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Our new Camo thumb sucking glove
Our new Camo thumb sucking glove

Thumb sucking is a very common issue that most of the parents face but there is nothing to worry about. There are different ways through which you can easily get rid of this habit without having any harmful effects on their health. One of the best options for getting rid of thumb sucking habit is thumb sucking glove. These are designed in such a way that it completely covers the thumb due to which the babies are not able to suck the thumb. The quality of gloves is good which means that even if they put the thumb in their mouth, it will have no effect on their health

There are lots of benefits that the thumb sucking glove offer to the children as well as the parents.

1. Every parent has gone through this typical situation when their kids develop this habit but there is nothing to worry about as these gloves are really useful in meeting your needs. With the help of the gloves, kids will never suck their thumb and after a few days they will forget everything and stop sucking their thumb.

2. The thumb sucking glove is designed from spandex material which ensures complete covering of the thumb. This means that your baby will never try to suck the thumb as they will not find the same taste. Only the thumbs (or 2 fingers) are enclosed through the material so that it becomes difficult for them to suck their thumbs.

3. The best thing about the gloves is that it is available in all sizes therefore you can find the right size for your kid. If you are not sure of the size, contact the store as they will let you know about the right size that will suit your kids. One size is for about 2-4 years old kids and the other is for 4+ years kids. The gloves come in both boys and girls therefore you can use them and get rid of this habit.

4. The design of thumb sucking glove is such that the rest of the fingers are free apart from the thumb therefore the kid can play around and involve in any kind of activity. The price of the gloves is reasonable thus suiting your budget. Therefore you can easily purchase a pair so that you can change them every day.

So this was all about the new Camo thumb sucking glove which is packed with a number of features to stop this habit.


Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Bad Little Habit
Thumb Sucking How to Stop this Bad Little Habit

If your child sucks his/her thumb it is a habit with the help of which they can feel comfortable. There will be many consequences for your child later on which can include the problems of damaged teeth and jaws. Therefore, if you are a responsible parent you do need to know How To Stop Thumb Sucking habit of your child.

There are many parents who fret that when they see their child sucking their thumb it becomes a sort of problem for them. All parents realize that such a tendency is both bad and harmful but at times they are at a loss when it comes to thumb sucking how to stop this habit.

Children are found sucking their thumb, especially when they feel that they are insecure and it provides a comfortable environment. Children need to stop sucking their thumbs before their permanent teeth start appearing which is usually when they are six years of age. If they don’t, then it is going to deform their teeth and at some other stage they might have to wear braces.

You can stop your child from sucking their thumb by adopting a positive attitude. Never punish your child for it as that will make them resentful and at the same time all the more insecure. You should be as gentle as possible when you correct them. You can provide them with other alternatives such as a warm blanket or even their favorite toy. You can even try to be with them before they fall asleep which will ensure that they don’t suck their thumb.

You should also be aware as to when your child resorts to thumb sucking. You should be able to find out the reasons as to the time of the day they suck their thumb and what brings this on so that it becomes easier for you to avoid these situations for your child.

Another thing which you can do is trying and distracts your child whenever you see them sucking their thumbs. You should try to slowly and gently remove the thumb from their mouth and direct your child’s attention to some other thing. It is over a period of time that your child will be able to rid themselves from the problem of thumb sucking. You should have a positive reinforcement and good parenting habits will certainly help you in achieving your answer as to how to stop thumb sucking habit of their child.


Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking
Thumb Sucking Guard – To put a full stop on thumb sucking

There many small children who have a habit of sucking their thumb with which they may look cute when they are a baby but it is not the same when they become toddlers. Parents try all sorts of different ways to stop the thumb sucking. There are parents who try and yell at their children and they try to give them rewards if they stop sucking their thumb. Thumb sucking soon becomes a habit and like all habits your child needs your care and guidance to stop it.

Many different ways and means are there which can you’re your child sucking their thumb. Most of the techniques are easy and others are a bit harder for you to implement.

You can make use of a thumb sucking guard to stop your child from sucking their thumb: If all of the tricks which you had previously tried out have failed then you can stop your child from sucking their thumb with the help of the Glovey Huggey. It is a sort of device which has the plastic cover of the thumb which can be attached to your child’s wrist. Our thumb sucking guard interrupts the process by breaking the vacuum created by sucking. It will be possible that your child stops sucking their thumb within four weeks.

Never force your child for using the thumb sucking guard: As a parent you should use the Glovey Huggey if and only if your child accepts it. You should never force your child to use this device as it can damage your child’s psyche.

Reminder to make use of the fluid method: You should make use of a liquid with a bad taste and apply it on your child’s thumb. Because of its bad taste your child will not put suck their thumb. If your child has a thumb sucking guard over their thumb, it will help remind your child that they are indulging in a bad habit. As a habitual thumb sucker your child may not even realize they are indulging in a bad habit. If they have a cloth over their thumb it will help remind them. However, these gloves are not uncomfortable and hence they will not hurt a child only that they will not give them the same type of feeling in their mouth as their skin. Thumb sucking is a powerful habit and it is the thumb sucking guard which will help the child in coming out of this bad habit.


Learn How to Stop Thumbsucking with School Almost Over
Learn How to Stop Thumbsucking with School Almost Over

School is almost over and this is the time that the thumb sucking habit of your child should be over too. No matter how old your child is, thumb sucking is a habit that would certainly be affecting his personality. He must not only be socially shy but may also become conscious in his peer group as he sucks his thumb and others don’t. Moreover, it is quite frustrating for parents to deal with this habit and they often try all methods that they could to stop thumb sucking. If your child also has this habit and you want to know how to stop thumbsucking, then you must read on for some golden knowledge.

Thumb sucking is quite a harmful habit that starts with some innocent movements in the mother’s womb. Infants can be seen sucking their thumbs every now and then. However, as children grow up they engage in many activities and the thumb is not their primary ‘companion’ as it used to be in infancy. There are some children who do not or cannot give up this habit and this creates problems for them as well as their parents.

Do not think that you are all alone with no help. You can visit and find answers to all your questions. No, it is not a lengthy e-book on good parenting; it is thumb sucking guard that prevents your child from continuously sucking his thumb.

The best part about this thumb sucking guard is that it comes in a gift box. Therefore, your children will never feel that they are being forced to give up a habit that they love. Moreover, the thumb sucking g guard is itself made of spandex and available in two sizes. The small size is for children 2-4 years old and the large size is for children 4-8 years old. The thumb sucking guard is itself colored and designed in such a manger that children love to wear them. Moreover, the colorful and bold patterns on the guards make children engage in different physical activities. Once the child’s mind is diverted somewhere else, he would hardly find time to suck his thumb.

These thumb guards are available in a pair and the gift box also comes with a plus toy for the kids. It provides positive encouragement to the children to get up and start playing instead of thumb sucking. The habit would break slowly and the child will be happier to show off their thumb accessory..

Five Positive Habits Children Learn From Their Siblings
Five Positive Habits Children Learn From Their Siblings

It’s always tough on the older sibling when mum brings home a new baby. Suddenly the older child is no longer the center of attention and with around 80% of us having a brother or sister, sibling rivalry is a phenomenon that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives.

But as much as we remember complaining about our annoying brothers and sisters throughout our childhood, most of us tend to forget the many ways in which our siblings influenced our development, emotionally, socially and academically.

Here are five positive lessons children can learn from their siblings.


1) Conflict Resolution

Squabbling, to parents, is an annoyance that can occur on a daily (sometimes thrice daily) basis. Sometimes as parents we wish we could just bash their heads together and force them to get along, but for the children themselves, these tussles provide an excellent opportunity for them to develop as people. Through conflict with a sibling, the child boosts their emotional, mental and social skills.

As tempting (and sometimes necessary) as it is to break up the dispute, parents would do well in letting their children resolve the problem themselves every once in a while. Next time there is a struggle don’t give them an audience, or they might play up to you to get you on their side. Instead, teach them how to see things from the other person’s point of view and help them reach a compromise together.


2) Important Life Skills  

Studies in child development have shown that babies who have an older brother or sister learned to walk significantly earlier than their older sibling did. This is thought to due to the fact that babies copy the behaviors they see around them, in order to learn how the world works. This habit stays with us all through childhood, into adolescence and even into adulthood, as it’s in our DNA to want to be part of the pack. Therefore, if your child has picked up the habit of thumb sucking, seeing the older child not sucking their thumb will act as a social reminder that the behavior isn’t seen as ‘cool’ or mature and they will be unconsciously encouraged to stop.


3) How to Teach

Older siblings often learn, through being around their younger brothers and sisters 24/7, how to teach. This means they have to pick up important skills in patience and humility in order to get the youngsters to talk and play properly with them. Our older siblings therefore play a huge part in our education, from speaking, reading, writing, artistic development and sport to much much more. All be it in an informal way, whilst simultaneously becoming less selfish and more sharing individuals themselves.


4) Self –Soothing Methods

Dividing your time as a parent between your children can be difficult, as quite often all of your children will crave your attention at the same time. But don’t fret because you haven’ got two or more sets of arms, take comfort in the fact that the child you are temporarily neglecting, is learning valuable self-soothing skills that will help them become more resilient and deal with their feelings better in later life.


5) Building Their Own Identity

As previously discussed, younger siblings like to copy their older brothers and sisters’ behavior  But many younger siblings get to a stage in their development where they want to be seen as individuals. Having another child to compare themselves to aids this building of the self and helps you child focus on their personal strengths and weaknesses. At times your child may feel inadequate compared with their sibling, but being familiar with this feeling early on keep them from damaging their self-esteem too much, as they learn quickly that everyone is good at different things. To keep your children’s self-esteem high, make sure that you have a reward system in place that recognizes individual achievements.

What did you learn from your siblings as a child? Share in the comments below!


Louise Blake is a new mum who well remembers the fierce battles she had with her siblings, but also the lessons she learned. Now settled in Bath she currently writes for Classroom Carrots who help to improve child behavior.

Photo by: Vastateparksstaff


Thumb sucking in Children: Reasons and Solutions
Thumb sucking in Children: Reasons and Solutions

Most of the children aged 2-4 are habitual of sucking their thumbs. However, this habit may continue as they grow old. Some children keep this habit till they become 8 years old. This may cause a lot of worries for the parents. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind this and also look for tips on how to stop thumb sucking.

Why do children suck their thumbs?

The most common reason behind this is the need for comfort. Thumb sucking a very primitive activity that starts in the womb. Children find sucking their thumbs comforting in all situations, especially when it’s something that they don’t prefer or like. In such cases, they such their thumbs even more.

What are the results of sucking thumbs?

While it is common for children of up to four years of age to suck their thumbs, they may attract many health issues due to this habit. First, germs and bacteria may enter the body of your children due to thumb sucking. They play around a lot and touch many things that may contain germs. On sucking their thumbs, they give germs and easy passage to their digestive system. Second, thumb sucking may cause a small depression in their mouth because of which the teeth may not appear in a proper line and the child may even have speech problems. Some experts claim that the upper jaw of the children can also become narrow and they jaws and teeth won’t meet properly.

How to stop thumbsucking?

You must not use force of bad tasting products available in the market in order to stop your children from sucking their thumbs. There is a simple way to tackle this problem which would not only break their habit, but also encourage them to play. There is a variety of thumb sucking guards for kids available in the market. These guards are basically spandex gloves that come in attractive colors and designs. These thumb sucking guards make for a cool accessory as well.

You can order some thumb sucking guards from and make your children stop this bad habit. These gloves come in a pack of two and are placed inside a gift box. Moreover, they come with a plush toy for the kids. This ensures that your children don’t feel they are being forced to give up thumb sucking and they may enjoy and play around. Once they engage in more productive and educational activities, they will forget about sucking thumbs..

How to Stop Thumb Sucking Before It Gets Worse
How to Stop Thumb Sucking Before It Gets Worse

If we ever imagine an infant, we always picture a little innocent being sucking his thumb. In fact, children suck their thumbs even in the womb. That is how we are connected to the habit of thumb sucking. Though it may appear cute with infants, as children grow up, it may become a problem for their health and also make them a conscious about their personality. There are many physiological and psychological conditions associated with the habit of thumb sucking. However, there are many ways by which you can make your children leave this habit. Here is a list of what all you can do.

Encourage your child to stop sucking thumbs, at least in public

Most of the children may become uncomfortable or confused in a social situation. They resort to sucking their thumbs and feel more comfortable while performing the act than otherwise. You must ask your children to stop sucking their thumbs in public and every time they are successfully able to do so, appreciate them and give them a small gift. This gift doesn’t have to be sweet or chocolate as it may lead to other problems. Even plain appreciation works well with children.

Don’t be rude or use odd tasting products

This is certainly not the option if you want to know how to stop thumb sucking. This often works negatively for the child and they feel that they are being devoid of something they love. It is a bad habit and must be avoided at all costs.

Try Reverse Psychology

Instead of pushing your child not to such on his thumb, you can try the ordeal therapy and ask your child to suck the other fingers as well. This is very risky but chances are that your child would grow tired of sucking all the fingers and give up the habit altogether.

Try thumb sucking guard for kids

These are a fun way to help stop your children from performing this bad habit. These guards come in attractive colors and will be loved by your children. There are stores like EndThumbSucking which also provide a toy along with the thumb sucking guards for kids. This diverts the attention of the kids to play and encourages them to adopt a healthy and playful lifestyle. As children get more comfortable, they learn more things in life and do not resort to thumb sucking for comfort anymore. You can buy these thumb sucking guards from

Thumb Sucking Has to Stop
Thumb Sucking Has to Stop

Thumb sucking is an infants’ way to comfort and pacify them especially when they are about to sleep. This is usually done by means of putting their thumb inside their mouth and sucks it repeatedly. Infants and younger kids naturally display fondness with this habit. These younger children consider thumb sucking as their soothing and comforting device. This habit remains to be harmless, however when the child starts to develop his permanent teeth, thumb sucking starts to be a problem.

Thumb sucking has to stop before the teeth develop because if not, children may start to bit and hurt their fingers. Thumb sucking displayed beyond the normal age, may cause dental and speech problems that is why parents are more desperate to help their children overcome this habit as early as possible before bad effects start to get worst.

It is hard for parents to deal with this problem however it is even harder on the part of the child who has already developed a strong attachment with this habit. This usually what makes it hard for the children to let go of the habit and finally remove this from their system. Breaking the habit can be complicated and difficult especially when the child refuses to cooperate. Parents are advised to have the courage and patience in supporting their children because breaking process cannot be taken by the child alone. The involvement of parents can make the process easier for the child.

Parents can consider finger sucking guard products for their children because this has the potential of letting them forget about the habit and eliminate it eventually. In terms of thumb sucking products, the Glovey Huggey provides the best solution to finally overcome the habit. The Glovey Huggey finger sucking guard products comes in the most attractive and colorful designs that will make it hard for children to realize that their habit is being put to test. Using these sucking guards, children can now have the chance to avoid unwanted effects of thumb sucking such as improper alignment of teeth, misshapen pallets, dental problems and speech defects.

The Glovey Huggey finger sucking guard products are child-friendly and safe that is why choosing these products assures effective results and ensures the protection of your children. These products are specially created with the highest level of quality and durability. With the Glovey Huggey finger sucking guard products, a hassle-free breaking the habit process can be expected. The struggle needs not to be hard anymore because with the help of these highly recommended products, it is a lot easier to finally say goodbye from the old habit.

Parents and interested buyers can check their site for more interesting information and features about the thumb sucking products being offered. Parents can never go wrong in choosing and using these products because it provides the most effective and satisfying results. These products are available in a natural and child-friendly pattern that will make the breaking process more fun and exciting. The Glovey Huggey finger sucking guard products displays a non-aggressive method on how to get rid of thumb sucking without feeling so stressed and pressured.


Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking
Tips on How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a behavior displayed by infants and young ones that is usually characterized by rhythmically sucking the thumb. This habit is a source of pleasure and happiness that’s why infants and babies develop a strong attachment with this habit. This connection or attachment is what makes it hard for parents on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. This habit normally stops in the age of 5 or earlier in some cases. However, children stick with this habit even if they start to get older. Thumb sucking has to stop before a child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, it may affect the normal growth of their mouth and teeth.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking especially when emotional issues start to hit the scene. It is difficult for parents especially for the mothers to stop the thing that makes her child happy. Despite this situation, there are still parents who are desperate and open about the idea of helping their children finally overcome this habit. Thinking about the effects this habit may cause make parents decide that thumb sucking can be dealt with using the proper approach.

There are helpful tips on how to stop thumb sucking that parents can execute in order to help their child overcome this habit. One effective tip is to reward your child whenever he is not sucking his thumb. This is a way to motivate him and make him forget about thumb sucking. Praising a child whenever he does not thumb suck is also the best way to make him feel appreciated in a way. Another tip recommended to parents in order to help their children deal with the habit of thumb sucking is to divert their child’s attention into other things and activities. Let your child draw, sketch, paint and play around rather than tolerate the child to do the habit.

Using thumb sucking prevention devices is also another option on how to stop thumb sucking effectively. These devices can provide ultimate solution to finally end this habit and save your child from the negative effects of this. Glovey Huggey is the leading provider of thumb sucking gloves that is made from spandex material. The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves are made from finest and durable materials. These gloves come in different colors and attractive designs your kids will truly love. Kids will not experience pressure and hassle in overcoming the habit because the Glovey Huggey ensures that they can still have free hand movement and comfortable feeling.

Parents can now get the chance to access these very interesting and effective thumb sucking prevention devices. By means of visiting their website, parents can learn how these devices effectively work on how to stop thumb sucking in their children. They can now gain optimism and confidence that their children can finally eliminate this habit in their system having the assurance that their children are safe and enjoying the process.


Concerned Parent on How to Stop Thumbsucking
Concerned Parent on How to Stop Thumbsucking

Most parents are aware that thumb sucking is natural especially in babies. However, there is a growing concern when the habit is carried on until the child is older. The ADA or American Dental Association stated that this habit is not a problem in babies and toddlers. However, thumb sucking must not go beyond ages four or five because it can cause jaw line and teeth problems.


Statistics show that 85% to 99% of kids were able to outgrow such habit before the age of four. However, if your child continues thumb sucking, it is time that you learn how to stop thumbsucking once and for all.


Studies and researches have proven that children with persistent thumb sucking issues are those whose parents attempted to stop the habit at a very young age. Most parents believe in the saying ‘you can’t teach old dogs new tricks’. They believe that it is easier to end the habit while the child is still young, and they would go through the extent of taking out the thumb from the mouth of their child.


You need to understand that kids suck their thumbs when they need to be comforted, or if they are bored, tired, and sleepy. Applying pressure on a child that thumb sucks are wrong, and the problem can become ingrained if not addressed properly. It is your child’s decision to stop or continue with thumb sucking. Hence, you have to create an environment wherein he or she is unable to suck the fingers or thumb.


Some children who want to stop thumb sucking are still defeated by their inborn reflexes. Instead of pointing it out to your child, try developing a sort of signal that only you and your child can understand. When you give the signal, your child will know what to do.


Your child’s dentist or pediatrician can help you out. When you take your child to the doctor, it is a great time for the medical professional to talk with your little one. Kids look up to these professionals, and when they are told about the disadvantages of thumb sucking over the age of 4 or 5, they will listen.


The doctor can also prescribe the use of a device to stop sucking fingers, just like the one found at You should give adequate time and effort in helping your child to put an end to thumb sucking.


For new parents, never take out the thumb from your child’s mouth by force. If you keep on doing this, more problems may arise in the future. The most common cause of thumb sucking is stopping the habit at a very early age, using the wrong techniques. It pays to possess the right knowledge about this issue.


The sad truth is that some parents contribute to the unhealthy thumb sucking habit. Talk to your child about how he or she is growing, and that thumb sucking hinders proper development. You can also tell your child that sucking the thumb over four or five years old can lead to tooth damage and illness.