PixyKids Rebrands as Kazaana, Places kidSAFE Seal Founder on Board



Kazaana is a social networking website for children that allows them to play, chat, and unleash their creative juices in a safe online environment. Formerly known as PixyKids, Kazaana offers kids aged 6-12 an interactive experience via their social media platform. Kids can use Kazaana to curate their own content, participate in games and kid-friendly apps, and build a digitized space and avatar that allows them to interact with only friends and family members approved by parents.


First Things First: Peace of Mind for Parents


Keeping children safe is a priority for Kazaana, so the site has made great strides in its creation of a private, safe-haven for children who want to be online just like their moms and dads! Until parents provide their secure consent to the site, children will not be allowed to interact with other Kazaana members or post photos or videos, for example. Parents can tailor their controls so that they must approve each friend request and they also have the authority to moderate all text, post, and video content. While children enjoy their interactions, parents can see everything that transpires on the site while watching their kids obtain increasingly competent social and creative skills.




What cost? This hip, fun site and all its fabulous features are free!


Fun for Kids


Interact with Friends and Family: From family members to friends, children can interact through text to share their thoughts and ideas and to hear the thoughts and ideas of everyone on their parent-approved safe list. Chat with far-away grandparents or discuss a class project with friends from school; this format is ideal for kids to communicate and hone their online skills.


Video Chat: While text is fine for many older kids, the younger set may not have their keyboarding moves ready to roll. For this reason, and because it’s fun to be on video, Kazaana has implemented a new feature called video chat. Kids can literally talk face to face with friends and family members no matter how far apart they may be.


Be Yourself but Create a Cool Avatar: One of the site’s newest features is an avatar-creation component that allows kids to design and animate their 3D image. Kids enjoy personalizing their avatar as well as their digital space. Kids choose their own amazing space to suit their style when they sign up to the site.


Play: Kazaana is well known as a fun place to play online games and apps. Kazaana prides itself on its hunt for new activities that are sure to keep kids tuned in and excited about all there is to do through the website. Each month, Kazaana also announces a favorite app, one that has all the kids talking and playing and having a good time!


Other Great Aspects of Kazaana


Blog: The Kazaana blog is a great place for both kids and parents to come together over helpful and entertaining blog posts. One recent blog post explores technology tips for school while another discusses ways kids make sure “their BFFs stay BFs forever.” Check the blog regularly for all sorts of content that relates to children, school, and families.


Bully-Free is More Happy: Kazaana’s software allows parents to keep tabs on language and behavior as well as to moderate and ensure that children are building friendships—not tearing them down! Kazaana’s collaborative atmosphere encourages kids to be their best in all aspects of their lives—to showcase their creativity and to have fun with their friends online.


Keeping in Touch is a Few Clicks Away: Kazaana helps kids maintain the relationships they value. Friends wind up in different classes or move to attend new schools, but that doesn’t mean friendships end! Kazaana is the perfect place to nurture the important relationships children form early in their age, relationships they can continue to develop with time by communicating over this online format.


Kazaana’s Rules


To maintain its safe and fun atmosphere, the site has implemented some rules to that end. Parents should spend some time looking at the site’s rules of engagement, but some of its most important ones instruct children never to give out their passwords to others (aside from parents), never post personal information online such as phone number or address, never provide anyone else’s personal information, and to treat others as they wish to be treated. The rules apply to general internet safety and tell kids to never give out information such as their name, where they attend school, or even their age.


Fun for the Family


Kazaana keeps friends and family connected over what is becoming one of the most revered social media sites for kids. Parents will love the security that Kazaana offers and kids will celebrate their own digital space in all sorts of ingenious ways that reflect who they are and who they are becoming. Positive and inspiring, Kazaana provides families with a social platform that’s safely geared for kids and is, ultimately, great fun for kids, too!



Jessica McGarrity contributed this guest post on behalf of Kazaana.com – social networking for kids. Jessica is a freelance writer with a penchant for social media. She enjoys researching the social media field and sharing her insights on various blogs..