The Glovey Huggey a Perfect Holiday Gift

As we approach the winter, it’s quite normal to start looking at just about any product you come across as a potential Christmas gift. This could go from video games to clothing items, but there is one thing that you should be considering quite seriously as a great Christmas or Holiday gift.

You will inevitably know somebody with a young child – we all do! – And finding a good present for their child can be quite hard to do so. Clothes are useless as they grow out of clothes in minutes, and expensive gifts like games consoles and jewelry are likely to be used as a weapon. Therefore, try finding something that is going to benefit the child for a long-time.

For example, children are notorious for sucking their thumbs until the age of about four. If you notice the child doing this a lot, then it is worth noting it to the parents. Thumb sucking can be quite dangerous to the positioning of the child’s teeth, and can also have a lasting effect on their thumb in general. Although it’s not life-threatening, it can become a pretty big problem down the line so dealing with it at the source is a great way to start.

There are many ideas and notions out there about the best way to deal with thumb sucking, but one of the most effective is the kid’s glove known as a Glovey Huggey. This is a warm mitt or glove which comes in a variety of different colors and fits children ages 2-4 and 4-8.

These gloves are extremely durable and they allow your child to have full access of their hands and fingers at all times. What it does is cover up the thumb with a gloved finger, instantly putting your child off of sucking their thumb. As well as giving them full grip and control, they will instantly realize the importance of not sucking their thumb.

However, this makes a great gift because it looks so nice and friendly! Kid’s love colorful and vibrant clothing and these will go great with many kids’ outfits. Just try and pick from one of the many different colors that are available to choose from ( and you can have a pretty simple solution to both the child’s potential dental issues and finding a great Holiday gift for the little one!