Stop Thumb Sucking

When it comes to thumb sucking, it is one of the most natural things that babies do. There is nothing wrong with it. However, when the child gets to be the age of 4 and 5 then it could start become a potential problem. Some of the significant problems that can occur are the development of dental and speech problems. In some serious cases, excessive thumb sucking around the age of 5 could be caused by having some sort of emotional issues or even anxiety. When it comes to those serious issues, then it is a good idea to take them to a doctor for an evaluation.

However usually it is not any serious issues as to why they may thumb suck and there are many different methods that can be used to help the little ones to stop thumb sucking. Word to the wise, please do not try Mavala because it is not a good choice. One way to help children to stop thumb sucking is to set up some sort of reward system. You as the parent can put up a calendar and set a specific date. If the child can go through this time without sucking their thumbs, than they will get some sort of reward. This can be a small party or even a special dessert.

Another good choice in getting your child to stop thumb sucking is to put on a glove on your child’s hand. It should be something where it will also cover up their thumb. A GREAT solution for this without having to cover up the other fingers is our product called Glovey Huggey. Not only are they very affordable (which includes free shipping), but they come in a variety of colors. Parents don’t have to worry about the fit, because one size fits all. When the parents order it, they will get a set; this would be for each hand. Glovey Huggey is the best solution to thumb sucking glove.