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How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids
How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids

How to stop thumb sucking

Thumb sucking has been hotly discussed topic among the parents but what is amazing is that parents are not pediatricians and they are not familiar with the topic yet they still have an opinion on thumb sucking. The question that parents should ask themselves is: how should parents guide their kids to stop popping the thumb finger in to the mouth once they develop that habit. People always come up with myths regarding thumb sucking but most of those myths are not true. Parents should learn to guide their kids in a positive manner if they want the habit of thumb sucking to stop.

The habit of thumb sucking is a common with the kids of age 2 to 6 and this happens to over 80 percent of the kids. Thumb sucking is not a disease that just pops out but it is a natural reflex in tabbies that is used to clam the bay when tired, bored, hungry and bored. Most of the times babies suck their thumb finger when they want to sleep. Parents should understand that thumb sucking is not an awkward thing in kids but they can begin to intervene if the habit extends to the age of 3 years and above. Parents need to learn a lot on how to stop thumb sucking in kids.

There are various methods and steps that can be used to stop kids from thumb sucking. How to stop thumb sucking is a challenge to mothers since they use harsh words to refer to their kids. Sometimes harsh words have a negative impact when t comes to correcting a certain behavior. Kids feel upset and unworthy when their parents become harsh on them. Positive ways in how to stop thumb sucking should be embraced by parents since they can help a long way in stopping the habit.

Use of rewards is the first step in how to stop thumb sucking. As we all know, incentives are good in motivating workers and students in their learning; the same case applies to kids, when parents reward their children for good progress, the kids feel it and appreciate it since they recognize that their parents are happy of them.

The other important step on how to stop thumb sucking in kids is ensuring that the kids are constantly involved in activities that require both hands. This is a good way that helps the kid to forget that they have to suck their thumb fingers. Such activities include the use of gamming pads and playing with them. Parents should be the key people on the frontline since they have to be present when their kids need them, parents ought to monitor the progress of their kids. It’s too unfortunate that some parents become aware of the thumb sucking habit when it is too late; this creates an impression that the parents are rarely with their kids.

Parents should be given tutorials on how to stop thumb sucking since they involve methods that are unreliable and unhelpful to the affected kids. These lessons are very important since they help parents understand the seriousness of the problem..

Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a behavior displayed by infants and young ones that is usually characterized by rhythmically sucking the thumb. This habit is a source of pleasure and happiness that’s why infants and babies develop a strong attachment with this habit. This connection or attachment is what makes it hard for parents on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. This habit normally stops in the age of 5 or earlier in some cases. However, children stick with this habit even if they start to get older. Thumb sucking has to stop before a child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, it may affect the normal growth of their mouth and teeth.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking especially when emotional issues start to hit the scene. It is difficult for parents especially for the mothers to stop the thing that makes her child happy. Despite this situation, there are still parents who are desperate and open about the idea of helping their children finally overcome this habit. Thinking about the effects this habit may cause make parents decide that thumb sucking can be dealt with using the proper approach.

There are helpful tips on how to stop thumb sucking that parents can execute in order to help their child overcome this habit. One effective tip is to reward your child whenever he is not sucking his thumb. This is a way to motivate him and make him forget about thumb sucking. Praising a child whenever he does not thumb suck is also the best way to make him feel appreciated in a way. Another tip recommended to parents in order to help their children deal with the habit of thumb sucking is to divert their child’s attention into other things and activities. Let your child draw, sketch, paint and play around rather than tolerate the child to do the habit.

Using thumb sucking prevention devices is also another option on how to stop thumb sucking effectively. These devices can provide ultimate solution to finally end this habit and save your child from the negative effects of this. Glovey Huggey is the leading provider of thumb sucking gloves that is made from spandex material. The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves are made from finest and durable materials. These gloves come in different colors and attractive designs your kids will truly love. Kids will not experience pressure and hassle in overcoming the habit because the Glovey Huggey ensures that they can still have free hand movement and comfortable feeling.

Parents can now get the chance to access these very interesting and effective thumb sucking prevention devices. By means of visiting their website http://endthumbsucking.com, parents can learn how these devices effectively work on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. They can now gain optimism and confidence that their children can finally eliminate this habit in their system having the assurance that their children are safe and enjoying the process.


Concerned Parent on How to Stop Thumbsucking
Concerned Parent on How to Stop Thumbsucking

Most parents are aware that thumb sucking is natural especially in babies. However, there is a growing concern when the habit is carried on until the child is older. The ADA or American Dental Association stated that this habit is not a problem in babies and toddlers. However, thumb sucking must not go beyond ages four or five because it can cause jaw line and teeth problems.


Statistics show that 85% to 99% of kids were able to outgrow such habit before the age of four. However, if your child continues thumb sucking, it is time that you learn how to stop thumbsucking once and for all.


Studies and researches have proven that children with persistent thumb sucking issues are those whose parents attempted to stop the habit at a very young age. Most parents believe in the saying ‘you can’t teach old dogs new tricks’. They believe that it is easier to end the habit while the child is still young, and they would go through the extent of taking out the thumb from the mouth of their child.


You need to understand that kids suck their thumbs when they need to be comforted, or if they are bored, tired, and sleepy. Applying pressure on a child that thumb sucks are wrong, and the problem can become ingrained if not addressed properly. It is your child’s decision to stop or continue with thumb sucking. Hence, you have to create an environment wherein he or she is unable to suck the fingers or thumb.


Some children who want to stop thumb sucking are still defeated by their inborn reflexes. Instead of pointing it out to your child, try developing a sort of signal that only you and your child can understand. When you give the signal, your child will know what to do.


Your child’s dentist or pediatrician can help you out. When you take your child to the doctor, it is a great time for the medical professional to talk with your little one. Kids look up to these professionals, and when they are told about the disadvantages of thumb sucking over the age of 4 or 5, they will listen.


The doctor can also prescribe the use of a device to stop sucking fingers, just like the one found at http://endthumbsucking.com. You should give adequate time and effort in helping your child to put an end to thumb sucking.


For new parents, never take out the thumb from your child’s mouth by force. If you keep on doing this, more problems may arise in the future. The most common cause of thumb sucking is stopping the habit at a very early age, using the wrong techniques. It pays to possess the right knowledge about this issue.


The sad truth is that some parents contribute to the unhealthy thumb sucking habit. Talk to your child about how he or she is growing, and that thumb sucking hinders proper development. You can also tell your child that sucking the thumb over four or five years old can lead to tooth damage and illness.


Easy Steps in How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Easy Steps in How to Stop Thumb Sucking


There are babies who reach toddler stage with the some bad habits like thumb sucking. This habit is a form of comfort to most kids and some uses it as a way of adapting to emotional conditions such as anxiety. This problem can get worse as most parents don’t know how to address this problem positively. They will usually resort to nagging and punishing the child just so thumb sucking can be eliminated. This is never a good idea and will not deliver lasting resort. For parents who are serious on how to stop thumb sucking, the use of thumb guards can yield more positive and lasting results.

If the child had this bad issue and you have tried many countless ways on how to stop thumb sucking just to break the habit, trying Glovey Huggey can be the best solution. This is a proactive device which assists in ending the habit while at the same time showing some fashion statement. The thumb guard is made from spandex materials which gives a feel like a second skin when worn. The baby will hardly notice that they are wearing one throughout the day that it is one. It is specifically design to allow maximum comfort and eliminate the need of wanting it removed repeatedly.

Parents should not resort to some nasty stuff marketed by others as an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. This can include the use of some bitter chemicals placed on the thumb of the baby. This is not just cruel, but you are also introducing some chemicals on the body of the baby. This will just frustrate your little one and cause her more anxiety. Parents should not also resort to humiliating, spanking or yelling at their babies as it can cause psychological problems and worsen the condition. The easier way to lessen dependency is to use a thumb guard which they will enjoy using while at the same time make them forget about their habit.

Thumb guard is an easy step towards eliminating the bad habit. It can be done along with some other strategies like offering some rewards to ensure that you will effectively help the baby remove the habit. It can also be coupled with an explanation that the habit is bad and that it comes with numerous negative effects. Parents must be determined and patient when it comes to removing this habit.

Glovey Huggey is an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. It is available in myriad of designs and colors which can surely be enjoyed by the little ones. It is also available in different style which can go along with any outfit of the baby and which they would love to wear. With it, their attention to the thumb sucking can easily be diverted.

When you order it, it will be delivered on a box which the little one will be excited to open as he will think it is gift for him. The package comes with a plush toy which can also be used to keep the baby’s attention from his thumb and finger sucking. For more information about our Glovey Huggey take a look at our site at http://endthumbsucking.com or if you’re ready to buy a pair of the Glovey Huggey, simply go to our online store http://endthumbsucking.com/store/


Should A Parent be Discouraging Thumb Sucking?
Should A Parent be Discouraging Thumb Sucking?


Thumb sucking for babies is one source of gratification, comfort and a sign of emotional health. But this habit when carried beyond four years of age can lead to dental misalignments and overbite, which will require costly orthodontist visits. The skin on the thumb can also be cracked, infected and bleed. Worse, the baby may be teased by others because of this bad habit. Thus, parents must always look for ways on how to stop thumbsucking.

Some parents are too harsh on their baby’s by employing harsh methods on how to stop thumbsucking. This can include the use of chemicals with bitter substances put on the nails so that baby will be dissuaded in sucking them. This is not very ideal as you will be ingesting chemicals in the baby’s system which can exposed him to more health risks. Some uses the intra oral device known as cribs which are glued on the teeth of the baby. The crib will inflict pain of the baby will suck his thumb and will make it very difficult to eat and even talk. This is being left for many months in the baby’s mouth and is quite expensive yet ineffective.

The more effective way on how to stop thumbsucking which is also recommended by most pediatricians and dentists is the use of thumb guards. This special device comes with a plastic cover for the thumb and is being attached on his wrist. This will serve as a guard and will interrupt the process as it breaks the vacuum created by the sucking which thereby removes the pleasure that the baby gets from it. Treatment using this device should be done for couple of weeks but will end the bad habit successfully. But, parents must remove it once a day and have it properly cleaned before giving it back to the baby.

Ending to this bad habit must not be painful and non toxic. It must not be punishing and should be friendly as much as possible. Many experts recommend that the approach on how to stop thumbsucking must be positive and gentle. The parents should not try to scold or nag the baby as they can be more rebellious and suck even more. The use of Glovey Huggey is a very positive teaching techniques. Studies have proven that the use of thumb guards made from spandex materials were able to kick the bad habit of thumb sucking.

Glovey Huggey is specifically designed for those parents who want to eliminate the habit with a method that is gentle and require lesser effort. It is also available in variety of colors which and you can choose one which is most appealing and will be adored by your baby. It is available sizes which can accommodate babies of different ages. One great thing about it is the fact that it does not restrict the full movement of the hands. Being affordable is just a bonus to the many amazing benefits and results it can give when it comes to ending thumb sucking.

You can see our full line of gloves at http://endthumbsucking.com/store/


New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Thumb Sucking

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Every year, I make up my mind to do one thing that will make me feel better but NOT make me feel guilty if I don’t do it. That’s the thing with the pressure of New Year resolutions, a huge percentage of people don’t see them through and end up starting a new year feeling guilty rather than refreshed.

Two years ago at new year, I vowed never to put myself in social situations I did not enjoy, and last year I decided to stop sucking my stomach in, something I have done for the past almost 40 years! These may seem like strange resolutions to make but I managed to stick to them easily and they made me feel so much better. I get invited to a lot of events and it wasn’t until I hit my 30s and decided to be honest with myself about not enjoying them. Now when an invite comes in, I remind myself about that resolution I made for myself and I don’t feel guilty saying no!

I can’t recommend these sorts of intentions enough. They are good for you and easy to stick to, unlike the promised three visits a week to the gym! I know a lot of parents with thumsucking kids want their kids to try and give up their habit for the New Year. This is a lot of pressure, more so than usual. This is such a big expectation that to fail can feel worse than ever and put the dampeners on your ‘stop thumb sucking’ campaign! With my thumb sucking daughter, I have never used January 1st as a prod to give up thumb sucking.

Instead, for Christmas I have bought her a new thumb sucking guard, presented it on New Year’s Eve and asked if she is able and prepared to wear it at least four times a week in the New Year. This alleviates the pressure and gives my daughter a compromise to the dreaded, okay, it’s January first, no more thumb sucking.
Everyone in my house sets intentions for the New Year and we prefer to call them intentions. By doing it together, I find us more likely to support each other and stick to our choices.

Even if it is as simple of no thumb sucking at school, you can use January 1st as a tool to kicking the habit, but go easy, most of us probably know, that too much pressure can drive our kids to their comfort and thumb sucking zone very quickly.


Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4. She enjoys writing about health and parenting related topics. Currently she is developing a business selling natural skincare and organic cosmetics with a focus on making sure teenagers make healthy skincare choices..

Books On How To Stop Thumb Sucking
Books On How To Stop Thumb Sucking

We all know that Thumb Sucking can be a nasty habit to have. It is proven to be one of the more costly “Childhood Habits” a child could have. When the habit of sucking your thumb goes beyond the first, 3 years of life, you start to get the adverse effects starting to appear. In turn, your Orthodontist bill starts to sky rocket! It is easy to kick this habit, but you just need the knowledge and persistence to change it. So, if thumb sucking persists in your life or in your household, be comforted in the fact that there are many good books on “how to stop thumbsucking” on the market these days. You can find everything from educational, Children’s Books to Adult thumb sucking books. There are a few top seller’s listed below for your reference and some good ideas on how to beat this thumb sucking habit once and for all!

1. Stop Thumb Sucking – Stop Thumb Sucking with this cute, “Stop Thumb Sucking, Thumbuddy To Love” Book and Thumb Puppet. This hardcover books tells a tale of a ballerina who finds she needs her thumbs to keep dancing. It is a gentle and educational story that comes with a ballerina thumb puppet that can be worn day or night to help prevent thumb sucking.

2. Thumb Sucking Gloves – You can also find a male version of the “Stop Thumb Sucking, ThumbuddyTo Love,” collection. You can find “Fireman Fred,” who will share a great tale for your child and also comes with a “Fireman Fred” thumb puppet for your child to wear. While looking over the various books you can also find many options for Thumb Sucking Gloves as well.

3. Thumb Sucking Devices – Thumb Sucking Devices are available for your’s or your child’s thumb sucking habit. You can find devices such as Thumb Guards that are plastic, non-toxic and comfortable to wear. They are 90 percent effective and backed by the Food and Drug Administration and thousands of Dentist and Orthodontists worldwide.

4. Thumb Sucking Concerns – If you are concerned with the effects of Thumb Sucking and wonder about the physical and emotional aspects of it, you can look into the book by, Pam Marshalla. It is a good book for Adults/ Parents and even Therapists to read. It goes over the emotional aspects of thumb sucking and how to conquer it.

If you are past the point of reading a book on this and just want something to cover the thumb, you have a few different choices. As listed above, you can always pick a fun, thumb puppet for your child or even a glove. You might also notice that there are different kinds of bitter, topical ointments that can be applied or even a device called a “Thumbster,” which goes over the thumb and is comfortable and made of breathable, washable fabric. Whichever “Stop Thumb Sucking” device you use, if used with persistence, you should be guaranteed success in your quest on how to stop thumb sucking.

Author Bio:

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Thumb sucking: when the habit reaches adolescence

View a 3, 4 or 6 years with his finger in the mouth may awaken us some tenderness. But what we feel when we see a child of 8, 9 or even 13 or 15 years with this habit?

Children have many ways to channel the emotions they feel they cannot handle or cause some kind of conflict, such as nail biting, curl up with a blanket or thumb sucking, the latter being one of the most common ways to express either anxiety , nervousness, boredom, insecurity, feelings of guilt or need for care, among some others.

Actually, thumb sucking is not bad at all, just a reaction to various circumstances. The problem with any of these habits is that if not destroyed in time they can get to become harmful in some way or another, could, for example, start ensue car teeth, bad form the taste, carried the tummy bugs, etc. or cause a mechanical habit it will be harder to stop as time passes, which could become a company not nice when small start growing and reach, for example, adolescence.

Many children tend to leave these habits as they mature; however, there are those who will cost a bit more. If your child is unable to stop thumb sucking, you must remember that the threats and negotiations to “leave your finger” a certain age do not work, push finger is, to some extent is emotional support, is like taking a friend of years. A pre-adolescents and adolescents should be treated with other more mature ways to help eradicate this habit.

Here are some tips to help your little boy to stop this habit and replace it with other like eating candy, nail biting or smoking or drinking (habits that may arise from the same), but you can find a way to mature what makes him feel uneasy and constant nervousness .. .

1. Anxiety and guilt are among the emotions which I believe causes such habits. Make children feel guilty because they did something “bad” is an emotion that causes a lot of anxiety and guilt. Not find shelter outside for his behavior, and take refuge in them in any of these habits. The best way to avoid them is to try to stop this judge the actions of children, young people, stop punishing, scolding, yelling and threatening them, and get them to start thinking and reflecting on what they do. A practical way to do this is simply to show what they did in an objective, i.e. avoiding what they did qualify as “good” or “bad”, or say “you are stupid, abusive, rude, ill children, immature, etc., because they interpret this as a bad thing, as “very, very bad.” We must learn to talk to them in a very objective manner, without the father’s opinion but simply describing what they do, and help them understand what they feel and made through reflection, not of fear or pressure. The best thing is to ask: “What do you think about what you did?” “How can you fix it?” “What do you think the other person felt when you said that?” These types of questions help them explore their feelings and avoid the harmful habit of criticizing, judging which result in anxiety, stress and, among other things, have habits like thumb sucking.

2. Try that young-children are engaged in activities where they can freely express their feelings. The painting, writing, dancing, singing, sports, etc. are some ways that they can learn to focus on more productive and creative actions, and vent their feelings. Art is a way of thinking and a way of extraordinary mature when well managed.

3. Finally, stop thumb sucking has more to do with emotional maturity factor than anything else. Tampering not do is like taking the cigar to force a person. It requires patience, do not pay too much attention insisting all the time, see yourself as a parent rather because many of the adult attitudes are sometimes provoke such reactions in small, criticism, inflexible authority, punishment ” for being bad “, are strong influences to fix this habit.


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You won’t believe what he did to stop thumb sucking

Aggravated by your child’s constant thumb sucking? If so, please do not try and solve the problem the way one Dad did. In a bizarre news story a Floridian Dad actually broke his 5 month old daughter’s thumb. That’s not frustration that is just a great big dose of crazy! Given the chance to address him, this is what I would say…

She’s only 5 months old you moron! Maybe a little harsh but what parents need to realize is that many of the annoying habits children have will fall away as they get older. Have you ever seen a grown man drag his blankie into a boardroom? If you are not the type to get confrontational you could hold on to your passive aggressiveness and just let society brow beat your child into conformity well, it is an option, better than child abuse I must say.

Here’s an idea, try a pacifier first: A lot of caregivers may feel unsure about giving the baby something else to become “addicted” to but at least a pacifier can be taken away. You cannot remove a child’s fingers! Well you can but it’s against the law! In time a child will give up their binky/yumyum/Nuk or whatever you end up calling it.

Comfort is Key: That is the real reason behind the action. Find another more acceptable form of comfort for your child. Have them wrap their arms around a stuffed animal, rub their back while they fall asleep and when necessary, gently remind them not to suck their fingers. Kids can be practical too, when they are engaged in a dirty activity have them look at their fingers and say something like “fingers do not belong in our mouths. Look how dirty they can get.” you may give your child a phobia but hey, they won’t be sucking their thumb anymore, right

Thumb Guards: A genius of an idea. Colorful fabric (or plastic) in an array of designs cover the thumb and ties or snaps around the wrist. This blocks the pleasure that children receive from sucking their thumb, instead they get the not so pleasant taste of cotton or plastic on their thumb guard. Parents have used nail polish, Band-Aids and even hot sauce, why not try thumbguards?

If you are like the strange Dad in this story and would do anything or almost anything to teach your child how to stop sucking thumb, please stop and think. There may be other alternatives to violence or hot sauce. In the grand scheme of things thumbsucking really is not the end of the world, some adults probably still do it when no one is looking. Where ever you are, stop thumb sucking! Do yourself a favor and get a thumb guard!


How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Many children suck their thumbs; however, most children stop sucking their thumbs by the age of four or five. Often, a child will suck their thumb if they are afraid, nervous or unsure of what is going on. However, if this habit goes on too long, it can lead to speech or dental problems. There are a few tips that will help you deal with this problem effectively such as encouragement, love and a few tricks of the trade. How to stop thumb sucking is not difficult but it does take time, effort and ingenuity.

For some children, thumb sucking that goes on a long time may mean that your child is having an emotional problem and may need to see a pediatrician. Most importantly, prolonged thumb sucking can lead to a dental problem such as the roof a child’s mouth protruding over the bottom teeth. This may require dental visits to correct the alignment of the teeth and that means braces. Some have found success by using a thumb guard.

In addition to misaligned teeth, a child may also develop speech problems such as developing a lisp. One way to help inspire your child to stop sucking his thumb is to explain that by not sucking his thumb, he or she will have a lovely smile and teeth that look beautiful. Another way to inspire your child not to suck his thumb is to talk about germs that can get into his mouth when sucking his thumb and that may make him or her feel sick.

Another way to help your child with this matter is to keep your child’s hands busy with games, puzzles or a favorite activity. Try this method when he or she wants to suck their thumbs. Keeping a child busy or involved in another activity will eventually stop the thumb sucking. Some parents have found that when they praise their child for not sucking their thumb, the child eventually stops because they like the praise and encouragement.

In addition, some parents have found that by giving their child a reward for not sucking their thumb an effective way to help stop the habit. It is important to note that to stop thumb sucking may take several methods. One other method that might help is by making a chart and putting gold stars on the days when he or she doesn’t suck their fingers. Most children respond to colors and shapes and this is one method that some have found helpful..