Makeup and Nails: Is your Child Ready?

Every mom has found their darling child tucking into their cosmetics bag haven’t they? I even have several pictures of my boys with mascara all over their sweet faces and lipstick just about everywhere else! If you haven’t found squashed lipstick in your makeup bag, then you are a lucky momma, but if you have girls, likelihood is they are coveting your cosmetics stash from a young age.

So how do you handle the urge for you little ones to wear makeup. Even if you are not a makeup mom yourself, little girls are privy to the done up front covers of magazines they see at the supermarket, and the made up girls on TV. Even their dolls appear to be wearing makeup.

For moms of thumbsucking kids, nail varnish can be a godsend. My trick is to paint my little girl’s nails and then on her thumbnail paint some extra detail, so she really doesn’t want it to come off. If the habit wins out then I at least match her painted nails to her Glovey Huggey thumb sucking guard as it encourages her to wear it. I try to make her thumb guards as cool and appealing as possible!

As for other makeup, I do not mind my kids experimenting at home. A great idea I saw on a mom blog a long time ago was fake makeup, made of melted wax and poured into pots so little ones could mimic the wearing of makeup without actually putting any on their sensitive skin.

However, as kids get older, this probably won’t cut it and they will want to play with lots of different colours. Lots of moms will be fine with this and buy cheap makeup for their young ones to enjoy at playtime. I am definitely in that group. In fact I didn’t mind my girls going out with some makeup on. It’s just them creating and playing and is entirely innocent, but I know many moms do not feel comfortable with their children wearing any make out of the house.

For me things change with tweens and teenagers as that’s when the intent of makeup wearing changes. It ceases to be imaginative dress up and instead it becomes a tool of attraction, making your kids feel prettier, older and often more part of their crowd.

When my eldest hit this age, I decided to help her out as she still wasn’t au fait with subtle makeup application. Instead I took her to the store and we selected a mascara, blush and lipstick that would be all hers and that looked natural, I drew the line at foundation – totally not necessary for her. This way, she had autonomy, but I was still in control of her not looking like jezebel!

This way too, I was also able to purchase all natural non toxic products which I believe are much better for our health.

Do you let your children wear makeup?

Bio: Anne Johnson is a mother of 4 and an advocate of healthy living including choosing a natural skincare  regime and natural cosmetics, especially for young skin..