Glovey Huggey – The Best Glove to Prevent Thumb-Sucking

Thumb sucking is one of the most common habits of children that are hard to remove, yet it is not impossible. A lot of parents are finding it real hard to get the most applicable and effective prevention of their children’s thumb sucking. This idea is only normal because prevention of such habit is really difficult to attain, especially if the child is deeply into it.

Experts have agreed that a child who sucks thumb younger than the age of five should not be forced to stop. This is considerable as they have observed that most children on such range of age leave out this habit by their own choice before attending kindergarten. Even if this habit stays during past infancy, the act of thumb sucking is not often a thing to be very concerned about. This habit does not show that a kid contains emotional problems.

On the other hand, around 15% of these kids will linger thumb sucking even when their 5th birthday already occurs. This is the age from which teasing usually starts, which probably cause social trouble for children in time when they enter school age. Furthermore, thumb sucking can also lead to some dental issues. A kid who still performs thumb sucking at the age of five, the moment permanent teeth begin to come out, might build up an irregular bite. In addition to this irregular bite, if thumb sucking is prolonged it may also cause some mild physical problems, like cracked skin or chapped lips, fingernail infections, or calluses. When a kid older than 5 or six is still thumb-sucking and feeling hard to stop it, parents usually think about something they can do in order to help.

If this is also your case, you may want to know the safest way to help your child out of such habit. Using a hand glove for a child is one of the best, efficient and safest ways you can do to stop their thumb sucking. You should use glove to prevent thumb-sucking, as it is considered and proven effective method. You may wonder why you should use glove to prevent thumb-sucking, yet you yourself can easily answer it why.

Using colorful gloves like Glovey Huggey is one of the most secured and efficient approaches you should consider in order to stop your child from sucking his/her thumb. This fabric guard for thumb sucking utilized with affirmative reinforcement is highly helpful to prevent thumb-sucking. Glovey huggey can help in reducing the chance of lingering this habit of the child. The orthodontic technique could be quite expensive and the majority of insurances don’t cover them. That is why trying these thumb guards for combating thumb-suck is a more affordable and easier measure. In addition, these glove guards look cool from which children will have fun of all the various colors and patterns available. Children do well with affirmative non-aggressive approaches, so both the child and parent leave out happier.

Therefore, for those parents who are finding it hard to work with their child’s thumb-sucking prevention, Glovey Huggey is surely an efficient solution to stop it.