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Christmas Gifts from the Kids
Christmas Gifts from the Kids

As the Christmas season is soon approaching, include children in sharing the holiday spirit by encouraging them to give gifts. Children can give all sorts of gifts to their family, friends and loved ones, from buying wholesale jewelry to making their own crafts. Here are four ways for children to spread Christmas cheer and give gifts anyone would love:

1. Bake Holiday Cookies

Cookies are a great gift to give during the Christmas season. For a fun and enjoyable activity to do together, let children bake their own holiday-themed cookies to give to others so they learn how to bake while making delicious treats. You can buy prepared cookie dough from the grocery store that you can let kids cut and arrange on baking sheets or you could walk your children through the steps of making dough from scratch. After baking and cooling the cookies, decorate them to spread the holiday spirit and personalize the cookies with messages like “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” Use colorful paper or boxes to add a finishing touch to their gift.

2. Give Stuffed Toys

If children are giving to others close to their age, consider having them give toys like stuffed animals. Not only do stuffed animals or dolls decorate a child’s room, they can also make a good friend to him or her. If a child’s room is overflowing with stuffed animals, action figures or dolls, encourage him or her to either donate or gift toys they do not use or rarely play with. Buying new toys from the store is also another option to give toys if you are concerned with getting your children to part with their unused toys.

3. Make Customized Cards and Calendars

Making cards and calendars are simple craft projects anyone can do and makes for a thoughtful gift. Make calendars by pasting decorated paper on flip calendars or fold paper into cards. Using construction paper, children can decorate cards and calendars any way they choose to express their creativity and imagination. Decorating ideas range from cutting out white pieces of paper to make snowflakes to drawing Christmas trees, presents, and other holiday-themed pictures.

4. Buy Costume Jewelry

Children love to play dress up and as they already know, wearing costume jewelry completes any outfit. For a gift appreciated by girls and women of all ages, let your children buy wholesale jewelry as a gift. With a huge variety of jewelry and designs to choose from, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings, costume jewelry is an inexpensive way to add style to clothing and outfits.

Let children get into the holiday spirit this Christmas season by giving gifts, whether buying something small or making their own custom gifts.

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