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5 Things That Every Children’s Toy Should Be
5 Things That Every Children’s Toy Should Be


There can be no question that children’s toys have evolved massively over the years.

However, perhaps the biggest thing you can say about children’s toys is that, in more recent times, they have come full circle to a point where traditional, “old school” toys are now among the most popular available. So, knowing that modern toys eventually came to be discarded in favour of original, much-loved ones, what does that tell us about how every toy should be?


This is an obvious one – if a toy isn’t fun then a child is never going to spend any time playing with it, are they?

More to the point, a toy needs to be able to provide a child with hours of fun at a time, if something gets boring after half an hour then can it really be considered to be fun?


When people see the word interactive they immediately think that there must be some sort of digital element involved. Interactive play doesn’t mean that they have to be on a computer, or playing a game on the television – just that they are able to get something out of the toy itself and engage with others with the toy.


Part of that something should always be learning. If a child, particularly at a young age, is not getting anything out of their playtime then what they are playing with needs to be looked at.

Children are encouraged to learn through play from a very young age, with building blocks and shape sorters often among the first toys we will own. Parents, as well as schools and children’s clubs, should ensure that this process continues throughout the child’s formative years.


One great way to help the child develop – as well as save money for the parents – is to ensure that toys are multi-functional. Take a girls doll, for example. That can be a plaything, an imaginary friend, a character in a story, or an alternative to a teddy bear in bed.

If a toy is boring and one-dimensional the child is unlikely to get any real value out of it.


If a child has no emotional connection with a toy, then there is no point to it. You could buy a little boy a remote controlled car, however if he has no interest in them then it makes no difference whether you have bought him an archetypal “boys toy” or not.

Seek to buy toys with real meaning, and a child will value them a lot more.

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Top 5 Toys for Toddler Girls
Top 5 Toys for Toddler Girls

Buying toys for your toddler daughter is not an easy thing to do. The market for this group is so narrow in many ways, especially when you look at how big a change there is in the transition from toys aimed at younger age groups to those meant for older children.

We searched high and low for the best toys to buy for toddler girls, be it for Christmas, a birthday, or another special occasion, and why you should consider making the purchase.

Tablet Devices

This year has seen the launch of a number of excellent tablet devices aimed at children. The best thing about these is that they are so much more than the usual “learning laptops” that are seen every single year. Buying one of these for a toddler girl will enable them to discover a world of features and applications tailored specifically for their interests, and help them become proficient at using a device that will likely form a huge chunk of their future.

Collectable Dolls

Whether you go for historically inspired dolls or something more contemporary, such as One Direction figurines, collectable dolls are always a great idea for toddler girls. The only real problem is that they will undoubtedly want to play with them, so if there is a collectable element to your motivation for buying, you may want to reconsider.


While the original incarnation of the Furby around 15 years ago was innovative at the time, it ultimately left a great deal to be desired in terms of how a child could engage with it. The new, improved, and re-launched Furby toys are much more interactive and engaging for a child, and can even be hooked up to a mobile device or laptop so that even more exciting features can be unlocked and enjoyed.

Design Toys

For those looking to unlock their child’s creative side, there are a wide range of design toys that are available, especially from well-known brands such as Crayola. Whether you go for a simple colouring and painting-based toy, or something such as Aqua Beads, for example, the possibilities for individual designs and an exciting voyage of self-discovery are endless.

Roleplay Toys

Whether it is dressing up as a favourite Disney character or keeping busy in a play kitchen, there are many imaginative roleplay option available for younger girls. You can be sure that they will want to dress as a beautiful princess, their favourite film character, or re-enact the housework behind you. These toys are great for killing time as well as helping your child develop social and emotional skills.

Check out some of these toy ideas next time you are at the shops, and don’t become hamstrung by what can be a difficult age group to shop for.

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Housekeeping and Parenting: It’s Never an Easy Job!

Most people might think that dealing with working a regular in the outside world is more difficult and complicated than staying at home, doing housework, and taking care of children. Well, it’s not; it is an irony that the world inside our homes is a far bigger juggernaut than what lurks outside. Parents (especially moms) have to deal with issues regarding childhood, care-giving, parenting, housekeeping and even pet care. It is an everyday struggle to keep these issues in balance and on the right track. So what makes housekeeping and parenting a not so easy job? Here are some footnotes that may enlighten you.

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Parenting: It’s a 24 Hour-Job and It’s Complicated!

When we go to work, we are often faced with daunting tasks and a lot of complicated issues. But the advantage of working is you only face these complications for eight hours and eventually you can sleep or drink them off when you go home. Not with parenting. Parenting is a 24-hour job and it involves complex processes just to ensure the safety and welfare of the child. So what makes parenting complicated? Here are some of the issues parents face every day, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

  • Raising a Child and Dealing with Childhood

Parents are endowed with the task to raise a child accordingly (a child that can be productive in the society in the future). It may sound simple but raising a child takes gigantic or enormous efforts from the parents. The parents are not the only factors that affect a child’s growth and development, the environment, the society and the other people around them affects how a child thinks and feels.  And so parents are left to take these factors into consideration and carefully balance them so they may not cause harm or negativity to the child. Parents must be careful in exposing children to negativities but they must also tell their children about the truth and reality of society and the world (that our world is indeed filled with bad things and negativities). Dealing with childhood, carefully exposing them to realities without sparking a negative idea in their minds is definitely a task no person can easily do.

  • Personal Needs vs. Children’s Needs

Of course a parent’s priority would always be his or her child’s needs. Most of the time, the child’s needs come first before their personal needs and wants. This is a given fact, but this fact also bears some difficulties with it. Parents are also human beings who have aspirations, needs, and wants in life, most of the time these aspirations, needs, and wants are sacrificed for the well-being of their children. When these are sacrificed and are not fulfilled it can cause significant stress and frustration among parents, another issue they have to juggle with every moment of their lives. Frustrations and personal problems from parents can greatly affect how they treat children, they might develop hostility towards the child or they might push the child to fulfill their needs without considering the child’s own wants and needs. Most parents are not child psychologists, but they deal with these issues as they raise their children.

Housekeeping and Care-giving: It is a Commitment

Housekeeping and care giving is a job that parents can’t easily quit from. Keeping the house in good condition and taking care of the children is a commitment parents would always do, even if that means doing pet care or other stuff they can’t imagine doing. Parents do a whole lot for their children and to help them; services such as bol promo code for sitter city, savings code for care.com are available. These sites understand that parents deal with a lot of complicated issues when it comes to care giving, caring for a child, housekeeping and even pet care. These sites are committed to giving quality care that would satisfy needs of both children and parents.

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Making the Walk Home from the Bus Stop Safe

If your child is finally of an age where he or she can walk home from the bus stop, you may be a little worried about his or her safety. This is a logical fear to have and one that you honestly shouldn’t let go of. Keeping your child safe is your primary responsibility as a parent and one that you should not take lightly. With that in mind, there are some simple steps you can take to make that walk just a little safer for your little one. Here are some quick tips to give you better peace of mind when your child walks home.

Install Electronic Locks

Your child is bound to lose his or her key at some point in time. With an electronic lock, all you have to do is give your child a set of numbers to remember. To make this easy, you might select a code your child is familiar with, like your home phone number or the year of his or her birth. You might also want to use the house number from across the street so your child always has something to reference. As long as your child knows to lock the door from the inside once he or she gets home, you should not have to worry about what’s going on.

Request a Phone Call

My mother used to make me call her every day when I got home from school, even when I was 16 years old. This just let her know that everything was alright and I was indeed safe. You could set up a similar system with your child so you can feel a little better about where he or she is after the bus ride. If your kid doesn’t call before a certain pre-determined time, you can call the house to see what’s going on. If no one answers, start calling the school, the neighbors, or anyone else you can to find out what is going on.

Make Friends with the Neighbors

It’s always nice to have someone else looking out for your child. Talk to one of the neighbors close by the house and see if he or she can keep an eye out for your kid. This person doesn’t need to do anything extreme. You mainly just need him or her as a point of contact whenever your child isn’t answering your phone calls. With that person on hand, you should always know where your kid is.

Follow the safety steps above, and you will never have to worry about what is going on with your child after the bus ride home.


About the Author: Heaven Stubblefield is a professional writer who uses life experience to help others in need. She recommends using mechanical door locks to keep any home safe and secure..

Traveling with Your Baby: How to Have Fun

Traveling with Your Baby: How to Have Fun

If the prospect of taking your baby on a trip is scaring you, you should not be. If your kid is newborn, it would even be easier to travel because they would probably sleep through the entire trip. You may be a bit tired but at least you can do other things like read a book or flip through a magazine.

But with an older kid, it might be more challenging. This time you will have to entertain your child and make sure they are comfortable during the entire duration of the trip.

On Airplane Travels
Traveling with your little bundle of joys should be fun if you take care of a few essential things. Consider the following tips:

  1. Pack all the necessary baby care products into your hand carry.
  2. Make sure there are enough diapers and a few shirts for when they need to change into clean clothes.
  3. There should be enough baby formula for the duration of the flight.
  4. Make sure you have packed their favorite toy in your hand-carry along with the baby care items.
  5. Try to keep to your child’s daily schedule for feeding and napping as close as you can. If you expect to stay in a different time zone for a fairly good deal of time, you should maintain your child’s routine on the time zone of your home.

On board the plane, everything will be new to your baby and they will thrive in a new environment. Entertaining the baby at the onset of the trip is easy. Your kid would be so caught up in the new environment and the unfamiliar faces that you would not really have to do any entertaining.

A thing you have to remember about traveling with your baby is that their attitude or routine will not change just because they are traveling.

Getting Settled
When you arrive at your destination, you should unpack quickly and make the surroundings familiar to your child. This will make them feel relaxed quickly too. Your baby’s favorite toy or comfort object should be nearby at all times. Bring along a white noise music player to help your kid fall asleep more easily. Also, keep in mind babies need more naps when they are traveling.

Keeping With the Routine
Your child will be more cooperative if they can recognize their routine while traveling. If your baby is accustomed to some alone time with you prior to sleeping then make sure they get it as well while traveling as they will remember such  activity and know that sleep follows it. Bring your kids beddings or their play yard that could serve as their bed. Renting a hotel crib may not be safe and sanitary. A way to make sure that your kid will take to sleeping in their play yard is to have them sleep in it for a number of days before your travel.

Traveling with your baby should indeed be an enjoyable task as long as you keep all these things in mind. A great tip – try to take trip to nearby places first before embarking on a long travel with your child. It need not involve travelling by plane. You can take short drives in the country and staying overnight in a hotel. This way, your child will soon be familiar with such activity.

Matthew Young is an active blogger, who likes to share advice and tips. Matthew likes to write about kids related topics and is a guest writer for ColoringPagesABC.com.


Sedation Dentistry for Children

Have you considered sedation dentistry for your child? Going to the dentist is no fun for anyone, but for children in particular the experience can be a traumatic one. Some kids can tough it out, but if your child just can’t face the dentist chair, sedation dentistry might be the right option for you and your little one.

There are several different types of sedation dentistry to consider for your child. Your dentist’s recommendations will vary depending on your child’s age, averseness to the procedures and weight.

Conscious Sedation

Conscious sedation is a way to relax your child without completely putting him/her under. This form of sedation will make your child relaxed or sleepy so they are not as anxious during the dental procedure. It’s usually administered via inhaling a gas or swallowing medicine, depending on your child’s anxiety level.

Nitrous Oxide

One of the most common and mildest conscious sedation methods for children is the application of nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. The gas is very safe and easily leaves your child’s body after the procedure is complete. They stay awake the whole time and are able to interact with the dentist although they may be a less sharp. However, the gas does make some children slightly nauseous. That’s why it’s best to feed them only a light meal the morning before the dental procedure if you know nitrous oxide is going to be used.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation treatments are a little bit stronger than nitrous oxide. Some patients have had harsher side effects like nausea and vomiting. However, if your child is unwilling to cooperate or is experiencing extreme anxiety, oral sedation is a commonly recommended and medically sound anesthesia treatment plan for children. Your dentist should provide you with instructions about what to do before and after this treatment, including any details regarding dietary restrictions and allocated time periods for rest. With oral sedation treatments, your child will most likely have to stay at the dentist’s office for an hour or so after the procedure is over, where she will be carefully monitored to make certain that there aren’t any lasting side effects. It can also take a while for the sedatives to wear off, so be prepared to carry your child to your car.

Unconscious Sedation – General Anesthesia

In the most extreme cases, general anesthesia may be an appropriate option for your child’s dental work. This will put them completely asleep, similar to tonsil removal or any other kind of medical procedure. General anesthesia is recommended if your child needs serious dental surgery done, if they have a lot of work that can be done in one sitting, or if they simply won’t tolerate dental work otherwise. There are some risks involved with general anesthesia, so your child will need a physical before it’s administered. Of course, make sure your child follows the proper guidelines before the procedure, and have a talk with them to make sure they understand what is happening and why.

The method you choose for your child’s sedation dentistry all depends on their age and tolerance for the dentist’s chair. Fortunately you have many choices in the matter. Consult with your child’s dentist and even your PCP. Don’t forget to ask a lot of questions to make sure you get the right treatment for your child.

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Learning Activities for Toddlers

Ages 18 months to 4 years are what we consider toddlers. And as parents, we should know that this stage is very crucial. You need to help your kids to develop their IQs and EQs. How can you do that if your toddler plays most of the time?

I have some bright ideas which you can use. Without a doubt, your toddler will grow up as a very intelligent person.

Play. It is normal that little children love to play. It seems that they are programmed to do that. You use their playing time to learn too. How can you do that? It’s pretty simple. Why not make educational games? You can buy rubber mats with letters. You can teach the alphabet using those. And when you think your kids are ready, you can ask them to jump on the letters that you ask them. See, it is a physical and an intellectual activity rolled into one.  

Take them to zoos. It would be so much fun if you take your kids to zoos. Not only that they will enjoy, they can learn different creatures as well. Make sure that they are attentive. Show them the most unique animals to keep them interested. It should be easy to see if they have learned. While on the road, you can ask them random questions about animals. You can ask about the physical attributes of an animal, or their behavior.  

Book a theme park visit. You think that theme parks are all fun. But I see something more than that. Your theme park visit can be educational for your kids too. There are theme parks that have historical value. Perhaps, you can take them there. Of course, you have to do your research too. That way, you can explain to your kids why a specific theme park is interesting.

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Let them mingle with other kids. Lastly, it is very important that you teach your kids to be sociable. You don’t want your child to be a loner, do you? There are summer activities where you can enrol your kids. They will make friends from there. Not only that they will increase their IQ, they will also develop their EQ.

Always bear in mind that what you do can greatly affect your kids. If you hone them properly in the early stages of their lives, you will never have to worry about their future. 

Kim Bookman has 2 young boys. I believe that she has mastered the art of teaching her kids. You might want to follow her tips so you can maximize your kid’s potential.