How do I pay for my gloves?

How do I pay for my gloves?

To pay for your gloves just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1. You have 3 options to select from when you want to checkout; you have our regular check out procedure, you have Google Checkout & you also have PayPal Checkout. (This help tip is for individuals that are planning to pay with a credit card and do not have  a Google Checkout or PayPal Checkout account)

Step 2. Choose payment method; Select Credit Card & fill out the information below.

Step 3. You will then be taken to a Secure Page on PayPal’s site. NOTE – You DO NOT need a PayPal Account to pay. Under the heading “Choose a way to Pay”; slect the 2nd bullet option “Pay with debt or credit card”

Step 4. Then simply enter your credit card info on the Secure Page (you can tell the page is secure because it will have a pad-lock icon) and click on “Review and Continue” and your order is placed!