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5 Activities That Are Sure To Tire Out Your Kids
5 Activities That Are Sure To Tire Out Your Kids


Get your kids moving and have a blast while enjoying fun-filled activities. Not only will your children have fun while playing, but they’re also sure to get tired out, making bedtime a much simpler process. Keep your children busy and allow them to feel as though they are having the best time of their lives, all while you’re preparing them for a reasonable bedtime hour by making them exhausted. Active Kiddies have come up with these 5 popular activities that are sure to tire out your kids during all different seasons.

A dip in the pool is one of the easiest, most effective and funnest ways of tiring out your kids during the warm summer months. You may even opt to enrol them in a swimming class during the winter so that they can have tons of water fun indoors even when the weather may not be ideal. If you do not have a pool for the kids to swim around in, simply hook up a sprinkler or head to the beach where they are sure to come home exhausted.

Playing in the Snow
When snow falls during the winter, send the kids out to build a snowman, make snow angels or go sledding. Kids will have a blast enjoying this white winter wonderland, all while tiring themselves out without even knowing it. Enjoying outdoor activities is one of the most effective ways that is sure to put your kids to bed at an early bedtime hour.

Jump Rope
Staying active and keeping the kids moving is a sure-fire way to tire them out at night. In addition to tiring them out, activities that get your kids moving will also help them to stay fit and healthy. One activity that your kids are sure to love is jump rope. This activity can be enjoyed either indoors out outdoors, depending on the weather. Make jumping rope even more fun by learning different rhymes and songs that can be sung while jumping. Get their hearts pumping and their blood flowing for an early bedtime.

Scavenger Hunts
Set up a scavenger hunt in or around your home to provide your children with something fun and entertaining to enjoy. The great thing about scavenger hunts is that they can be as long, as short, as hard or as easy as you would like them to be. Tire your kids out for the day by writing clues and hiding them all around your home. Kids can race around to find all of the clues, leading them to a prize at the end of the scavenger hunt.

Obstacle Courses
If you’re looking for a way to tire out the kids, planning an obstacle course is a great activity that everyone can enjoy. Set up the course indoors by using a variety of different furniture and things that can be found around the home that the kids will need to jump over, run through or crawl under to complete the course. If you do not have enough room in your home to set up an obstacle course, take the fun outside and use objects such as sticks, rocks, tires and other fun things to create an obstacle course for the kids. All of the running around will wear your children out for the day.


How to Stop Thumb Sucking by Wearing Our Gloves during Halloween Time
How to Stop Thumb Sucking by Wearing Our Gloves during Halloween Time

How To Stop Thumb Sucking

Distraction, entertainment, or amusement is a way to seize, acquire, or gain control of a child’s attention. The redirection of the focus on the activity of wearing the thumb sucking proof gloves can be done quite fluidly and easily during the month of October because of Halloween. With Halloween time approaching kids can easily be redirected to aim their attentions on the reward of getting to wear their favorite costume on Halloween. Buying, or making their favorite costume for Halloween in the beginning of October is a resourceful way to distract your children from sucking their thumbs. Do not let on if they see you making this purchase that you are planning in using it as a bargaining chip against thumb sucking.


Redirection stops the inappropriate activity immediately and helps lay the ground work for learning things in the future. Equipping your child with appropriate alternatives for outlets for their desires, such as thumb sucking, ensures the offending behavior will stop. Be as consistent as possible.

Remind your child that they won’t be able to wear their favorite character or costume on Halloween if they do not put the gloves on, or you can simply hold their candy hostage until they wear their thumb sucking gloves. Distraction strategy is a natural instinct for parents to use. It is healthy and it works to keep children out of harm and dangerous activities and dangerous objects. It is a great solution for parents in many situations.

While using distraction as a way to enforce your child to wear the thumb sucking gloves, do not forget that correcting this behavior is the ultimate goal and giving in is not an option. Take your child’s mind off the gloves by lying with your child and talk with him or her about candy time and all the fun they will be having in Halloween night with you and their friends and family members. Their mind may be distracted by listening to you in awe of all the exciting things to come with wearing their costume and so on. Soon they will drift off to sleep with out sucking their thumb. You may need to repeat this for a few nights, but the rewards are out number the consequences of paying for braces or worse yet, having a pre-teenager that still sucks their thumb.


You can only do what works best for your child. Nine times out of ten distraction works. Try making a game out of the thing you are using to distract your child, in this case Halloween candy or other objects. Make a fun game up to tire your child out a little then they will fall asleep with the thumb sucking gloves on more regularly, comforting themselves by listening to your voice instead of sucking on their thumbs.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking by Wearing Our Gloves during Halloween Time


Featured Image: License: Creative Commons image source.

5 Great Family Activities to do Inside the Home
5 Great Family Activities to do Inside the Home

Movie night

Implementing a movie night, or movie marathon night, into your weekly family routine is a great way to spend time together. Having service like dtv, Netflix, or Roku opens up an abundance of movie possibilities, and you’ll likely be able to find movies everyone in your family will laugh, cry and bond over. Another option, if you have a gaming console, is to install a streaming service on your computer. You can then download almost any movie on to your computer and stream the movie from your computer straight through your gaming console to your TV. Try watching documentaries if you wish to learn interesting lessons throughout the night.

Board or card games

Board games, card games, puzzles offer the chance to interact with and engage your family in a manner much closer than offered through movie night. Games allow you to challenge your family in friendly competition, and even challenge yourself, depending on the game. Your family will also have the chance to learn some lessons throughout the night. It’s easy to find a game that will teach strategy development, money skills, spelling and vocabulary, how to work with a partner, or math skills.

Reading Night

For a more solitary, but still fun and extremely beneficial time with your family, consider starting a reading time where your family will leave all electronics in their rooms and meet some place quite to read a book. This can be done with each family member reading their own books individually, or to make things more interesting, you can read one book together, taking turns reading out loud.

Arts and crafts

Another great idea if you want to take a break from electronics, is to have an arts and crafts day with the family. You can easily kill three birds with one stone by exercising your creative side, bond with your family, and make neat and useful items for your house, like bird feeders.

Cooking competition

It’s always fun to make food that you can later share and enjoy with the people you love the most. Not only this, but it’s quite practical. Assign each member a different meal element and after you sit down to eat, be sure everyone judges and rates each element to see who won the competition. Another option is to each build your own mini pizza, complete with bread kneading and tossing.

Contacting old friends or relatives

Most families have friends or relatives that live across the country or even the world. It can be a fun thing to catch up with them weekly, monthly, or even just a few times a year. Sometimes this can be done via facebook or some other social network, but every now and a good old phone call can be fun. With these calls being long distance, make sure to check your long distance plans to make sure that you’re not spending more than you should..

Help Cure Thumbsucking: 5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Feel Safe
Help Cure Thumbsucking: 5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Feel Safe

One common reason for kids to suck their thumbs is due to a feeling of insecurity. Since making your child feel safe inside of your home should be one of the ultimate goals of any parent, there are a few things that can be done to help your kids feel more safe, which in turn will help them break their thumb sucking habit..

Reassure Your Child Daily Of Their Safety

Nothing comforts a child more than feeling that the parent is fully attentive to their need for security. Tell your child regularly that you have taken every step needed to allow for continual peace as they develop and grow. This could be in the form of actually showing the level of security you have enlisted around the home itself.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

Adding removable security bars to your home’s access points can greatly imprint a sense of safety into the minds of your children. Make sure to reinforce their security by explaining that in order to maintain it, they need to be properly set up each time the windows or doors are closed from within. This also gives a sense of responsibility to the children for their own safety.

Prepare Your Child for Emergencies

Teach your children the emergency numbers needed in the event of a break in, so that they feel connected to outside forces as well that can assist them in the event of a break in. Doing this extends safety in their minds, which is the ultimate goal for eliminating worry. Placing the numbers of neighbors that could help is also a great idea.

Teach Security System Operation

It is a good rule of thumb that every member of the household know how to operate the security system that has been installed within the home. This also eliminates any possibility of the child accidentally sending police to your home, which could result in fees from your security provider. Keep everyone up-to-date as to any security password changes as well in order to avoid this occurrence.

Upgrade Your System to Current Standards

It is also highly suggested that parents enlist a security company to evaluate the safety of your home and point out any room for improvement, according to a Stockton home security company. Take suggestions to heart, for criminals are finding new ways to breach security systems regularly. Keeping informed as to what changes on the technology front are occurring is the best form of defense, according to security professionals from Vivint in Trenton NJ.


Chocolate and children, the age-old debate
Chocolate and children, the age-old debate

Remember when we were kids and our parents and grandparents seemed to conspire against chocolate? “Don’t eat chocolate, you’ll get fat!”, or “It’s not good for you, eat broccoli instead!”, and we just could not understand why they had this apparent hatred for sweets.

In all fairness, it is part of being a parent. Making sure that your kid is well fed and properly grown is your number 1 priority, and the vast majority of parents go overboard with this. So much so that they start speculating, without ever bothering to talk to a doctor about it.

Now we’re all grown up, and we’re having our own kids. So is it a good idea to do what our parents did? Or should we change the way we look at chocolate as being our kid’s number one health problem?

Our bodies tend to tell us what is good for us and what is not, and on one hand the parents were right. Taken in excessive quantities, chocolate can really damage your growth and cause a lot of problems. Indigestions, ulcers and cists to name a few, and the treatments are both dangerous and painful.

However, this happens if big quantities are involved, and to be honest, there are very few records of children that have actually managed to have these serious problems as a result of chocolate consumption.

So the parents had all the good intentions in the world, but they were wrong. Scientists have discovered that chocolate, if taken in moderation, has some extraordinary effects over the human body, especially when it’s in the growing phase.

I’m not talking about chocolate bars, but dark chocolate which has a high ratio of cocoa. First of all, even though it is a sweet (and semi-bitter) treat, it helps regulate the blood sugar levels, thus helping to prevent diabetes.

Another thing to take into consideration is the fact that Chocolate is made with milk, and the calcium from both the milk and the raw chocolate essence helps the bones strengthen and grow.

Chocolate has another effect, but this time in the brain. It causes it to relax, thus making the child more focused and less distracted, increasing memory and cognitive abilities.

And while it’s true that it can do some serious damage if taken in large quantities, if taken in moderation, it can help prevent a lot of gastric problems, and a lot of indigestions are being treated with chocolate as a “home remedy”.

Another great thing about chocolate, not even in adults but also in kids, is that it makes the body release endorphins. These are a kind of hormone which induces a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction, while relieving pain and helping the body heal if injuries are involved. When this happens in kids, because of the fact that they are still in development, they actually manage to become more and more tolerant of pain.

Chocolate also helps the skin, especially during that troublesome puberty period. Zits and hormonal bursts, which can greatly affect a lot of your kid’s social aspects are common, and no zit cream or exercise program can even compete with the power of chocolate.

As I’ve said earlier, chocolate has the power to calm a person down, and because of the substances that form it, chocolate can also help get rid of that pesky acne problem.

Another thing that teens struggle with is depression. Chocolate can deal with that as well, because it causes the chemicals in the brain to balance out, thus taking the person out of the depressive state that he or she might be in.

By now we have established that there are a lot of benefits to chocolate, but there are also a few downsides that we should look out for. First of all, it is a drug. The human body recognizes the benefits and sensations delivered by this tasty treat, and keeps asking for more.

The withdrawal from chocolate might not be as violent and as terrifying as from other drugs, but it can put a lot of stress on the body, so caution is the word of the day.

Besides the obvious obesity effect, and the constantly sticky fingers, chocolate has some nasty side effects if consumed in large quantities regularly for a number of years.

It can cause the immune system to crash thus triggering allergic reactions and even imbalance the blood sugar levels causing diabetes. Not to mention the fact that it might power you up for about 1 hour, but tire you out for the rest of the day, and even cause you to experience nausea if consumed in large quantities.

In conclusion, if it involves senseless consumption of great quantities for a long period of time, the parents are right and chocolate is bad for you. However, if it is for short periods of time, and in very small quantities, then the kids are in a winning

Rachel Quinlan is the owner of Baby Vegas an online store specializing in children’s toys and collectible goods with, a focus on educational toys. As a mother she understands the pressures of parenthood and the importance of bringing up our children to the best of our ability.


Making Fundraisers Fun: Have The Kids Earn The Money This Year
Making Fundraisers Fun: Have The Kids Earn The Money This Year


One of the best ways to ensure the success of your fundraiser this year is to get the kids involved. Kids are great at getting people to donate money, the fresh faces of youth always help to loosen a person’s purse strings. Their energy and enthusiasm is contagious, and it is often just what is needed to kick start a fundraiser. Don’t get stuck doing all the work for them again, and teach them some money saving skills they will need in future by involving them in the fundraising. Here is a look at some fun ways to get kids involved in a fundraiser.



One of the best ways to raise money is to hold a raffle. Everyone is more likely to part with their money if they have a chance of winning something else. You can use half the money collected for prizes, and the other half to go into your fundraising account. Kids can sell the tickets and promote the raffle event by making signs, decorations and picking out the prizes.



Another great fundraising idea for kids, is to have them sell pins that promote your cause. You can get PinPros custom pins with your fundraising logo on it. Send the kids out in the neighborhood, or have them set up shop at a local sporting event or concert. Sell the pins for a dollar or two, and you will see the money come rolling in. Best of all, everyone who buys a pin will be promoting your fundraiser whenever they wear them.


Kids Artwork Sale

One of the most creative and fun way to get kids involved in a fundraiser is to have them create art. Get a large group of kids to all create a piece or two to sell. You will be amazed at how fast the children’s’ relatives will be looking to buy their artwork. There isn’t a grandparent, aunt or uncle alive who can resist parting with some cash for an original masterpiece by their favorite elementary-school artist. Give your kids a chance to showcase another kind of talent as well for a performance raffle.


These are just a few ideas to get kids involved in a fundraiser. You should be sure to solicit the kids for ideas as well. When they have a hand in the planning, they will work that much harder to ensure success. The bottom line is to have fun and to instill a sense of giving in the kids..

Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids
Creative Water Balloon Games to Play with Kids


Children somehow love to play with water especially when it isn’t bath time. Be it the hose pipe, a swimming pool and lately discovered water balloons. There is practically so much that you can do this summer. Here are some games that you and your toddlers can play in your own backyard using some colourful water balloons.

  • Exploration: If your child hasn’t seen a water balloon then the thrill to hold one is clearly shown on their faces. When the feel the surface and compare its weight to a balloon without any air they learn that water has weight. They can carry the balloons around and even drop them to see what a splash it makes.
  • Filling them up with water: One can set a timer to see who which family member will fill 10 balloons the fastest. You could even try a competition wherein children can put there balloons under a running tap to see who has the largest water balloon without letting it drop on the ground.
  • Catch: This game is a huge hit with children of all ages actually. Take a water balloon and toss it around with friends and family. One could also play hot potato too. Rubbing soap on your hands makes the game a tad bit difficult.

  • Waterballoonhunt : Hide those colourful water balloons and see how many kids find and get the water balloons back to an adult without letting them burst.
  • Water Balloonfight : make teams wherein you have to playfully throw water balloons at each other. Make sure nobody hurts the other in the process.
  • Launching Water Balloons: You can create a launcher to throw water balloons over a long distance. Compete with friends and see how long everybody goes for. Perfect game for kids and adults too.
  • Dropping balloons : Allow your kids to drop balloons from varying heights and see the splatter on the floor.

If you have a baby at home then not knowing how to stop thumb sucking can be frustrating. You obviously don’t want the habit to stay and this is precisely why we at have created thumb guards for babies. We believe that instead of letting the habit stay, it is best to nip it in the bud. Our Glovey Huggey guards easily go over the child’s thumb and doesn’t promote thumb sucking. Along with our signature products , we send out stickers and toys as incentives for not sucking their thumbs..

Using Science to Make Cool Party Drinks for Kids
Using Science to Make Cool Party Drinks for Kids


Using Science to Make Cool Party Drinks for Kids

If you have toddlers in the house, then you need to brighten up summer parties with these cool kitchen experiments that will be a hit with your kids and others too. Here are some mind blasting, super ideas that we came up with, all you need is a few ingredients to get started with:

Candyfloss punch

The name as it is sounds like it is a hoot. Cotton candy can easily be made by melting a stash of hard candies. This will open up a whole avenue of beautiful color and tasty flavors you need is 250ml chilled Raspberry Fruit water. about 3 teaspoons of Jelly bean flavored syrup, 2 teaspoons of icy orange juice, 2 strawberry flavored pink Mentos and some cotton candy.All you have to do is

  • Make cotton candy with the help of a candy floss maker. Add candies and place the fresh candy flossing a container and seal it airtight.
  • Add the syrup to a tall glass, fruit water and lastly the orange juice.
  • On top of this add the 2 Mentos and pile the candy floss on top. Get a straw to go through the floss. The cotton will melt in your mouth and the drink is lovely to taste.

The Hulk

If your toddler has thing for Pop Rocks drinks, then this is the drink you’d want to make. Take about 250ml sprite, 3 teaspoons of green apple syrup, 2 apple green Mentos, 1 packet of Pop rocks,1 tea spoon of apple cider vinegar and some baking soda.

  • Take a glass, pour in the sprite, vinegar and the syrup. Stir the mixture and drop in the Mentos
  • Add some baking soda, a pinch will do and then put the contents of the Pop Rocks packet. The drink is beautiful to present.

The salted monkey eyecatcher

This drink is one super way to give a twist to your regular root beer. Take root beer, half a banana, 4 Hershey chocolates, 1 scoop of caramel and vanilla ice scream.

  • Blend the salted caramel ice scream, banana and the chocolate and add 3 ice cubes.
  • Pour this mix into a tall glass. Add root beer.
  • Now after the foaming stops, add the vanilla bean ice scream.

Now a word from our sponsor…lol

As a parent thumb sucking and how to stop it is difficult task .If your child is constantly sucking his thumb, it is time to end the habit. Children find it hard to understand that sucking your thumb is not a good thing to do which is why making gloves for your little ones so they get rid of the habit. Our gloves come in all shapes and sizes with patterns so that your child loves wearing them.


Five Tips for Helping Your Child Love the Dentist
Five Tips for Helping Your Child Love the Dentist



Although the dentist is necessary to ensure proper dental health and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime, it is often one of the most feared places for children. It can be an intimidating experience when parents have to encourage children to visit the dentist, but with a few methods and practices it can become an easy, and even enjoyable, process.


Introduce Your Child to Their Dentist

Allow your child to get to know their dentist and be able to joke around or have a conversation. It will help them to not feel as vulnerable and will make it easy to catch up after the first visit said a sedation dentist Austin. Try to have the dentist introduce him or herself and have a conversation with your child without wearing the mask. Choose a dentist that is friendly, has a sense of humor, and is sensitive to your child’s fears.


Plan a Fun Activity Afterward

By planning a fun trip to the park or toy store right after the dentist, it can take a lot of the attention off the appointment and provide an activity your child can look forward to. It will work as a distraction and make it easier to get through the visit with something fun coming right afterward.


Bring Fun Games

The waiting room can be one of the scariest places for children as they nervously await to be called into the dentist’s office. Bring fun games along to keep them distracted and have comforting items with you to provide a sense of security and familiarity to them. Allow them to play their favorite video games or read a good book with ease.


Sit By Their Side

By making it a habit to sit next to your child while they’re in the chair getting examined, it will inevitably provide a sense of comfort and help them to relax. Even if you need to hold their hand, it will make it an easier process that they know you’re by their side and that they’re safe with you there. Eventually, they’ll be independent enough where you can stay in the waiting room.


Be Positive

When helping your child know what to expect, keep a positive attitude and avoid using any negative words. Discuss the benefits of visiting the dentist and how it’s a luxury, considering other countries are without dental care. Show how thankful you are to have healthy teeth, which will help your child to have an appreciation for it as well..

Five Tips for Taking the Best Care of Your Teeth
Five Tips for Taking the Best Care of Your Teeth


Taking proper care of your teeth is one of the most overlooked aspects of one’s health. However, your oral health is just as important as your health in other areas. Studies have shown that not taking adequate care of the teeth and gums can lead to larger health problems. Of course, if you don’t care for your oral health in the right ways, you can also suffer tooth decay, which will affect your smile and basic activities such as eating. If you want to save your teeth, you will have to take the best possible care of them. Here are a few tips on how to do just that.


Brush Daily


Brushing your teeth is obviously an important step you must take in taking the best care of them. You should use a soft bristled brush and brush your teeth at least twice per day, if not after every meal. Brushing your teeth is extremely important because it removes plaque from the teeth. Plaque is the bacteria that naturally builds up on the enamel over time. Use a fluoride toothpaste on your brush when you brush your teeth.


Eat Healthy


Eating a healthy diet will help you to care for your teeth. Many foods that are considered treats can do a number on your teeth, such as candies, cookies, cakes, soda and other sweets. Sugar can quickly lead to tooth decay. In addition, foods and drinks that contain acids can also wear away at the enamel covering on your teeth. Eating these food items in moderation is okay, but avoid overdoing it if you want to save your teeth.


See the Dentist


Visiting your dentist on a regular basis is a must. Many dentists recommend that you come in for a regular checkup once per year or even every six months. If you reside in the Austin, Texas area, you can even visit an Austin cosmetic dentist if you need special work on your teeth, such as teeth whitening. You will get a professional cleaning and X-rays to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.


Rinse with Mouthwash


Rinsing out your mouth with a good mouthwash helps to eliminate a good deal of the bacteria that naturally builds up in the mouth. This bacteria can affect the health of your teeth and gums. Avoid using a mouthwash that has a high alcohol content.


Floss Daily


Always use dental floss to floss between the teeth once per day. The best time to do this is at night, either before or after you have brushed your teeth. This is the best way to remove debris between the teeth and at the gemlike.


When you follow all of these steps, you will find that your oral health is at its best. You will be able to avoid developing periodontal disease and having extensive dental work done. It will also show in your brilliant white smile..