child. These gloves provide your child with a fun, adorable alternative to other finger sucking solutions. If you’re going to be breaking the habit, why not break it in style with a pair of fun and colorful gloves?

The Glovey Huggey gloves are now avaiable in an adorable new Rainbow Love dot material that your child is sure to love! Check out EndThumbSucking.comThumb Sucking Gloves Rainbow LoveFinger Sucking Gloves.