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Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids
Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids


Children somehow love to play with water especially when it isn’t bath time. Be it the hose pipe, a swimming pool and lately discovered water balloons. There is practically so much that you can do this summer. Here are some games that you and your toddlers can play in your own backyard using some colourful water balloons.

  • Exploration: If your child hasn’t seen a water balloon then the thrill to hold one is clearly shown on their faces. When the feel the surface and compare its weight to a balloon without any air they learn that water has weight. They can carry the balloons around and even drop them to see what a splash it makes.
  • Filling them up with water: One can set a timer to see who which family member will fill 10 balloons the fastest. You could even try a competition wherein children can put there balloons under a running tap to see who has the largest water balloon without letting it drop on the ground.
  • Catch: This game is a huge hit with children of all ages actually. Take a water balloon and toss it around with friends and family. One could also play hot potato too. Rubbing soap on your hands makes the game a tad bit difficult.

  • Waterballoonhunt : Hide those colourful water balloons and see how many kids find and get the water balloons back to an adult without letting them burst.
  • Water Balloonfight : make teams wherein you have to playfully throw water balloons at each other. Make sure nobody hurts the other in the process.
  • Launching Water Balloons: You can create a launcher to throw water balloons over a long distance. Compete with friends and see how long everybody goes for. Perfect game for kids and adults too.
  • Dropping balloons : Allow your kids to drop balloons from varying heights and see the splatter on the floor.

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