How to Get a 6-Year-Old to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a common concern for some. After children reach a certain age, they no longer suck their thumbs. Most children never have this issue, but to those who do, thumb sucking is usually viewed as a phase. Thumb sucking may become habitual act.

Parents may use simple tricks to stop thumb sucking. As a fun parent/child activity, create a reward calender and every day and night that the child does not suck his/her thumb, they receive a sticker. After a certain amount of stickers collected, a small toy or a special treat is given to the child. Children who do the majority of sucking their thumbs at night, there are simple methods to experiment with. Parents can remove their child’s hand from their mouth or the simple trick of placing a sock on the child’s hand to prevent their thumb from fitting in their mouth.

Children who are having a more difficult time, two common devices are available. In the United Kingdom, the Thumbguard was created. The device is made from a medical plastic that is hygienic and is safe for children to use. Thumbguard helps children be aware when they are sucking their thumb. Usually 7-10 days is all it takes for children to stop sucking their thumbs.

No age is the right age for kids to no longer suck thumbs. Although the typical age for children is ages 3-4, methods and tools are there to help an older child to stop thumb sucking!

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