Moving with Kids – Tips & Advice

Moving with kids can be quite a challenging prospect. That’s why you should consider some important details in advance. Youngsters and teenagers react to the relocation process differently from adults. If moving may be stressful for you, imagine how difficult it is for kids. Young ones need your special attention in order to better cope with the process of relocation. How can you help your children and teenagers endure the move? Here are some great tips on moving with kids.

Moving with Young Children

Young children will need you to be with them when moving. You can tell them what you are planning and show them around your new neighborhood. Take them to the playgrounds at which they will have fun and to all the interesting places for children explaining them that moving will be fun for them. In the meantime, prepare for the travelling on moving day. Get some snacks, toys, a pillow and a blanket (if you are going by car). When moving with your children, take some games for everyone to play. Make the experience enjoyable for them and you will be happy that they are feeling good, too. Prepare a CD with nice music to listen to when traveling. It could be kids’ songs or music that the whole family likes and you can sing along in the car. After the hard work during the day, certainly you will feel better as well.

If you cannot spend time with your kids when preparing for your upcoming move, you can take them to your friends or relatives – people whom you trust your kids to be safe with. On the other hand, this means spending less time with your kids. So, you can consider involving the children in the moving process. You can give them some simple things to do – handing you the light boxes or the different markers. Still, your attention will be engaged with the work to do. One of the best solutions in this case is to hire state to state movers. Always check the movers at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website by entering the company’s DOT number or name to find out whether the movers have any safety violations. The information that you find will help you determine if you should choose that company to move you and your children.

Moving with Kids in High School

In high school, children are at a sensitive age. For them communication is important, so dealing with relocation may be tough for them. Moving with kids in high school is different because you need to be aware of their emotional state at this point. You can make your teenagers feel better about moving if you take them to the new area where your next home will be. Show them the fun places that they will like. Search for opportunities for them to practice their hobbies and ensure them that you will encourage their current relationship with their friends. At the same time, try to keep them involved in the moving process. When relocating with teenagers, you can assign them simpler tasks like packing some ordinary stuff, labeling the boxes or making a list with the packed boxes. It will keep their minds occupied with the tasks to perform rather than with the unpleasant side of the upcoming move.

Move Out of State with Children

When moving with children interstate, there is one thing more important than anything else and this is your children. Moving with kids will be easier if you take the right advice to guide you. This is why what might be a good idea for you to do is to engage a professional mover into the relocation process. Contact movers and see what solutions they can provide for your moving needs. Just make sure that the movers you decide to rely on are trustworthy and reputable. You could look through some moving-related forums and review websites. A good moving company will guarantee you a safe move about which your children and you will feel positive.

And last but not least here is our final advice for moving with children. Take care of their mood – try to find positive things for them to do and experience. This will take the stress off of them and off of you as well. If you have the time to do it, try searching for a professional moving company for a safe relocation.

Author Bio: Mauella Irwin is a moving proffesional and one of the esteemed contributors at, dedicated to provide in-depth moving-related tips and advice.