Raising Children and Puppies Together

When choosing a new puppy the whole family should be involved, the same goes for the training of the pup as well. It has been proven children as young as 3, can be involved in the training of your families new pup.

You may want to check with your vet, for the names of some reliable pet trainers. Some trainers will allow your children to attend the class along with you, if not you can teach your children the exercises, which you have learned upon your returning home.

  1. First and foremost your child needs to be respectful of this beautiful little breathing creature, which has just become a member of your family. A child needs to learn from the start, the pup is not a toy; pups need to be handled with loving care.
  2. Pups should be taught from the start the human is the leader of the pack, pups should be handled with a calm voice, which is consistent but firm. Children should also maintain the same standard of training, allowing the pup to walk only at their side or behind them; the human should always enter a door or gateway first.
  3. Make training your pup a fun time for the whole family, you will find the training will go a lot smoother and more successfully. Children should always be supervised with a new pup; the pup can get hurt seriously in a matter of seconds.
  4. A great way of reinforcing your children to be gentle with a pup is to give them both a “well done” along with a hug. Giving the pup a doggy treat will add extra unwanted weight, just as giving a child too many treats would.
  5. Parents should be aware of the pups actions, they will let you know when they have, had enough of the training for a while. Pups not unlike children can get snippy, when they are tired.
  6. Children can over stimulate a pup while running and playing, when there are too many children around the pup can get hurt or they may snap at a child, this is their way of saying leave me alone.
  7. It isn’t wise to let a child discipline a pup, this might cause the pup to get angry and do something they would not normally do. The discipline might also place a fear or lasting anger in the pup, toward the child as well.
  8. When you have visitors over, it would be a good idea to keep your pup in a safe area, away from everyone; this will insure the pup’s safety as well as the visiting children.

Bringing a new pup home can be an exciting adventure for the entire family, you must remember patients and understanding is the key, nothing is ever accomplished overnight.