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How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids
How To Stop Thumb Sucking in Kids

How to stop thumb sucking

Thumb sucking has been hotly discussed topic among the parents but what is amazing is that parents are not pediatricians and they are not familiar with the topic yet they still have an opinion on thumb sucking. The question that parents should ask themselves is: how should parents guide their kids to stop popping the thumb finger in to the mouth once they develop that habit. People always come up with myths regarding thumb sucking but most of those myths are not true. Parents should learn to guide their kids in a positive manner if they want the habit of thumb sucking to stop.

The habit of thumb sucking is a common with the kids of age 2 to 6 and this happens to over 80 percent of the kids. Thumb sucking is not a disease that just pops out but it is a natural reflex in tabbies that is used to clam the bay when tired, bored, hungry and bored. Most of the times babies suck their thumb finger when they want to sleep. Parents should understand that thumb sucking is not an awkward thing in kids but they can begin to intervene if the habit extends to the age of 3 years and above. Parents need to learn a lot on how to stop thumb sucking in kids.

There are various methods and steps that can be used to stop kids from thumb sucking. How to stop thumb sucking is a challenge to mothers since they use harsh words to refer to their kids. Sometimes harsh words have a negative impact when t comes to correcting a certain behavior. Kids feel upset and unworthy when their parents become harsh on them. Positive ways in how to stop thumb sucking should be embraced by parents since they can help a long way in stopping the habit.

Use of rewards is the first step in how to stop thumb sucking. As we all know, incentives are good in motivating workers and students in their learning; the same case applies to kids, when parents reward their children for good progress, the kids feel it and appreciate it since they recognize that their parents are happy of them.

The other important step on how to stop thumb sucking in kids is ensuring that the kids are constantly involved in activities that require both hands. This is a good way that helps the kid to forget that they have to suck their thumb fingers. Such activities include the use of gamming pads and playing with them. Parents should be the key people on the frontline since they have to be present when their kids need them, parents ought to monitor the progress of their kids. It’s too unfortunate that some parents become aware of the thumb sucking habit when it is too late; this creates an impression that the parents are rarely with their kids.

Parents should be given tutorials on how to stop thumb sucking since they involve methods that are unreliable and unhelpful to the affected kids. These lessons are very important since they help parents understand the seriousness of the problem..

Thumb sucking guards
Thumb sucking guards

Sometimes thumb sucking is embarrassing for both kids and parents. Kids who do the thumb sucking really face a hard time in school. One may wonder how but the answer is: children tend to tease those who have the habit of thumb sucking. Parents are also embarrassed when they walk with their children in public and yet the kids are sucking their thumbs. It is unfortunate that the parents beat their kids up just because of the behavior; this is not an issue that is supposed to cause conflict in the house. Parents should be understanding since sucking is a natural reflex in kids. If parents are justified to beat up their kids because of sucking their thumbs, then they should allow the kids to suck their tits. Parents should give their kids time to become aware that thumb sucking is bad. The only time parents should intervene is when the problem becomes a habit. This should be done before it gets to the level of addiction.

Parents should assist their kids since thumb sucking is a habit that ca have some adverse effects to the health f kids. For instance, kids develop dental problems mostly after the milk teeth fall out. It is unfortunate that thumb sucking can be cause dental problems that can extend to adulthood. Dental problems that are caused by thumb sucking can be costly to rectify; therefore when the problem of thumb sucking becomes difficult to stop, a thumb guard should be put in to use.

Thumb guards act as distracters and barriers to thumb sucking. A thumb guard is a special made glove that is put on the hands of kids who have developed the habit of thumb sucking. Some parents fear that the thumb guard can cause health problems but this is false. Thumb guards are specially designed and they are made of medical upgrade plastics to make sure hygiene is maintained. The plastic is of high quality thus it cannot cause any problem to the kid. Most of the times kids like the guard and they enjoy being in it despite the fact that it is meant to help them stop what they love doing most (thumb sucking).

Thumb sucking guards come in different design so children can guide their parent on the design they would love. All the thumb sucking guards have decorations that babies like. For instance some of them have funny drawings such as cartoons. Thumb sucking guards are secured with wrist bands, therefore parent don’t have to fear that their kids will lose them when playing. The wrist bands re designed in a way that only the parents can remove them. Parents must ensure that the thumb sucking guards are cleaned regularly and thoroughly to ensure that germs are washed away.

The use of thumb sucking guards is the most preferred method by parents since it does not require much follow up. The kids don’t have to be monitored as long as the thumb sucking guard is present. This is one of the non aggressive methods that parents should use if they want to succeed in ending the habit of thumb sucking..

Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Habit
Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Habit

There are a number of reasons why children suck their thumbs and parents are looking everywhere in order to know how to stop thumb sucking habit of their kid. It is nothing more than a natural reflex in infants and it often starts in the womb according to medical specialists. Babies suck on their fingers, thumb, things around them, as this is totally a natural way for them to learn about stuff near them.

However, there comes a point when parents start concerning about this habit of their kid. Excessive thumb sucking can cause a number of problems such as interference with proper mouth growth and the alignment of the teeth. In addition to that, it can affect the root of the mouth. And that is why parents need to know how to stop thumb sucking habit of their kid. According to a recently conducted study on thumb suckers and their inability to learn how to stop thumb sucking, scientists have discovered that all thumb suckers have few things in common such as the role of their parents in motivating them to stop this habit and teaching them how to stop thumb sucking. And if you are looking for ways to teach your kid about thumb sucking how to stop this habit, there are few things that you need to keep in mind.

For starters, keep this in mind that there are several ways to break the habit of thumb sucking and hence you every kid cannot be cured using a single particular technique. This means that you cannot force your child to adapt one method to learn how to stop thumb sucking and instead you need to use various tactics until you find the right remedy. Make sure you take all the necessary precautionary measures into consideration in order to train your kid how to stop thumb sucking in the best possible way.

One of the most common method used to tutor kids how to stop thumb sucking is the used of anti thumb sucking gloves. These gloves force kids to put their attentions somewhere else and the material used in these gloves allow kids to learn more about how to stop thumb sucking.

However, if you still want to try other methods to teach your kid how to stop thumb sucking, you can always go for the popular bad taste solution. Although this method is not considered to be a good one, this can possibly be the last resort. This technique involves putting a solution that taste really bad but is totally harmless, on your kid’s hands. And when the kid will suck his thumb or fingers, the bad taste will force him to stop doing that. However, other techniques such as a simple discussion on how to stop thumb sucking with your kid should be preferred. You can also buy a fancy looking toy for your kid as a replacement to the thumb. Although this won’t solve your problem, it will allow you to use other methods with more effect afterwards.


Thumb sucking devices can help stop the habit
Thumb sucking devices can help stop the habit

Children below the age of two usually have a habit of thumb sucking. Though it is the duty of the parents to make sure that the kids do not develop this habit but if in case they have, you must know the right time when such a habit has to be stopped. On an average, 90% of the children have this habit which is also a sign to show that they are hungry. This habit continues until they start getting permanent teeth. But even after getting permanent teeth, they do not get rid of this habit; you must take the help of thumb sucking devices.

There are a variety of thumb sucking devices that you will come across in the store. According to the choice and keeping in mind the safety measures, you can select the best device that will prove fruitful for the children.

Among the different options that come your way, Glovey Huggey are just the best. It is because of the simple reason that it is easy to wear and is beneficial in getting rid of the habit. The gloves come in variable sizes therefore you can choose the correct size for your baby and make sure that this habit ends as soon as possible.

You have thumb gloves as well finger gloves for children. If your baby has the habit of sucking their thumb you can select the thumb gloves or you can also go for the finger gloves. Both the options are good and prove very useful in allowing the babies to stop their thumb sucking habit.

Glovey Huggey are simply a great option when it comes to thumb sucking devices. It can be put on the thumb and kids will not try to suck it. It is one of the best options because the thumb is comfortable and it can be moved around without any problem. Many parents have tried it and found it quite helpful in getting rid of such a habit.

Thum liquid is a gel like substance which can be applied on the thumb. It is made of citric acid and pepper extract which taste really bad and therefore your child will not dare to suck their thumb with such a gel on it. You can leave your children anywhere but they will not suck the thumb at any cost.

So you can try the above thumb sucking devices to put an end to thumb sucking habit of your child.




Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a behavior displayed by infants and young ones that is usually characterized by rhythmically sucking the thumb. This habit is a source of pleasure and happiness that’s why infants and babies develop a strong attachment with this habit. This connection or attachment is what makes it hard for parents on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. This habit normally stops in the age of 5 or earlier in some cases. However, children stick with this habit even if they start to get older. Thumb sucking has to stop before a child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, it may affect the normal growth of their mouth and teeth.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking especially when emotional issues start to hit the scene. It is difficult for parents especially for the mothers to stop the thing that makes her child happy. Despite this situation, there are still parents who are desperate and open about the idea of helping their children finally overcome this habit. Thinking about the effects this habit may cause make parents decide that thumb sucking can be dealt with using the proper approach.

There are helpful tips on how to stop thumb sucking that parents can execute in order to help their child overcome this habit. One effective tip is to reward your child whenever he is not sucking his thumb. This is a way to motivate him and make him forget about thumb sucking. Praising a child whenever he does not thumb suck is also the best way to make him feel appreciated in a way. Another tip recommended to parents in order to help their children deal with the habit of thumb sucking is to divert their child’s attention into other things and activities. Let your child draw, sketch, paint and play around rather than tolerate the child to do the habit.

Using thumb sucking prevention devices is also another option on how to stop thumb sucking effectively. These devices can provide ultimate solution to finally end this habit and save your child from the negative effects of this. Glovey Huggey is the leading provider of thumb sucking gloves that is made from spandex material. The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves are made from finest and durable materials. These gloves come in different colors and attractive designs your kids will truly love. Kids will not experience pressure and hassle in overcoming the habit because the Glovey Huggey ensures that they can still have free hand movement and comfortable feeling.

Parents can now get the chance to access these very interesting and effective thumb sucking prevention devices. By means of visiting their website http://endthumbsucking.com, parents can learn how these devices effectively work on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. They can now gain optimism and confidence that their children can finally eliminate this habit in their system having the assurance that their children are safe and enjoying the process.


Use The Glovey Huggey For Thumb Sucking And Nail Bitting
Use The Glovey Huggey For Thumb Sucking And Nail Bitting

Thumb sucking has been the habit of the child ever since he was still in the womb of his mother. Because the habit goes back even way before the child is actually born in this world, it may be hard to break for some children especially if the habit has been included in the development of the brain of the child. Unfortunately this seemingly harmless habit has it toil on the child that does it for a long period of time. The continuous performance of the habit tends to bring stresses to the developing upper palette of the child. Aside from that the child the natural alignment of the teeth that will grow from the upper palette tends to collapse towards the inside of the mouth. And if the child continues to do the habit of thumb sucking until the time that his frontal baby teeth grew, there is a tendency that the child may develop another bad habit such as nail biting. Nail biting may not have a direct effect on the oral development of the child but it has a very disturbing effect on the growth of the nails of the child. When the growing nails of the child are bitten of frequently the nails in that finger will eventually shrink exposing the soft flesh that the nails are protecting from any physical hazards.

But fortunately there is a product that is developed by Glovey Huggey not only to prevent the habit of thumb sucking to prolong but also to prevent the development of certain bad habits that may arise from thumb sucking such as nail biting. The Glovey Huggey does not only cover the thumb but it covers the nail area also. By preventing any direct contact between the flesh of the thumb and the nails, the sensation that arises from doing the habits will be eliminated. And if the child is frequently prevented from feeling the sensation form the habit of thumb sucking and nail biting, then these habits will sure be gone without your child even noticing it.

If you are worried if there are dangers that may come from using the Glovey Huggey, well worry no more. Even if the child resorts to biting and sucking the Glovey Huggey just to satisfy his crave to do the habit, the child will not be harmed. The materials that are used to make the Glovey Huggey are clinically approved not to contain any harmful substances and are considered safe to use even for toddlers. Aside from the safe materials that are used to make the said product, it is also available in different designs that can be considered as cool by most number of children.

With the gallery of designs that can be seen in the Glovey Huggey website, you can let your child choose the design of the Glovey Huggey that he wanted. And together with the Glovey Huggey the product comes with a free plush toy to make the child intrigue in using the Glovey Huggey and make it a fun and more adorable experience for him and forever rid him with the bad habit of thumb sucking.

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Should Parents Discourage Thumb Sucking?
Should Parents Discourage Thumb Sucking?

Before you decide to discourage your child from thumb sucking, there are important things that you should know. The natural desire of babies is to suck because it gives them comfort. When a baby reaches his or her third month, thumb sucking will usually begin.

Sucking is actually an inner drive for survival. According to studies, around 80% babies are into thumb sucking even when they are full. Most babies and children suck their thumbs when they are upset, sick, bored, or tired. However, it is not enough indication that the child has emotional problems and is insecure. There are also times when an object (e.g. blanket) becomes part of the habit, so instead of sucking the thumb, the baby/child may suck on the blanket or any other object.

When should parents discourage the habit? It wouldn’t be a good idea to discourage thumb sucking at a very early age. According to medical professionals, it is normal for babies to suck the strongest especially on the first six months. Very few babies continue the habit until age two. As long as your child is below one year of age, you don’t need to discourage the habit.

You can’t apply reasoning with a one year old. All your efforts and pressure will be met with lack of cooperation and resistance. All you can do is distract your child by giving him/her with other things to keep the hands busy. However, you should refrain from mentioning anything about thumb sucking.

Statistics also show that there are about 15% of four year olds that are into thumb sucking. These are the kids whose parents tried to discourage and stop the thumb sucking habit at a very early age. The power struggle encountered by these kids has led to the persisting habit of thumb sucking. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to educate yourself about the proper way of discouraging thumb sucking and when to begin.

If you are observant, you will notice that thumb sucking activities happen during the day and night. In fact, thumb sucking at bedtime or nap time is the hardest to correct. While you are starting to discourage the habit during the day, you can also address nighttime sucking. However, you have to do this gradually and don’t put too much pressure on your child.

Reasoning can be applied when your child is about five years. At this point, you can now talk to your child about the thumb sucking habit. Most kids will cooperate if you use the right approach. Don’t forget to praise your child whenever he/she is doing something else and not sucking the thumb. Your child will be able to associate the praises with not sucking his/her thumb. Soon enough, the habit will go away.

If you are interested in discouraging your child from thumb sucking, you should visit http://endthumbsucking.com to check out their small gloves that are specially designed to end the habit. These gloves are made from spandex material and are a good way to address uncontrolled thumb sucking.