Stop Thumb Sucking Success Stories

Thumb Sucking Success Stories

We are getting back so many success stories for thumb sucking that we have to start putting them on their own page. So feel free to scroll all the way down to read each store or you can click on the individual item to read the full story.


My daughter is 5 years old and has been sucking her thumb since she was 6 weeks old.  We have tried every humane way to help her stop and nothing has worked.  I saw your product and bought one pair to try it out.  She loved them!!  She is not embarrassed to wear them to school and the other children are even asking her about them.  She is wearing the first pair out and we have only had them for a few days.  I decided it was a good investment and ordered three more pairs.  What a surprise and great joy it was when she opened the box to an extra pair.  Thank you again.  For the gift and for providing a product that my daughter can not be ashamed of wearing.


I purchased a pair of gloves from you back in October, and now my 2-year-old son is done sucking his thumb! A big part of our success was MARKETING. We told him they were RACECAR GLOVES. In the beginning, I also had to take away his favorite blanket, which always made him suck his thumb. After some work with the blanket, I have finally given it back to him for good. I’m so glad we were able to solve this problem with such a simple, relatively inexpensive device! Thank you so much for helping us save our son’s teeth!


This was the 5th pair of gloves we have bought for our daughter and we have been extremely satisfied with every pair! She loves wearing her gloves, she picks them out herself and looks forward to wearing them every day! I am a pediatrician in private practice and I have recommended your website to over a dozen of my patients in the last 6 months.


Rui G. Rodrigues, MD


Got the gloves Friday. I put it on her and she loves the design! She started to suck her thumb with the glove on. I, being a determined mom, took the glove off and put some of that nasty tasting stuff on it and put it right back on her. When she tried to suck her thumb again she realized that something was off. After making her 2 year old brother taste it she hasn’t tried to suck her thumb since.  I feel at this point whatever works is the way to go. Thank you so much and I’m glad I stumbled across your web site by accident. I will be more than happy to recommend this to all my friends that need!!!  🙂

– Stacey A from NY


These gloves have been great for my 2 year old! She likes the colors and the suns on them and she always holds her hands out for us to put them on her. It is fairly simple for them to pull their thumb out and stick it through the finger opening but it depends on how determined they are. My daughter seems like a smoker who WANTS to quit but just can’t seem to do it, so these are great she won’t suck her thumb with them on and she doesn’t even try to pull her thumb out. My only concern is how long to keep her in them as we used them daily for a week and then forgot to put them back on after lunch one day and she was right back to it.


The gloves worked wonderfully!  We were not sure how our 5-year old daughter would be when asked to wear them but she didn’t mind at all. Seriously it took no time at all for her to stop sucking her thumb- which she had been doing since she was an infant. Amazing!

– Kendall


These cool gloves made it easy for Jocelyn to stop thumb sucking.  She was so proud when the dentist told her that her big teeth wouldn’t be bucked because she stopped in time.  The gloves we’re a bargain compared to an orthodontist bill!”

– Kimberly S.


My daughter Emma sucked her thumb from birth.  It was a soothing thing to help her sleep only, but it went on past her 7th birthday.  With some baby teeth gone and permenant teeth on the way, we knew it was time to break the habit.  It was the Glovey Huggy to the rescue.  Emma loved picking out the pattern that she wanted on the website and was again excited to see a stuffed animal arrive with the package.  She wore the glove at night for a week and the habit was broken.  It was that simple.  For the first few nights she told me she sucked the thumb and the glove, but it wasn’t the same for her and by night 3 she wasn’t sucking anything.  It literally was that easy.  We also recommended the product to her cousin in North Carolina and she was able to successfully stop thumb sucking as well.  It was a very simple, very useful product that worked well for our family.  Thanks! – Sandi B


My daughter stopped sucking her thumb within a week of wearing the cute gloves. She loved wearing them and felt that they were stylish.

Thanks, Sharon 


My daughter, Jessica, has loved sucking her thumb and hasn’t really wanted to quit.  She’s 5 and her teeth are starting to be effected, so I was searching the internet to see what we could try- we’ve tried the taste deterents, another type of thumb guard (a year ago), positive reinforcement, but she has still been determined.  It had become a power struggle……so when I came across this site and my son- 7- said “Mom, I want the blue ones- they’re cool!!!!”, she decided to try the red polka dot ones.  The first night she cried that she would miss “thumby” and agreed to let us put them on after she fell asleep.  Each morning she got a small prize (a quarter) for wearing them.  By night three she put them on when she went to bed and has been wearing them every night since- she asks for them now.  It’s been a couple of weeks and I haven’t seen her suck her thumb since day 3 or 4- she only wears them at night, but it’s not a problem any other time, either.  So……Wow!!!!!!   (My son still thinks they are “cool”, too, even though he doesn’t have the same problem:)  Thanks for offering such a great producT!! – Cindy


My 7 year old was still sucking her thumb and  we have tried several agents to try and help her stop.  We used the thumb guard which she was able to get off, that was an expensive try.  We also tried two different brands of agents that you paint on the thumb which tastes bad to help deter sucking, which cause many nights of crying b/c the taste would stay in her mouth.  We tried the glove, which she took to.  She would put it on each night – was excited to.  The glove for the opposite had we sent to her fathers so when she spent then night with him – she actually wore it, even though it was backwards, it worked.  She has recently stopped wearing the glove at night and is successfully not sucking her thumb. — Ashley



5.0 out of 5 stars Worked Like a CHARM!!!
This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Red Polka Large – 4 Years Old & Up (Health and Beauty)

These glovey huggeys are amazing. We tried socks and gloves but found them abandoned in the bed every morning, the ulcer on her thumb larger every day. My 7 year old daughter begged me for a lightweight and attractive thumb sucking deterrent. On the verge of ordering the bulky, cumbersome model that she did NOT want, we discovered these. She was thrilled with the red polka dots and began wearing them immediately (only at night and while watching TV). The thumbs were never wet in the morning because she felt the fabric and stopped herself sucking, even in her sleep. We were “Thumb-free” in 3 nights! I believe these worked in large part because my daughter was ready to stop, old enough to communicate this and chose the fun pattern herself. She was invested in this decision across the board. I’ve placed the gloves in her memory box because she loved them so much.




Worked from day 1!,

By Sukiray “Jill H” (Friendswood, TX)

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This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Polka Dots Small Ages 2-4 Years Old (Health and Beauty)

Our daughter decided to stop sucking her thumb on her 5th birthday, so that night we put the glove on. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, made a face, and that was that; no more thumb sucking! One night my husband forgot to put it on, so she called for me 20 minutes after bedtime and asked for her Glovey. It’s been 3 weeks now, and we think she can go without it after a month. It worked perfectly for us!


 elijah’smom – See all my reviews

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This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Blue Attack Small ages 2 – 4 years old

These gloves work great! I wanted to start breaking my 2yr old from this nasty habit. I didnt feel comfortable using nasty tasting stuff on his fingernails which would probably come off anyway. When I started researching tools, I like this one the best because he could still have mobility of his thumbs and they didnt hinder hand movement. I do recommend buying 2 sets so you can wash one set while the child still has the other set on. It takes about 3wks of continuous wear to break the habit.



A. Donaldson (Jamaica)

This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Orange Sherbert Small Ages 2-4 Years Old (Health and Beauty)

My daughter has been using it for about one week now and has not sucked her thumb the whole time. It came with two gloves so when one is being washed we can use the other. She is four and has small hands so I bought this one, size 2-4, because another reviewer stated that her daughter was able to stretch hers over her thumb to suck it. This one fits so well that my daughter cannot stretch it over her thumb. Another thing is that she only sucks her thumb when sleepy or sleeping. She really wants to stop sukcing it so every time she is going to bed she will put it on herself and come to me to button it. She says she does still feels to suck her thumb sometimes so we will keep it on for about 4 weeks just to make sure. We are happy with our purchase so far. It is definetly worth a try. It also came with a cute stuffed monkey which both my daughters love.

 These gloves came fast, along with a cute little stuffed bear. It worked! My daughter is no longer sucking her thumb, day or night. The little bear helped her the first night by “protecting” her so it was a nice touch. The key is that your child has to want to stop the thumb sucking. The gloves were just a reminder to help her break the habit. They fit well, stayed on, no problems!  – Amazon Client (5 Star Rating!)


This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Fun Square Large Ages 4 Years Old & Up (Health and Beauty)

After searching for a solution to our 6 year old daughter’s thumb sucking, we found They carry a glove that leaves the four fingers exposed but the thumb is covered. This design allows for complete hand mobility but the thumb being covered is a reminder to the child not to suck the thumb.
There are several colors/designs to choose from which was exciting to our daughter. After we completed the online order, our daughter asked daily as to `When will my gloves get here?’. It did not take long for them to arrive and as soon as they did she began wearing them. Given how `attached’ she had been to thumb sucking, we expected resistance from her about wearing them but she gave us none. We think this has mainly to do with the fact that they are a cool design that she got to pick out for herself and they are comfortable to wear. We had seen other gloves online that restricted movement, especially to the thumbs, that seemed like they would be less comfortable.
After only 3 weeks of wearing the gloves at night during sleep and while watching television, she no longer has any desire to suck her thumbs! We were so amazed at the results that we went ahead and purchased another pair for her little sister (4 years old) who occasionally sucks her thumbs as well.


This review is from: Stop Thumb Sucking with Polka Dots Large Ages 4 Years Old & Up (Health and Beauty)

Bought these gloves for my 6 yr old daughter who sucks her thumb all the time, though most of the time she doesn’t realize she’s doing it. These gloves are well made and cute (we had a different fabric pattern with dots and stars). My daughter says they are comfortable, she only sucks the thumb on her right hand, so only wears one glove at a time, which is nice, then the other can get washed and she still has one to wear. This is a much better product than the Thumbusters type because this is made better and it covers more of the hand so it’s harder to get the thumb out. My daughter took her thumb out of her thumbuster when I wasn’t watching and she says she can’t with this one. I like that it is size adjustable with the buttons, though my daughter is skinny and she wears hers on the largest size you can, so if you’re child has a thicker wrist, this might not fit well. Also, our shipment came with a teddy bear, with which my daughter was thrilled, so I told her she can keep it as long as I don’t catch her sucking her thumb! Also my niece used the plastic thumb guard and that just looked really uncomfortable and her thumb would sweat and get blisters. I decided to stay away from that, plus it’s a pain to take that contraption on and off all the time. I really think this is the best option! But at the same time, your child needs to be ready to quit thumb sucking, they’ll find a way around anything if they really want to, just like my daughter with her thumbuster and my niece with the thumb guard! I’m sure these gloves I’m reviewing are no different for the child who’s set on sucking that thumb! Oh and another plus, for us at least, my daughter thinks these gloves look cool on her 😉

We love Glovey Huggey!  Our daughter was having difficulty at school because she was constantly thumbsucking.  Since our 3 1/2 year-old started using Glovey Huggey she never tries to suck her thumb when they’re on!  We’re still working on when she takes them off, but this product is wonderful!  She always reminds us to not forget to put them on! – Lori R.

I should have emailed you earlier – total success in less than 2 weeks. She still likes to wear them at night because they are cool and they are hers! In a little over 1 week she stopped wearing them during the day and there has been absolutely zero thumb sucking at home or at school. Now that’s what i call a solution – well done! – K.

Our daughter loves the thumb sucking gloves – she thinks they are really cool and she even enjoys wearing them as if they were part of her outfit. Since they arrived, she has not sucked her thumb once – day or night. We’ll stick with the thumb sucking gloves for a few weeks yet but it certainly feels like we are on our way to helping our daughter to kick the habit. The ordering process through the website was simple and straightforward and the Customer Service was excellent. Although we live in the UK, the gloves arrived within a few days in a lovely box. We ended up buying a second pair so that we can always give her a clean pair. They do wash and dry very easily and quickly but I would recommend a second pair in any case! Overall, this is a great product from a well run company.

Kevin (UK)

I wanted to let you know that I love your gloves and they worked perfectly!  I wrote a little blurb about them on my blog including photos.   You can see the link to my post –
I’d say it took about 2 or 3 months for her to stop thumb sucking and hair pulling completely.  I highly recommend these gloves for everyone.  They are made of a swimsuit type material and come in fabulous colors.  Plus there are two buttons allowing you to adjust for the size of the wrist.    I recommend two pairs so you have one to wash.
Shelly S

Dear End Thumb,

We have tried twice, unsuccessfully, to help our almost-six-year-old to stop thumbsucking. We were excited to find your website, and she was so excited to choose her glove design. She asked daily when they would arrive, which was quickly, and she proudly wore them everywhere. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy for her to put on herself.

After just 1 week, she no longer needed the gloves at nap time or in the car. watching t.v.,etc.. She now only wears them at night. She is quickly developing other ways to comfort herself during sleep, namely with stuffed animals like the caterpillar you sent her.

Our daughter was a chronic, heavy thumb-sucker, and we are thankful for the Glovey Huggey’s. We hope you are proud (we are!) that your product will no longer be needed by her 6th birthday, in just a few weeks!

I will be sharing the news with friends! I have a friend that would love this solution!

Cathy Bachhofer, Thumbs-Free Mom in Texas!

The gloves are great!  After only a few days, my daughter had already stopped saying it was hard to not suck her thumb.  Now, after a few weeks, she says she doesn’t even need the glove.  We still make her wear it at night just in case but I don’t catch her trying to suck her thumb when I’m reading to her like she used to.  She doesn’t appear to suck her thumb at night as her callus that she used to have on her thumb is now almost gone.  Also, the gloves are much cheaper than other options!  This process went so much easier than I was anticipating.

Thanks so much!
Kerra M.

I would say this: Thumb sucking is an embarassing issue for a 7-year old girl; but, since the gloves are ‘stylish’, she is more willing to wear them consistently. After wearing the gloves for some time now, we have seen a decrease in her ‘daytime’ thumb sucking; we are still trying to break the ‘nighttime’ habit. But, overall, she has seen improvement by using the gloves.

Keitha C.

My daughter is 6 1/2 years old and continued to suck her thumb while she was tired and bored. The two dentists we saw when she was younger said that it would pass. At 6 1/2 we brought her to another dentist who recommended a device be installed to the roof of her mouth. A friend recommended a hard plastic glove with a strap. We thought that both these procedures were too radical. I did an internet search with my daughter on my lap and found My daughter immediately picked the blue poka dotted glove. She wore the glove at night only for about three weeks. We then took the glove off and low and behold she was no longer interested in sucking her thumb!

I thought this day would never come since she loved to suck her thumb so


I had issues with my son sucking his thumb all the time, but he cried so hard when I pull his thumb out of his mouth. All he loves to do is suck his thumb. We’ve put all these things on his chemicals and home remedies…but no success.

I then just thought I would give up; I figured he isn’t hurting anyone and that was his security blanked. Then I asked his doctor about it and he told me all the bad things that can happen as far as his teeth are concerned & its stops your chin development!
He told me to look at adults with no chin formation and that they most likely they sucked their thumbs…

So I searched online and found these pair of gloves…he loved wearing them & after about a month he has stopped sucking his thumb!

Cindy B.

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