Learning Activities for Toddlers

Ages 18 months to 4 years are what we consider toddlers. And as parents, we should know that this stage is very crucial. You need to help your kids to develop their IQs and EQs. How can you do that if your toddler plays most of the time?

I have some bright ideas which you can use. Without a doubt, your toddler will grow up as a very intelligent person.

Play. It is normal that little children love to play. It seems that they are programmed to do that. You use their playing time to learn too. How can you do that? It’s pretty simple. Why not make educational games? You can buy rubber mats with letters. You can teach the alphabet using those. And when you think your kids are ready, you can ask them to jump on the letters that you ask them. See, it is a physical and an intellectual activity rolled into one.  

Take them to zoos. It would be so much fun if you take your kids to zoos. Not only that they will enjoy, they can learn different creatures as well. Make sure that they are attentive. Show them the most unique animals to keep them interested. It should be easy to see if they have learned. While on the road, you can ask them random questions about animals. You can ask about the physical attributes of an animal, or their behavior.  

Book a theme park visit. You think that theme parks are all fun. But I see something more than that. Your theme park visit can be educational for your kids too. There are theme parks that have historical value. Perhaps, you can take them there. Of course, you have to do your research too. That way, you can explain to your kids why a specific theme park is interesting.

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Let them mingle with other kids. Lastly, it is very important that you teach your kids to be sociable. You don’t want your child to be a loner, do you? There are summer activities where you can enrol your kids. They will make friends from there. Not only that they will increase their IQ, they will also develop their EQ.

Always bear in mind that what you do can greatly affect your kids. If you hone them properly in the early stages of their lives, you will never have to worry about their future. 

Kim Bookman has 2 young boys. I believe that she has mastered the art of teaching her kids. You might want to follow her tips so you can maximize your kid’s potential.