How to Stop Thumb Sucking Before It Gets Worse

If we ever imagine an infant, we always picture a little innocent being sucking his thumb. In fact, children suck their thumbs even in the womb. That is how we are connected to the habit of thumb sucking. Though it may appear cute with infants, as children grow up, it may become a problem for their health and also make them a conscious about their personality. There are many physiological and psychological conditions associated with the habit of thumb sucking. However, there are many ways by which you can make your children leave this habit. Here is a list of what all you can do.

Encourage your child to stop sucking thumbs, at least in public

Most of the children may become uncomfortable or confused in a social situation. They resort to sucking their thumbs and feel more comfortable while performing the act than otherwise. You must ask your children to stop sucking their thumbs in public and every time they are successfully able to do so, appreciate them and give them a small gift. This gift doesn’t have to be sweet or chocolate as it may lead to other problems. Even plain appreciation works well with children.

Don’t be rude or use odd tasting products

This is certainly not the option if you want to know how to stop thumb sucking. This often works negatively for the child and they feel that they are being devoid of something they love. It is a bad habit and must be avoided at all costs.

Try Reverse Psychology

Instead of pushing your child not to such on his thumb, you can try the ordeal therapy and ask your child to suck the other fingers as well. This is very risky but chances are that your child would grow tired of sucking all the fingers and give up the habit altogether.

Try thumb sucking guard for kids

These are a fun way to help stop your children from performing this bad habit. These guards come in attractive colors and will be loved by your children. There are stores like EndThumbSucking which also provide a toy along with the thumb sucking guards for kids. This diverts the attention of the kids to play and encourages them to adopt a healthy and playful lifestyle. As children get more comfortable, they learn more things in life and do not resort to thumb sucking for comfort anymore. You can buy these thumb sucking guards from