10 Reasons to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumbsucking is a common trait among children. Often times, they do it when they are teething, bored, scared or feeling stressed out. Although it a common trait, you should stop thumb-sucking by the time the child reaches three at the very latest. It can be extremely detrimental to their adult teeth when they start coming in around the age of four. Here are the top ten reasons to stop thumb sucking.

1. It can reshape their jawbone to form around the thumb because it is more pliable and soft. This makes their jaw very narrow, potentially causing many problems later on in life.

2. Teeth will grow in crooked and your child will end up needing braces to have it fixed. That is only if they don’t have to have their jaw broken first.

3. Thumb sucking will cause their upper jaw to move forward increasingly while their lower jaw will push backward. Their top front teeth will also push together and outward to allow the thumb to fit inside.

4. One of the biggest reasons that you should stop thumb sucking is to avoid poor tongue placement and problems chewing in your children. When they suck their thumb their palate moves and it causes such problems as well as being unable to swallow properly which can cause choking hazards as well as make your child drool considerably more than most others do.

5. Lisps and other speech impediments can occur when your child has their thumb in their mouth.

6. Infection in the fingernails and mouth. Your children aren’t thinking about what’s on their hands before they stick them in their mouths. A thumb sucking glove can correct this problem.

7. Skeletal deformities that can lead to insecurity as a teenager.

8. Collapse of the tonsils making your child snore loudly.

9. Overbite

10. Cold sores are more common because your child isn’t washing their hands before sticking their thumb in their mouth and you never know where it’s been beforehand.

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