The Perfect Stop Thumb-sucking Device

Thinking it’s time to finally break the habit, just not sure if it’s the right thing to do… or exactly how to go about it? Or maybe you have tried some of the stop thumb- sucking device methods and they just aren’t right for your child. Thumb sucking seems to be a touchy subject with people; everyone has their own opinions and would like to have their say. As a parent, you need to decide what’s best for your children.

This habit may seem rather cute and innocent for a while, but when thinking of the long-term effects it could possibly have, it doesn’t seem so cute. It may just start off with a red and chapped thumb, but later cause changes to the shape of their mouths and damage teeth. It could have effects on their chewing, or problems speaking. It’s possible that it could even signal issues like fatigue or shyness!

Thought should also be given toward the issue when it’s school time. You may have put it off, but now it’s time for your kids to go to school, and they’re still addicted to sucking on their thumbs! Keep in mind too; children touch everything, so who knows what exactly is going into their mouths or the germs that they could easily be spreading to someone else’s child.

Remember, this most likely will not be an overnight, quick fix process. Try not to get frustrated, so as to not complicate things more. But it’s comforting know, there is a solution! Forget the thumb guard, nail polishes and creams; those can get so expensive and complicated. The perfect solution to fix your child’s thumb sucking addiction is the Glovey Huggey! They’re custom made, and have different sizes. They have fun colors, they’re affordable and they’re comfortable, which is a must to help make this process smoother. The Glovey Huggey is your perfect fix to end thumb sucking !