New Year’s Resolutions to Stop Thumb Sucking

Do you make New Year Resolutions? Every year, I make up my mind to do one thing that will make me feel better but NOT make me feel guilty if I don’t do it. That’s the thing with the pressure of New Year resolutions, a huge percentage of people don’t see them through and end up starting a new year feeling guilty rather than refreshed.

Two years ago at new year, I vowed never to put myself in social situations I did not enjoy, and last year I decided to stop sucking my stomach in, something I have done for the past almost 40 years! These may seem like strange resolutions to make but I managed to stick to them easily and they made me feel so much better. I get invited to a lot of events and it wasn’t until I hit my 30s and decided to be honest with myself about not enjoying them. Now when an invite comes in, I remind myself about that resolution I made for myself and I don’t feel guilty saying no!

I can’t recommend these sorts of intentions enough. They are good for you and easy to stick to, unlike the promised three visits a week to the gym! I know a lot of parents with thumsucking kids want their kids to try and give up their habit for the New Year. This is a lot of pressure, more so than usual. This is such a big expectation that to fail can feel worse than ever and put the dampeners on your ‘stop thumb sucking’ campaign! With my thumb sucking daughter, I have never used January 1st as a prod to give up thumb sucking.

Instead, for Christmas I have bought her a new thumb sucking guard, presented it on New Year’s Eve and asked if she is able and prepared to wear it at least four times a week in the New Year. This alleviates the pressure and gives my daughter a compromise to the dreaded, okay, it’s January first, no more thumb sucking.
Everyone in my house sets intentions for the New Year and we prefer to call them intentions. By doing it together, I find us more likely to support each other and stick to our choices.

Even if it is as simple of no thumb sucking at school, you can use January 1st as a tool to kicking the habit, but go easy, most of us probably know, that too much pressure can drive our kids to their comfort and thumb sucking zone very quickly.


Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4. She enjoys writing about health and parenting related topics. Currently she is developing a business selling natural skincare and organic cosmetics with a focus on making sure teenagers make healthy skincare choices..