Help Cure Thumbsucking: 5 Tips for Helping Your Kids Feel Safe

One common reason for kids to suck their thumbs is due to a feeling of insecurity. Since making your child feel safe inside of your home should be one of the ultimate goals of any parent, there are a few things that can be done to help your kids feel more safe, which in turn will help them break their thumb sucking habit..

Reassure Your Child Daily Of Their Safety

Nothing comforts a child more than feeling that the parent is fully attentive to their need for security. Tell your child regularly that you have taken every step needed to allow for continual peace as they develop and grow. This could be in the form of actually showing the level of security you have enlisted around the home itself.

Reinforce Windows and Doors

Adding removable security bars to your home’s access points can greatly imprint a sense of safety into the minds of your children. Make sure to reinforce their security by explaining that in order to maintain it, they need to be properly set up each time the windows or doors are closed from within. This also gives a sense of responsibility to the children for their own safety.

Prepare Your Child for Emergencies

Teach your children the emergency numbers needed in the event of a break in, so that they feel connected to outside forces as well that can assist them in the event of a break in. Doing this extends safety in their minds, which is the ultimate goal for eliminating worry. Placing the numbers of neighbors that could help is also a great idea.

Teach Security System Operation

It is a good rule of thumb that every member of the household know how to operate the security system that has been installed within the home. This also eliminates any possibility of the child accidentally sending police to your home, which could result in fees from your security provider. Keep everyone up-to-date as to any security password changes as well in order to avoid this occurrence.

Upgrade Your System to Current Standards

It is also highly suggested that parents enlist a security company to evaluate the safety of your home and point out any room for improvement, according to a Stockton home security company. Take suggestions to heart, for criminals are finding new ways to breach security systems regularly. Keeping informed as to what changes on the technology front are occurring is the best form of defense, according to security professionals from Vivint in Trenton NJ.