How to Stop Thumb Sucking by Wearing Our Gloves during Halloween Time

How To Stop Thumb Sucking

Distraction, entertainment, or amusement is a way to seize, acquire, or gain control of a child’s attention. The redirection of the focus on the activity of wearing the thumb sucking proof gloves can be done quite fluidly and easily during the month of October because of Halloween. With Halloween time approaching kids can easily be redirected to aim their attentions on the reward of getting to wear their favorite costume on Halloween. Buying, or making their favorite costume for Halloween in the beginning of October is a resourceful way to distract your children from sucking their thumbs. Do not let on if they see you making this purchase that you are planning in using it as a bargaining chip against thumb sucking.


Redirection stops the inappropriate activity immediately and helps lay the ground work for learning things in the future. Equipping your child with appropriate alternatives for outlets for their desires, such as thumb sucking, ensures the offending behavior will stop. Be as consistent as possible.

Remind your child that they won’t be able to wear their favorite character or costume on Halloween if they do not put the gloves on, or you can simply hold their candy hostage until they wear their thumb sucking gloves. Distraction strategy is a natural instinct for parents to use. It is healthy and it works to keep children out of harm and dangerous activities and dangerous objects. It is a great solution for parents in many situations.

While using distraction as a way to enforce your child to wear the thumb sucking gloves, do not forget that correcting this behavior is the ultimate goal and giving in is not an option. Take your child’s mind off the gloves by lying with your child and talk with him or her about candy time and all the fun they will be having in Halloween night with you and their friends and family members. Their mind may be distracted by listening to you in awe of all the exciting things to come with wearing their costume and so on. Soon they will drift off to sleep with out sucking their thumb. You may need to repeat this for a few nights, but the rewards are out number the consequences of paying for braces or worse yet, having a pre-teenager that still sucks their thumb.


You can only do what works best for your child. Nine times out of ten distraction works. Try making a game out of the thing you are using to distract your child, in this case Halloween candy or other objects. Make a fun game up to tire your child out a little then they will fall asleep with the thumb sucking gloves on more regularly, comforting themselves by listening to your voice instead of sucking on their thumbs.

How to Stop Thumb Sucking by Wearing Our Gloves during Halloween Time


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