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Easy Steps in How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Easy Steps in How to Stop Thumb Sucking


There are babies who reach toddler stage with the some bad habits like thumb sucking. This habit is a form of comfort to most kids and some uses it as a way of adapting to emotional conditions such as anxiety. This problem can get worse as most parents don’t know how to address this problem positively. They will usually resort to nagging and punishing the child just so thumb sucking can be eliminated. This is never a good idea and will not deliver lasting resort. For parents who are serious on how to stop thumb sucking, the use of thumb guards can yield more positive and lasting results.

If the child had this bad issue and you have tried many countless ways on how to stop thumb sucking just to break the habit, trying Glovey Huggey can be the best solution. This is a proactive device which assists in ending the habit while at the same time showing some fashion statement. The thumb guard is made from spandex materials which gives a feel like a second skin when worn. The baby will hardly notice that they are wearing one throughout the day that it is one. It is specifically design to allow maximum comfort and eliminate the need of wanting it removed repeatedly.

Parents should not resort to some nasty stuff marketed by others as an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. This can include the use of some bitter chemicals placed on the thumb of the baby. This is not just cruel, but you are also introducing some chemicals on the body of the baby. This will just frustrate your little one and cause her more anxiety. Parents should not also resort to humiliating, spanking or yelling at their babies as it can cause psychological problems and worsen the condition. The easier way to lessen dependency is to use a thumb guard which they will enjoy using while at the same time make them forget about their habit.

Thumb guard is an easy step towards eliminating the bad habit. It can be done along with some other strategies like offering some rewards to ensure that you will effectively help the baby remove the habit. It can also be coupled with an explanation that the habit is bad and that it comes with numerous negative effects. Parents must be determined and patient when it comes to removing this habit.

Glovey Huggey is an easy way on how to stop thumb sucking. It is available in myriad of designs and colors which can surely be enjoyed by the little ones. It is also available in different style which can go along with any outfit of the baby and which they would love to wear. With it, their attention to the thumb sucking can easily be diverted.

When you order it, it will be delivered on a box which the little one will be excited to open as he will think it is gift for him. The package comes with a plush toy which can also be used to keep the baby’s attention from his thumb and finger sucking. For more information about our Glovey Huggey take a look at our site at or if you’re ready to buy a pair of the Glovey Huggey, simply go to our online store


Should Parents Discourage Thumb Sucking?
Should Parents Discourage Thumb Sucking?

Before you decide to discourage your child from thumb sucking, there are important things that you should know. The natural desire of babies is to suck because it gives them comfort. When a baby reaches his or her third month, thumb sucking will usually begin.

Sucking is actually an inner drive for survival. According to studies, around 80% babies are into thumb sucking even when they are full. Most babies and children suck their thumbs when they are upset, sick, bored, or tired. However, it is not enough indication that the child has emotional problems and is insecure. There are also times when an object (e.g. blanket) becomes part of the habit, so instead of sucking the thumb, the baby/child may suck on the blanket or any other object.

When should parents discourage the habit? It wouldn’t be a good idea to discourage thumb sucking at a very early age. According to medical professionals, it is normal for babies to suck the strongest especially on the first six months. Very few babies continue the habit until age two. As long as your child is below one year of age, you don’t need to discourage the habit.

You can’t apply reasoning with a one year old. All your efforts and pressure will be met with lack of cooperation and resistance. All you can do is distract your child by giving him/her with other things to keep the hands busy. However, you should refrain from mentioning anything about thumb sucking.

Statistics also show that there are about 15% of four year olds that are into thumb sucking. These are the kids whose parents tried to discourage and stop the thumb sucking habit at a very early age. The power struggle encountered by these kids has led to the persisting habit of thumb sucking. If you don’t want this to happen to you, you need to educate yourself about the proper way of discouraging thumb sucking and when to begin.

If you are observant, you will notice that thumb sucking activities happen during the day and night. In fact, thumb sucking at bedtime or nap time is the hardest to correct. While you are starting to discourage the habit during the day, you can also address nighttime sucking. However, you have to do this gradually and don’t put too much pressure on your child.

Reasoning can be applied when your child is about five years. At this point, you can now talk to your child about the thumb sucking habit. Most kids will cooperate if you use the right approach. Don’t forget to praise your child whenever he/she is doing something else and not sucking the thumb. Your child will be able to associate the praises with not sucking his/her thumb. Soon enough, the habit will go away.

If you are interested in discouraging your child from thumb sucking, you should visit to check out their small gloves that are specially designed to end the habit. These gloves are made from spandex material and are a good way to address uncontrolled thumb sucking.


How to Support Your Child’s New Year’s Resolution To Stop Thumb Sucking
How to Support Your Child’s New Year’s Resolution To Stop Thumb Sucking

One of the first things that babies have to learn in order to survive is how to feed, so thumb sucking practice can start from as early as in the womb. Once born, babies quickly discover that sucking their thumb is comforting and makes them feel better when they’re nervous or trying to get to sleep.

Most children have all but stopped thumb sucking naturally by the time they get to 4 years old, but for some the habit sticks, much to the dismay of their parents.

From the age of 6 onwards, thumb sucking starts to become more of a worry, as permanent damage to the child’s palette can start to take hold. The pressure of the child’s thumb in its mouth all the time can cause the palette to collapse inward, causing the permanent teeth to grow in misaligned or misshapen. This damage could result in the child needing costly orthodontic surgery and braces in their teens.  Thumb sucking can also cause the child to develop a lisp, or they can be teased by their classmates for looking babyish when they suck their thumb at school, so it’s best to try and nip the habit in the bud as soon as possible.

But how do parents go about stopping this kind of self-soothing, when their child’s ‘fix’ is permanently attached to their hand? Here are some tips to help with your child’s new year’s resolution to end thumb sucking once and for all.


1) Talk to them about it

Gently explain to your child that thumb sucking can make your teeth grow crooked and show them what you mean by doing your best bucked-tooth, Bugs Bunny impression. Make the conversation light, so as not to make them nervous. Ask them why they like to do it and at what times of the day, so you have a better idea of what their triggers are from their viewpoint.  Also have a word with your family and teachers, ask them to keep an eye on your child’s thumb sucking and report back to you.

2) Don’t nag

If you do see your child with their thumb in their mouth, don’t keep on at them about it and don’t try and force their hand away, this will only trigger their anxiety and lead to more thumb sucking. Methods like reminding the child that they are sucking their thumb and more importantly, praising them in the moments they’re not doing it is a good form of positive reinforcement that allows the child to notice their behaviour without it being seen as naughty.

3) Distraction

Keep your child’s hands busy throughout the day with plenty of ‘hands on’ activities like colouring, finger painting or playing with glove puppets.  Be aware of your child’s triggers and counteract any temptations to suck with distractions. For instance, if you’ve noticed that your child thumb sucks when he watches TV, give him a squashy toy to hold instead. Likewise, if your child does it when they’re hungry or tired, give them a snack or put them to bed a little earlier. If they do it when they feel uneasy, talk to them, encourage them to use their words instead of their thumbs.

4) Rewards

Using a system like the school reward charts that children are used to seeing every day in class, can help visually track the child’s progress at home. They gain a sense of achievement in following it, with stickers being awarded for every day that your child goes without sucking their thumb, culminating in a treat at the weekend.

5) Thumb guards

Thumb sucking guards are a type of glove that fits over the child’s thumb and palm to act as a gentle reminder that thumbs shouldn’t go in mouths. They come in a range of fun colours and designs and are machine washable. When used in conjunction with other methods of positive reinforcement like reward charts, thumb sucking gloves work really well and don’t cause the child any discomfort.

Have you got any tips or methods you use to support your child’s New Year’s resolutions? Share your comments below.

Bio: Louise Blake is a writer from Bath where she lives with her husband and baby boy. She likes to write about education and parenting issues for Carrot Rewards.


Should A Parent be Discouraging Thumb Sucking?
Should A Parent be Discouraging Thumb Sucking?


Thumb sucking for babies is one source of gratification, comfort and a sign of emotional health. But this habit when carried beyond four years of age can lead to dental misalignments and overbite, which will require costly orthodontist visits. The skin on the thumb can also be cracked, infected and bleed. Worse, the baby may be teased by others because of this bad habit. Thus, parents must always look for ways on how to stop thumbsucking.

Some parents are too harsh on their baby’s by employing harsh methods on how to stop thumbsucking. This can include the use of chemicals with bitter substances put on the nails so that baby will be dissuaded in sucking them. This is not very ideal as you will be ingesting chemicals in the baby’s system which can exposed him to more health risks. Some uses the intra oral device known as cribs which are glued on the teeth of the baby. The crib will inflict pain of the baby will suck his thumb and will make it very difficult to eat and even talk. This is being left for many months in the baby’s mouth and is quite expensive yet ineffective.

The more effective way on how to stop thumbsucking which is also recommended by most pediatricians and dentists is the use of thumb guards. This special device comes with a plastic cover for the thumb and is being attached on his wrist. This will serve as a guard and will interrupt the process as it breaks the vacuum created by the sucking which thereby removes the pleasure that the baby gets from it. Treatment using this device should be done for couple of weeks but will end the bad habit successfully. But, parents must remove it once a day and have it properly cleaned before giving it back to the baby.

Ending to this bad habit must not be painful and non toxic. It must not be punishing and should be friendly as much as possible. Many experts recommend that the approach on how to stop thumbsucking must be positive and gentle. The parents should not try to scold or nag the baby as they can be more rebellious and suck even more. The use of Glovey Huggey is a very positive teaching techniques. Studies have proven that the use of thumb guards made from spandex materials were able to kick the bad habit of thumb sucking.

Glovey Huggey is specifically designed for those parents who want to eliminate the habit with a method that is gentle and require lesser effort. It is also available in variety of colors which and you can choose one which is most appealing and will be adored by your baby. It is available sizes which can accommodate babies of different ages. One great thing about it is the fact that it does not restrict the full movement of the hands. Being affordable is just a bonus to the many amazing benefits and results it can give when it comes to ending thumb sucking.

You can see our full line of gloves at


Thumb Sucking Guard Really Does Help
Thumb Sucking Guard Really Does Help

Is your child already in the toddler stage of life? Do you know what are the different kinds of milestone achieved this stage? And do you know what unnecessary and insignificant traits are in this stage? And also, did you know that thumbsucking is one of the most common insignificant traits that a toddler child has? Well, there are reasons behind why thumb sucking must be eliminated as a bad habit; it can cause malocclusion, acquire disease, may have a speech problem, and dental problems.

How Can You Stop Thumbsucking?

As far as you had not done anything to stop thumbsucking, your child may be prone to having it as a bad habit in his/her entire life. to prevent this kind of action, certain things can be done like; limiting him/her and giving some distractions, offering him/her rewards if they had stop thumbsucking for a certain period of time. Others had tried to punish their child for thumbsucking which is not recommended. But the best way to prevent or stop your child for thumbsucking is by using a thumb sucking guard.

Glovey Huggey Among Others

This is a thumb device that can greatly help you to prevent your child from thumbsucking. In comes in forms like thumb gloves. It is a way that you can actually help your child within a positive way. Among others that have usually a negative way to stop the thumbsucking has a big impact to their child. Like yelling, spanking, and humiliating their child in front of others will cause them a psychological problems that they will carry on when they get older. But through thumbguards, they themselves will be the one to stop thumbsucking. The reason for that is, the thumb will be guarded by spandex material and it is what they will feel and taste when they are thumb sucking. With this kind of taste and texture, they would not be provoked to suck anymore on that cloth.

Where Can You Buy Glovey Huggey?

Glovey Huggey have the best thumb sucking devices to offer. They have ranges of designs and colors that your child will surely love to fit in their hands. This thumbguards will surely stop your child from thumb sucking while having fun. It allows the hand of your child to move fully and it has modifiable wristbands that come in two sizes. One is for the kids that are 2 to 4 years old and the other has 4-8 years old. It is easy to wash so therefore you can wash them regularly to prevent any contagion of bacteria. And making it very affordable, it can be purchase easily to help your child stop thumbsucking…take a look at

Thumbguards Plus Many More!

When you purchase from Glovey Huggey, you will have two thumb gloves with a lush toy for free! And it is shipping-free. Wrapped like a box gift, your child is eager to look whats inside. And thumb gloves are fashionable in every way so your child may not be embarrassed to wear them at home or at school and they can even show this to their classmates.


Glovey Huggey is the Best Thumb Sucking Glove Around
Glovey Huggey is the Best Thumb Sucking Glove Around

When the baby reaches the toddler stage, they usually don’t have to thumb suck anymore. Thumb sucking may be a form of comfort for some kids. For some children, it is their way of adapting to their emotional problems like anxiety. Sometimes, parents don’t know how to stop thumb sucking in a positive manner. They usually punish the child in order to stop this bad habit. However, this is never a good idea as the child might just develop a fear to you.

What can be the results of thumb sucking?

One of which is developing an orthodontic case wherein the palate falls down inwardly, thus having the teeth not aligned perfectly. Another one is trouble when speaking. Because of the constant thumb sucking, the child’s mouth may adapt the kind of speech that there is something stuck in their mouth.

Can a thumb sucking glove keep the child from thumb sucking?

The answer to that is yes because having a thumb sucking glove as a thumb guard will greatly help you stop your child’s bad habit. It is very affordable, so you can make sure that it will suit your budget. Thus, you don’t need to look for harsh methods just to prevent him/her from thumb sucking. The thumb sucking glove is made by Glovey Huggey, so it will surely provide a positive result. It offers different styles so your children would like to wear it. Different colors are available for you to have a wide selection to choose from. Your child will surely love the funkiness and artful designs by their thumb sucking glove, so it will be easy for you to put it on them. Also, it is washable to prevent the spread of bacteria. It is delivered in a gift box so that your child will be excited to open it because they would think of it as a gift to them. It has a plush toy which comes together with the thumb sucking glove. The plush toy can also be used to keep their attention away from thumb sucking.

This is a winning strategy that uses the best positive way that your child needs when removing their bad habit of thumb sucking. You can also do this together with other strategies like giving rewards to make sure that you will be able to effectively help your child remove his or her thumb sucking habit. Your child will surely love this kind of strategy instead of nagging them. Negative attention will definitely not be of help and it is strongly not recommended because it may worsen the habit of the child. You need to be patient and determined to remove that bad habit of theirs. Never scold them as this might only worsen the situation. Tell them that this habit is bad and make them understand the negative effects of thumb sucking. You can also go online to look for the best ways on how to prevent your child from thumb sucking and get rid of this habit for good.  So start the new year off right and pick up your Glovey Huggey at


Makeup and Nails: Is your Child Ready?

Every mom has found their darling child tucking into their cosmetics bag haven’t they? I even have several pictures of my boys with mascara all over their sweet faces and lipstick just about everywhere else! If you haven’t found squashed lipstick in your makeup bag, then you are a lucky momma, but if you have girls, likelihood is they are coveting your cosmetics stash from a young age.

So how do you handle the urge for you little ones to wear makeup. Even if you are not a makeup mom yourself, little girls are privy to the done up front covers of magazines they see at the supermarket, and the made up girls on TV. Even their dolls appear to be wearing makeup.

For moms of thumbsucking kids, nail varnish can be a godsend. My trick is to paint my little girl’s nails and then on her thumbnail paint some extra detail, so she really doesn’t want it to come off. If the habit wins out then I at least match her painted nails to her Glovey Huggey thumb sucking guard as it encourages her to wear it. I try to make her thumb guards as cool and appealing as possible!

As for other makeup, I do not mind my kids experimenting at home. A great idea I saw on a mom blog a long time ago was fake makeup, made of melted wax and poured into pots so little ones could mimic the wearing of makeup without actually putting any on their sensitive skin.

However, as kids get older, this probably won’t cut it and they will want to play with lots of different colours. Lots of moms will be fine with this and buy cheap makeup for their young ones to enjoy at playtime. I am definitely in that group. In fact I didn’t mind my girls going out with some makeup on. It’s just them creating and playing and is entirely innocent, but I know many moms do not feel comfortable with their children wearing any make out of the house.

For me things change with tweens and teenagers as that’s when the intent of makeup wearing changes. It ceases to be imaginative dress up and instead it becomes a tool of attraction, making your kids feel prettier, older and often more part of their crowd.

When my eldest hit this age, I decided to help her out as she still wasn’t au fait with subtle makeup application. Instead I took her to the store and we selected a mascara, blush and lipstick that would be all hers and that looked natural, I drew the line at foundation – totally not necessary for her. This way, she had autonomy, but I was still in control of her not looking like jezebel!

This way too, I was also able to purchase all natural non toxic products which I believe are much better for our health.

Do you let your children wear makeup?

Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4 and an advocate of healthy living including choosing a natural skincare  regime and natural cosmetics, especially for young skin..

New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Thumb Sucking

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Every year, I make up my mind to do one thing that will make me feel better but NOT make me feel guilty if I don’t do it. That’s the thing with the pressure of New Year resolutions, a huge percentage of people don’t see them through and end up starting a new year feeling guilty rather than refreshed.

Two years ago at new year, I vowed never to put myself in social situations I did not enjoy, and last year I decided to stop sucking my stomach in, something I have done for the past almost 40 years! These may seem like strange resolutions to make but I managed to stick to them easily and they made me feel so much better. I get invited to a lot of events and it wasn’t until I hit my 30s and decided to be honest with myself about not enjoying them. Now when an invite comes in, I remind myself about that resolution I made for myself and I don’t feel guilty saying no!

I can’t recommend these sorts of intentions enough. They are good for you and easy to stick to, unlike the promised three visits a week to the gym! I know a lot of parents with thumsucking kids want their kids to try and give up their habit for the New Year. This is a lot of pressure, more so than usual. This is such a big expectation that to fail can feel worse than ever and put the dampeners on your ‘stop thumb sucking’ campaign! With my thumb sucking daughter, I have never used January 1st as a prod to give up thumb sucking.

Instead, for Christmas I have bought her a new thumb sucking guard, presented it on New Year’s Eve and asked if she is able and prepared to wear it at least four times a week in the New Year. This alleviates the pressure and gives my daughter a compromise to the dreaded, okay, it’s January first, no more thumb sucking.
Everyone in my house sets intentions for the New Year and we prefer to call them intentions. By doing it together, I find us more likely to support each other and stick to our choices.

Even if it is as simple of no thumb sucking at school, you can use January 1st as a tool to kicking the habit, but go easy, most of us probably know, that too much pressure can drive our kids to their comfort and thumb sucking zone very quickly.


Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4. She enjoys writing about health and parenting related topics. Currently she is developing a business selling natural skincare and organic cosmetics with a focus on making sure teenagers make healthy skincare choices..

PixyKids Rebrands as Kazaana, Places kidSAFE Seal Founder on Board
PixyKids Rebrands as Kazaana, Places kidSAFE Seal Founder on Board



Kazaana is a social networking website for children that allows them to play, chat, and unleash their creative juices in a safe online environment. Formerly known as PixyKids, Kazaana offers kids aged 6-12 an interactive experience via their social media platform. Kids can use Kazaana to curate their own content, participate in games and kid-friendly apps, and build a digitized space and avatar that allows them to interact with only friends and family members approved by parents.


First Things First: Peace of Mind for Parents


Keeping children safe is a priority for Kazaana, so the site has made great strides in its creation of a private, safe-haven for children who want to be online just like their moms and dads! Until parents provide their secure consent to the site, children will not be allowed to interact with other Kazaana members or post photos or videos, for example. Parents can tailor their controls so that they must approve each friend request and they also have the authority to moderate all text, post, and video content. While children enjoy their interactions, parents can see everything that transpires on the site while watching their kids obtain increasingly competent social and creative skills.




What cost? This hip, fun site and all its fabulous features are free!


Fun for Kids


Interact with Friends and Family: From family members to friends, children can interact through text to share their thoughts and ideas and to hear the thoughts and ideas of everyone on their parent-approved safe list. Chat with far-away grandparents or discuss a class project with friends from school; this format is ideal for kids to communicate and hone their online skills.


Video Chat: While text is fine for many older kids, the younger set may not have their keyboarding moves ready to roll. For this reason, and because it’s fun to be on video, Kazaana has implemented a new feature called video chat. Kids can literally talk face to face with friends and family members no matter how far apart they may be.


Be Yourself but Create a Cool Avatar: One of the site’s newest features is an avatar-creation component that allows kids to design and animate their 3D image. Kids enjoy personalizing their avatar as well as their digital space. Kids choose their own amazing space to suit their style when they sign up to the site.


Play: Kazaana is well known as a fun place to play online games and apps. Kazaana prides itself on its hunt for new activities that are sure to keep kids tuned in and excited about all there is to do through the website. Each month, Kazaana also announces a favorite app, one that has all the kids talking and playing and having a good time!


Other Great Aspects of Kazaana


Blog: The Kazaana blog is a great place for both kids and parents to come together over helpful and entertaining blog posts. One recent blog post explores technology tips for school while another discusses ways kids make sure “their BFFs stay BFs forever.” Check the blog regularly for all sorts of content that relates to children, school, and families.


Bully-Free is More Happy: Kazaana’s software allows parents to keep tabs on language and behavior as well as to moderate and ensure that children are building friendships—not tearing them down! Kazaana’s collaborative atmosphere encourages kids to be their best in all aspects of their lives—to showcase their creativity and to have fun with their friends online.


Keeping in Touch is a Few Clicks Away: Kazaana helps kids maintain the relationships they value. Friends wind up in different classes or move to attend new schools, but that doesn’t mean friendships end! Kazaana is the perfect place to nurture the important relationships children form early in their age, relationships they can continue to develop with time by communicating over this online format.


Kazaana’s Rules


To maintain its safe and fun atmosphere, the site has implemented some rules to that end. Parents should spend some time looking at the site’s rules of engagement, but some of its most important ones instruct children never to give out their passwords to others (aside from parents), never post personal information online such as phone number or address, never provide anyone else’s personal information, and to treat others as they wish to be treated. The rules apply to general internet safety and tell kids to never give out information such as their name, where they attend school, or even their age.


Fun for the Family


Kazaana keeps friends and family connected over what is becoming one of the most revered social media sites for kids. Parents will love the security that Kazaana offers and kids will celebrate their own digital space in all sorts of ingenious ways that reflect who they are and who they are becoming. Positive and inspiring, Kazaana provides families with a social platform that’s safely geared for kids and is, ultimately, great fun for kids, too!



Jessica McGarrity contributed this guest post on behalf of – social networking for kids. Jessica is a freelance writer with a penchant for social media. She enjoys researching the social media field and sharing her insights on various blogs..

Popular Treats that Prevent Thumb Sucking
Popular Treats that Prevent Thumb Sucking

About 90 percent of babies suck their thumb. This is a completely normal habit. It starts to become worrying when the behavior continues into early childhood. Extended periods of thumb sucking can have very detrimental effects on the formation of teeth and the jaw. Getting your child to not suck their thumb can be quite a demanding task.

Understand that this behavior is not going to go away overnight. Taking small steps to slowly reduce the thumb sucking will have much better results. Try limiting the behavior to certain times of day or a specific location. If this is successful, move on from there. Do not try to skip past your child’s comfort level.

Older children suck their thumb for comfort. Substituting the thumb sucking behavior for an alternate is a great first step away from the behavior. Try starting out with a pacifier. Use this occasionally and very sparingly. Try keeping your child’s hands occupied during waking hours with games and toys. If they need a reminder to not suck their thumb, use something fun such as a sticker or nail polish on that hand. At night children tend to suck their thumb unintentionally in their sleep. You may need to use something a little more substantial such as a mitten or sock. Be sure this is totally ok with your child before you try it. You never want to force the issue.

Reprimanding your child for thumb sucking may cause frightened feelings that increase the urge to soothe through thumb sucking. Using a positive reinforcement method is a much more effective way of encouraging your child to stop the bad habit. Instead of becoming angry when you notice the undesired behavior, praise your child when you see them engaging in alternate behaviors. This will make them feel good about not sucking their thumb instead of feeling bad for engaging in the behavior. Encouraging good feelings is a far better way to mold behavior.

The best way to end thumb sucking behavior in children is to reward them with plenty of praise and treats. The treat that your child will most respond to depends on their interests and preferences. Treats should be small and frequent to encourage the continuance of the desired behavior. Small toys featuring a beloved cartoon character, dinner at a favorite restaurant and fun books are all really great rewards for your child. Sugary treats should be used in moderation as they can cause tooth decay.

Author Bio

Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and is currently promoting dental marketing at She is also a mother of two and enjoys blogging about parenting.