Stop Thumb Sucking in Style

Stop thumb sucking in a way that is fun and fashionable for your child. Thumb sucking can be a real problem and a difficult habit to break. It can lead to expensive trips to the orthodontist down the road. Glovey Huggeys come in a variety of styles and colors sure to please even the most fashion savvy child. Your child will be proud to show off their new Glovey Huggeys.

Our unique approach to ending thumb sucking is a much more comfortable (and less embarrassing) alternative to products such as Thumb Guard because our product, unlike Thumb Guard, is designed to allow full movement of the entire hand. Thumb Guard is made of rigid plastic that keeps the thumb immobile.

Glovey Huggeys come in two sizes to fit children from eighteen months to ten years old. Glovey Huggeys are delivered in a gift box to make your child feel even more like these as are something special rather than a punishment for their thumb sucking habits. Included in the box is a pair of thumb sucking gloves and a free plush toy. Price per pair of Glovey Huggeys is $29.99. Coupled with free shipping, this affordable price makes them a more cost effective way to finally put a stop to thumb sucking without compromising the comfort of your little one.