Reasons To Stop Thumb Sucking

The idea of thumb sucking in small children does not typically bother parents until the child is still doing this at school age. It is at this point in the child’s life that the parent begins to look for ways to prevent their child from sucking his thumb. There are several reasons that children are forced into stop thumb sucking once they begin school and here are the top five reasons:

1. Their speech can be impaired if this action continues. Since children are truly learning how to enunciate their words when they start school having an object constantly in their mouth will eventually affect their speech because the thumb will begin to change the form of their teeth and jaw alignment.

2. The parent will have to get a thumb guard from the orthodontist as a result of the teeth becoming misaligned. The idea that a person’s teeth and jaw alignment can be changed if the person does not learn how to stop thumb sucking means that an orthodontists will be in the child’s future. Having misaligned teeth is not something that any parent wants to see their child go through which is why they will become adamant in learning what to do in how to stop thumb sucking in their child. By just going to the orthodontists and receiving a thumb guard many children tend to stop thumb sucking within a matter of a few months.

3. Skin irritation is also another reason to stop thumb sucking. As a parent one of the main things to be concerned about in thumb sucking it that it can lead to the skin becoming irritated. By the thumb constantly being wet both the child’s mouth and thumb can develop cracked skin, which can lead to a rash.

4. Besides having a constant rash from sucking the thumb the skin can become irritated to the point that it becomes infected. The infection generally is the result of the child touching something unsanitary and then deciding to suck on his thumb without washing his hands. The germs that the thumb will be carrying can be extremely dangerous for anyone who already has an open wound around the mouth area. The germs that are being put near the outside of the mouth can actually be worse than going inside the mouth because there are no enzymes to protect the outer area of the mouth from germs.

5. Finding out if there is an emotional reason for the thumb sucking. Since most children suck their thumbs when something is bothering them, it is the parent’s job to find another way for their child to cope with stress.

By the parent learning how to stop thumb sucking in their child they will learn just how sensitive the entire situation can be and will have to find the right way to break the child of this habit. One of the best ways to find out how to get your child to stop sucking his thumb is by going onto for advice.