Should A Parent be Discouraging Thumb Sucking?


Thumb sucking for babies is one source of gratification, comfort and a sign of emotional health. But this habit when carried beyond four years of age can lead to dental misalignments and overbite, which will require costly orthodontist visits. The skin on the thumb can also be cracked, infected and bleed. Worse, the baby may be teased by others because of this bad habit. Thus, parents must always look for ways on how to stop thumbsucking.

Some parents are too harsh on their baby’s by employing harsh methods on how to stop thumbsucking. This can include the use of chemicals with bitter substances put on the nails so that baby will be dissuaded in sucking them. This is not very ideal as you will be ingesting chemicals in the baby’s system which can exposed him to more health risks. Some uses the intra oral device known as cribs which are glued on the teeth of the baby. The crib will inflict pain of the baby will suck his thumb and will make it very difficult to eat and even talk. This is being left for many months in the baby’s mouth and is quite expensive yet ineffective.

The more effective way on how to stop thumbsucking which is also recommended by most pediatricians and dentists is the use of thumb guards. This special device comes with a plastic cover for the thumb and is being attached on his wrist. This will serve as a guard and will interrupt the process as it breaks the vacuum created by the sucking which thereby removes the pleasure that the baby gets from it. Treatment using this device should be done for couple of weeks but will end the bad habit successfully. But, parents must remove it once a day and have it properly cleaned before giving it back to the baby.

Ending to this bad habit must not be painful and non toxic. It must not be punishing and should be friendly as much as possible. Many experts recommend that the approach on how to stop thumbsucking must be positive and gentle. The parents should not try to scold or nag the baby as they can be more rebellious and suck even more. The use of Glovey Huggey is a very positive teaching techniques. Studies have proven that the use of thumb guards made from spandex materials were able to kick the bad habit of thumb sucking.

Glovey Huggey is specifically designed for those parents who want to eliminate the habit with a method that is gentle and require lesser effort. It is also available in variety of colors which and you can choose one which is most appealing and will be adored by your baby. It is available sizes which can accommodate babies of different ages. One great thing about it is the fact that it does not restrict the full movement of the hands. Being affordable is just a bonus to the many amazing benefits and results it can give when it comes to ending thumb sucking.

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