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5 Common Thumb Sucking Misconceptions
5 Common Thumb Sucking Misconceptions

Like many bad habits, thumb sucking comes with its own set of old wives tales and misconceptions. This post aims to dispel the myths that surround thumb sucking, and how you can help your child wean themselves off the habit.

Thumb Sucking Ruins Teeth

Unpleasant pictures of buck-teeth have scared many parents into believing their kids’ thumb sucking habit must be dropped ASAP, yet even dentists admit that sucking doesn’t immediately lead to deformed jaw or deteriorated teeth – not until a number of factors have kicked in.

Those ‘naughty fingers’ finding their way into the toddler’s mouth, won’t do any long-lasting damage until the adult front teeth are starting to come through – usually between the ages 6-8. By then, most kids have naturally dropped the habit, and, if not, the initial misalignment resulting from sucking can still go away, once the sucking stops. Bacteria and germs, however, are still a perfectly good reason to keep those restless thumbs out of their eager mouths.

Pacifiers Are Safer

Although softer to suck on, pacifiers are far from being the miraculous cure to your kid’s fondness of their thumbs and, in fact, might even have more downsides. Specialists claim that the effects of pacifiers on the teeth can essentially be the same as sucking on fingers and thumbs.

Studies have also shown that babies and toddlers using pacifier are more prone to acute ear infections and more likely to suffer from a recurring infection, too, as sucking on pacifiers makes it more likely for viruses and bacteria to be sucked into the middle ear.


Image by andrechinn

Thumb Sucking is Inevitable, Unless Prevented

Although around 80% of babies go on to suck their fingers or thumbs, in reality, thumb sucking is not a an inborn pattern of behaviour – only sucking itself is, to allow babies to receive nourishment through breastfeeding, which then becomes associated with a self-soothing and pleasurable oral sensation.

Thus most newborns would happily suck on any object placed in their mouths, and while fingers and toes are of the closest things, there’s still a chance they won’t fancy either of those.

Thumb Sucking Equal Immaturity

While thumb sucking is typically attributed to youngsters, older children who suck their thumbs are not necessarily underdeveloped or ‘behind’ in other areas of their lives. As concerned parents you may be tempted to play the ‘only babies suck on their thumbs’ card, but finding out why your child is sucking may be far more advantageous.

As a natural self-soothing mechanism, for older children – and even teenagers and adults – it’s just another way of dealing with stress, so eliminating the cause can prove more effective than shaming your child into abstaining from it.


Image by Carlos Martinez

If you’re determined to wean your children off this habit at any cost, consider rewarding rather than punishing them; ranging from sugarless treats to small toys or even reward certificates, as they get older. Sometimes it’s only a matter of simply reminding them, with the help of a thumb sucking guard, the next time that sneaky finger makes its move towards the mouth!

What do you find most challenging in your battle against your kids’ thumb sucking?

Louise Blake is a part-time writer and a full-time mother trying her best to find the perfect work-family life balance. She writes for SchoolStickers.


Glovey Huggey & How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Glovey Huggey & How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a habit displayed by infants and younger children wherein they put their thumb inside their mouth and sucks it repeatedly. This habit can be their means to pacify and comfort themselves. Thumb sucking is known as a soothing and pleasure-seeking device of children and frequently displayed when they are tired, hungry and sleepy. This habit seems t be harmless when displayed by infants because this habit is being tied up with their breastfeeding activity. This activity normally gives babies the normal sucking instinct.

When the thumb sucking became strongly attached to a child even if he starts to grow older than the ideal age where thumb sucking is at its peak, parents begin to worry and think about the safety and welfare of their children. Thumb sucking normally stops at the age of 5 or even earlier in some cases. This habit must be eliminated preferably before the child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, this habit may lead to serious dental and speech problems. Excessive thumb sucking also affect the over-all teeth and mouth growth of your child.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking activities of their children but it is more difficult on the part of the child who has already gained the strong attachment on this habit. Asking your child to stop thumb sucking may affect him emotionally and psychologically. Breaking the habit is really complicated especially when the child refuses to cooperate. Parents are advised to have genuine patience and support for their child because the breaking process requires the involvement of both the parents and the child.

Using thumb sucking devices can provide the ultimate solution on how to stop thumb sucking. Glovey Huggey specializes in making and offering thumb sucking devices that works more effectively more than what you expected. The Glovey Huggey offers small gloves made out of spandex material and these thumb sucking devices teach the little ones how to stop thumb sucking in a comfortable and less aggressive manner. This product is worn by children same way on how a traditional glove is being worn. Their thumbs are covered and guarded by the Glovey Huggey gloves protecting and saving their thumbs and nails as well.

These thumb sucking devices effectively helps the child stop thumb sucking without letting the child feel pressured. With these especially designed and created thumb guard by Glovey Huggey, your child can now stop thumb sucking positively. These thumb sucking devices also helps in avoiding abnormal mouth growth, misshapen pallets, and improper alignment of teeth. This unique thumb guards come with colorful and attractive designs your children will surely love. Using this Glovey Huggey child-friendly thumb sucking devices will make the child hardly notice his struggle against his old habit.

There are more interesting things on how to stop thumb sucking with Glovey Huggey and individuals can access them online by means of visiting our website Parents can now deal with their child thumb sucking problems with greater confidence and optimism..

Glovey Huggey Thumb Guard Speaks for Itself
Glovey Huggey Thumb Guard Speaks for Itself

Infants display a natural fondness of sucking their thumb to gratify themselves. This habit is their source of happiness, security and pleasure. Thumbsucking is a behavior displayed by children especially of younger years and this is manifested by putting their thumbs inside their mouth for oral gratification. This pleasure-seeking habit is being tied up to breast feeding because children, especially of younger years, always have the tendency of putting anything into their mouth. This habit normally stops when the child start to grow and mature but unfortunately there are some who keep this habit even when they grow older.

Parents fully understand that this habit is an effective soothing mechanism for their child but once this habit starts to harm and results in unhealthy threats, this starts to be a problem. Thumbsucking may affect the normal growth of the teeth and might as well hurt the kid’s thumb when engage in excessive thumbsucking. This habit needs to be stopped, especially when the child’s permanent teeth begin to grow. This situation causes many parents to worry about the safety and welfare of their children. There are actually effective tips to help parents deal with their child’s habit of thumbsucking and these tips help to eliminate this habit from their system permanently.

Parents should give full awareness and attention to their child in order to help them overcome this habit. Rewarding them when not thumbsucking can also be a motivating factor to help him quit. Diverting the child’s attention into other things can be a means of helpful distraction. Let the child engage into different activities such as drawing, painting and playing that can help him forget about his old habit. Help the child understand that this habit should no longer be done and explain to him the damage it may cause in a simple manner that he can understand. Using thumbsucking product such as thumb guard can be considered because this provides ultimate protection to the child’s thumb.

Glovey Huggey offers parents the best and high quality thumb guard and buying this is a brilliant option because this thumb guard is safe, effective and most of all less expensive. This thumb guard comes in cool looks and attractive designs that children will surely love. They won’t even notice that they are being put into test. The Glovey Huggey thumb guard entails a non-aggressive method therefore your child won’t experience too much pressure as he overcome thumbsucking. This one-of-a-kind thumb guard can be availed online by visiting their official website

The Glovey Huggey offers the best and most reliable thumb guard that is made and specially created using the finest and high quality materials. Its increasing popularity and demands from parents and customers make the Glovey Huggey thumb guard’s sales rate to rapidly increase and gets stronger every year. The Glovey Huggey gained an impressive customer support and more individuals and buyers are getting interested and persuaded on buying the thumb guard and all other products. The Glovey Huggey thumb guard is definitely the best choice that leads your child finally overcome thumbsucking in a manner that he will truly enjoy.


How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist
How To Overcome Your Fear Of The Dentist

Many people experience fear when going to the dentist. Some people have even developed a severe phobia that has resulted in their complete avoidance of having any dental work. This can be very dangerous because teeth can become infected and affect other parts of the body. It is a shame that in countries like Canada where dental care is accessible to everyone, there are still people with rotting teeth and severe infections. Visiting the dentist does not have to be a terrifying experience. The more relaxed the patient, the easier the experience will be. Here are some tips on how to overcome the fear of going to a dentist.

Choose a dentist you like

It is important to choose a dentist that you feel comfortable and connected with. This will help you feel calm and confident during treatment. If you have friends of family members that have had good experiences with a certain dentist, try them out to see if this makes you feel better.

Don’t give it too much thought

If you have an upcoming dental appointment, try not to spend too much time thinking about it. The more your focus on it, the more anxiety you will feel. Put it in the back of your head and just show up on the day of your appointment.

Talk to other people that have had positive experiences

If you are having a major procedure like wisdom tooth surgery, talk to other people that have had it done. Chances are, it is not as painful and scary as it sounds. Hearing other people’s positive experiences will be reassuring and can eliminate some anxiety.

Take a loved one

Showing up to your appointment alone can make your very nervous and scared. If you take a friend or family member along, you will feel reassured that there is someone there to take care of you.

Distract yourself in the waiting room

Nothing is more nerve-racking than sitting in the waiting room waiting for your appointment. Take a book or crossword puzzles that will take your mind off dental work while you are waiting.

Practice relaxation techniques

Look up relaxation techniques and breathing exercises. Start practicing them one or two weeks before your dental appointment. You will feel more relaxed each day before the appointment and you will be able to use them while you are having work done.

Try some natural remedies

Try herbal teas and natural supplements that are for calming anxiety. You can start taking them the days leading up to your appointment. Make sure you mention to your dentist that you are taking these supplements in case they have any interaction.

Ask about sedation

If you feel like you will not be able to survive, ask your dentist about sedation. Many doctors offer laughing gas or IV sedation in which you will fall asleep during the procedure and have minimal memory of the work that was done.

These techniques will help you feel less anxious about visiting your dentist. It is very important to find solutions so that you do not neglect your dental care.

Marjory Kingston currently works at Ottawa Sedation Dentists. They aim to reduce patients’ anxiety when they go to the dentist. Depending on a patient’s level of anxiety, they will suggest a treatment that best suits their needs. 


Glovey Huggey – The Best Glove to Prevent Thumb-Sucking
Glovey Huggey – The Best Glove to Prevent Thumb-Sucking

Thumb sucking is one of the most common habits of children that are hard to remove, yet it is not impossible. A lot of parents are finding it real hard to get the most applicable and effective prevention of their children’s thumb sucking. This idea is only normal because prevention of such habit is really difficult to attain, especially if the child is deeply into it.

Experts have agreed that a child who sucks thumb younger than the age of five should not be forced to stop. This is considerable as they have observed that most children on such range of age leave out this habit by their own choice before attending kindergarten. Even if this habit stays during past infancy, the act of thumb sucking is not often a thing to be very concerned about. This habit does not show that a kid contains emotional problems.

On the other hand, around 15% of these kids will linger thumb sucking even when their 5th birthday already occurs. This is the age from which teasing usually starts, which probably cause social trouble for children in time when they enter school age. Furthermore, thumb sucking can also lead to some dental issues. A kid who still performs thumb sucking at the age of five, the moment permanent teeth begin to come out, might build up an irregular bite. In addition to this irregular bite, if thumb sucking is prolonged it may also cause some mild physical problems, like cracked skin or chapped lips, fingernail infections, or calluses. When a kid older than 5 or six is still thumb-sucking and feeling hard to stop it, parents usually think about something they can do in order to help.

If this is also your case, you may want to know the safest way to help your child out of such habit. Using a hand glove for a child is one of the best, efficient and safest ways you can do to stop their thumb sucking. You should use glove to prevent thumb-sucking, as it is considered and proven effective method. You may wonder why you should use glove to prevent thumb-sucking, yet you yourself can easily answer it why.

Using colorful gloves like Glovey Huggey is one of the most secured and efficient approaches you should consider in order to stop your child from sucking his/her thumb. This fabric guard for thumb sucking utilized with affirmative reinforcement is highly helpful to prevent thumb-sucking. Glovey huggey can help in reducing the chance of lingering this habit of the child. The orthodontic technique could be quite expensive and the majority of insurances don’t cover them. That is why trying these thumb guards for combating thumb-suck is a more affordable and easier measure. In addition, these glove guards look cool from which children will have fun of all the various colors and patterns available. Children do well with affirmative non-aggressive approaches, so both the child and parent leave out happier.

Therefore, for those parents who are finding it hard to work with their child’s thumb-sucking prevention, Glovey Huggey is surely an efficient solution to stop it.


Dental Devices for Thumbsucking
Dental Devices for Thumbsucking

Thumbsucking is a common and natural reflex displayed by babies and younger children. This activity becomes a source of their passion and pleasure that is why they tend to engage in thumbsucking especially during sleeping time. Thumbsucking is normally characterized by a rhythmic sucking of thumb placed inside the baby’s mouth. Babies and youngsters thumbsucking routines are somehow connected to breast feeding activities. Although this activity makes the children happy and secure, it is a sad reality that this habit starts to be a problem when children grow older.

Thumbsucking can cause dental problems and can affect the normal growth of the children’s teeth. Due to continuous thumbsucking, problems like misalignment and out of position teeth growth can be expected. This activity can also narrow the child’s dental arches and can result to difficulty in chewing and swallowing. The problems brought by thumbsucking sometimes depend on the intensity if the activity. It becomes a serious problem if child possess aggressive thumbsucking because it might hurt their thumbs and mouth as well. Aggressive suckers are usually the ones who experience serious dental problems.

There are lots of remedies and solutions that can be considered by parents who wish to end their child’s habit. But due to emotional connection some parents find it hard to see their babies and child long for their thumbs as they usually do. Breaking the habit of thumbsucking is really crucial; it is somehow difficult for the parents to resolve this but much more difficult to the child because this activity somehow makes them feel happy and secured. Good thing is that there are dental devices for thumbsucking that can effectively help your child to stop thumbsucking.

Glovey Huggey is the ultimate provider of dental devices for thumbsucking that is proven to be effective in helping your child finally say goodbye to this bad habit. They offer thumb guards that are less expensive and possess easy to use features. The Glovey Huggey dental devices for thumbsucking such as thumb guards are definitely cool and children will surely love these stuffs because they come in creative patterns in different colors. Children succeed to stop thumbsucking using this non-aggressive and positive method. Thumb guard also plays a great contribution in promoting excellent dental health ad normal teeth growth on children.

Using these dental devices for thumbsucking encourages and promotes positive attitude while eliminating the habit of thumbsucking. Parents are even satisfied on how these dental devices for thumbsucking amazingly work to stop their child’s thumbsucking without experiencing too much pressure. These thumbsucking guards used with positive application and reinforcement is very effective in terms of dealing with thumbsucking habit of your children. Because of Glovey Huggey, you can now enjoy a positive and effective means to stop your child from aggressive thumbsucking without spending lots of money.

Aside from helpful solutions and remedies such as praising the child when not thumbsucking, correcting the source of anxiety and not tolerating the habit especially at night, parents can now add using dental devices for thumbsucking in the list of ultimate solutions that help their child stop thumbsucking permanently.


Use The Glovey Huggey For Thumb Sucking And Nail Bitting
Use The Glovey Huggey For Thumb Sucking And Nail Bitting

Thumb sucking has been the habit of the child ever since he was still in the womb of his mother. Because the habit goes back even way before the child is actually born in this world, it may be hard to break for some children especially if the habit has been included in the development of the brain of the child. Unfortunately this seemingly harmless habit has it toil on the child that does it for a long period of time. The continuous performance of the habit tends to bring stresses to the developing upper palette of the child. Aside from that the child the natural alignment of the teeth that will grow from the upper palette tends to collapse towards the inside of the mouth. And if the child continues to do the habit of thumb sucking until the time that his frontal baby teeth grew, there is a tendency that the child may develop another bad habit such as nail biting. Nail biting may not have a direct effect on the oral development of the child but it has a very disturbing effect on the growth of the nails of the child. When the growing nails of the child are bitten of frequently the nails in that finger will eventually shrink exposing the soft flesh that the nails are protecting from any physical hazards.

But fortunately there is a product that is developed by Glovey Huggey not only to prevent the habit of thumb sucking to prolong but also to prevent the development of certain bad habits that may arise from thumb sucking such as nail biting. The Glovey Huggey does not only cover the thumb but it covers the nail area also. By preventing any direct contact between the flesh of the thumb and the nails, the sensation that arises from doing the habits will be eliminated. And if the child is frequently prevented from feeling the sensation form the habit of thumb sucking and nail biting, then these habits will sure be gone without your child even noticing it.

If you are worried if there are dangers that may come from using the Glovey Huggey, well worry no more. Even if the child resorts to biting and sucking the Glovey Huggey just to satisfy his crave to do the habit, the child will not be harmed. The materials that are used to make the Glovey Huggey are clinically approved not to contain any harmful substances and are considered safe to use even for toddlers. Aside from the safe materials that are used to make the said product, it is also available in different designs that can be considered as cool by most number of children.

With the gallery of designs that can be seen in the Glovey Huggey website, you can let your child choose the design of the Glovey Huggey that he wanted. And together with the Glovey Huggey the product comes with a free plush toy to make the child intrigue in using the Glovey Huggey and make it a fun and more adorable experience for him and forever rid him with the bad habit of thumb sucking.

Take a look at our full


When a Parent Should Prevent Thumb Sucking
When a Parent Should Prevent Thumb Sucking

There are a few warning signs that will tip a parent off that it is time to prevent thumb sucking. If the thumb sucking has gotten in the way of the child’s tooth growth and placement, if the thumb sucking interferes with normal speech, if the child gets sick more often than other children, or if teasing by other children of the same age occurs, it is probably a good idea to start preventing thumb sucking.

Children who constantly suck their thumbs are at a much higher risk of developing bucked teeth and/or spaces between their teeth from uneven growth. Thumb sucking can also cause lisps and other speech impediments because the tongue thrusts out every time the child sucks and swallows on the underside of their thumb, and does not advance to mature swallowing where they will not thrust their tongue out every time they swallow (as an infant does when sucking on a bottle, pacifier, finger, or thumb.)

If your child is sucking his thumb, they can be at a greater risk for picking up common colds and flu’s more frequently. This happens because the child will go through the day touching objects with tons of bacteria on them, and then stick the unwashed thumb right back into their mouth. If you see your child is getting sick more often than not, or is sick more often than other children their age, it is probably a good time to start preventing thumb sucking.

Another side effect of thumb sucking may be the teasing from other children. This may happen because your child is an older age than most children when they normally stop sucking their thumbs. A child may also be teased because of their gapped or bucked teeth. We all know that children can be very hurtful at times, so doing everything possible to help ease teasing is definitely on a parent’s to-do list.

All of the reasons listed above are great reasons to prevent thumb sucking in your child. Not only will preventing thumb sucking improve your child’s health and wellness, but it asserts a new sense of independence in your child when they do not need to fall back on thumb sucking any more. We all want our children safe, happy, and healthy, and preventing thumb sucking beyond the normal infant/early toddler stages is a great way to show love to your children.

So with all this info in hand, you should be ready to make an informed decision and try out our Glovey Huggey. For $30, free shipping and a free plush reward toy, this is simply the best value so take a look at our gloves at

2307Brush, Floss and… Caring for Your Teeth and Mouth
2307Brush, Floss and… Caring for Your Teeth and Mouth

When thinking about your overall health, it is easy to overlook your teeth and mouth, however, your oral health can play a large part in your health altogether. It is absolutely essential to properly take care of your teeth and mouth so that you can eat without problems and engage in normal everyday activities such as talking, laughing and smiling.

Tooth decay occurs when an individual doesn’t take adequate care of their teeth and gums, it can lead to cavities and gum disease, which develops as a result of a buildup of plaque because of bacteria that has not been removed from the gums. Brushing your teeth two times daily with a good fluoride toothpaste is important, as is flossing between your teeth at the gum line once per day. This will allow you to promote good oral health and prevent problems such as cavities and gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

If you have flossed on an infrequent basis for many years or even just months, you may find that your gums have become red, swollen and sore, they may even bleed in the worst case scenario. This can result in the development of gingivitis or periodontitis, which are infections that occur in the gums, they come about as a result of buildup of tartar, which simply brushing your teeth does not clear up. Gingivitis is the less serious of the two and can be reversed with the right treatment. Periodontitis is more serious and occurs because of tartar buildup as well, but it also causes loss of enamel in the teeth. Visiting your dentist as soon as symptoms appear can save your teeth, your dentist will tell you to begin flossing regularly and may prescribe a medicinal mouthwash that can help. You may also have to expect an appointment for root planning, in which the dentist scrapes away at the bacteria buildup below your gum line. This procedure is usually performed in two or more appointments and requires your mouth to be numbed.

Using a good mouthwash that contains alcohol will also help to keep your teeth and mouth its healthiest. This product works by not only loosening the excess food particles from between your teeth, but freshens the roof of your mouth as well, and you should also brush your tongue and the roof of the mouth in addition to your teeth to keep them healthy.

Avoid smoking if you want a healthy mouth. One of the most common types of cancer is oral cancer, which can occur as a result of smoking, but you can lower your risk of getting the disease by avoiding tobacco products or quitting smoking at your earliest convenience. Drinking of alcohol should be done in moderation, and you should eat a balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Wear a lip balm that contains sunscreen when you are outdoors for added protection.

Author Bio

Melisa Cammack has been freelance writing for a number of years, and has been teaching elementary school for 9 years. She is currently writing on behalf of Dental Marketing, a dentist office marketing service, specializing in dentist postcards.


Thumb Sucking vs. Pacifiers
Thumb Sucking vs. Pacifiers

Parents of thumb sucking infants will usually question whether they should use a pacifier as a substitute for the thumb. It is important to note that there is no research to back the claim that one should be preferred than the other. The advantages and disadvantages of use of thumb sucking and pacifier is not clear cut, there are some issues which parents must consider.

Some claim that one advantage of using pacifiers include the ability of the parents to control when the baby will be allowed to use it and being able to take the device away when it no longer proper. However, the use of pacifier increases the child’s risk of incurring middle ear infection when they continuously use it after 1 year of age. On the other hand, some claim that the use of thumb-sucking has the advantage of not interfering with breast feeding and that the child will stop at age 3-5. But, if this becomes a habit after that age, it can lead to dental and speech problem.

What parents must realize is that there is no reason to encourage the babies to use either of these methods. The sucking instinct of the infant can be satisfied thorough bottle and breastfeeding. For those who have a habit for thumbsucking as they found comfort on it, there is other way on how to break it. Pacifier sucking and thumbsucking must be addressed the earliest possible time so as not to have any problems in the future. This can be done by using some products which helps in eliminating the problem in a healthy and fun way.

One of the most effective and positive way of addressing thumb sucking problem is the use of thumb guards. The latter is a device made from spandex materials which is non-toxic and safe. It is also available on different styles, designs and color which every child would love to wear all day. With this, the child’s attention is diverted from thumb sucking. They give a skin like feel to the pacifier but without the taste and texture of the thumb to which the child is dependent upon. With this, the child will be discouraged from sucking on his fingers.

Eliminating thumb sucking and pacifier use should use method which is not harsh and cruel to the child. It must be something which is friendly, playful and caring. Parents should be patient and determined to eliminate this habit but must not resort to punishing and spanking. This can just lead to some psychological problem of the baby. Rather, approach the problem in a positive way such as the use of thumb guards and other methods like giving them gifts if they will stop resorting to the habit. It is also very important to explain to the child the disadvantages of this habit and how getting rid of it can be beneficial for them.

Help your child get rid of thumb sucking and pacifier without any fuss or sadness with thumb guards. Packages will usually include a toy which can help in eliminating the habit fast; take a look at all our Glovey Huggey