Glovey Huggey is the Best Thumb Sucking Glove Around

When the baby reaches the toddler stage, they usually don’t have to thumb suck anymore. Thumb sucking may be a form of comfort for some kids. For some children, it is their way of adapting to their emotional problems like anxiety. Sometimes, parents don’t know how to stop thumb sucking in a positive manner. They usually punish the child in order to stop this bad habit. However, this is never a good idea as the child might just develop a fear to you.

What can be the results of thumb sucking?

One of which is developing an orthodontic case wherein the palate falls down inwardly, thus having the teeth not aligned perfectly. Another one is trouble when speaking. Because of the constant thumb sucking, the child’s mouth may adapt the kind of speech that there is something stuck in their mouth.

Can a thumb sucking glove keep the child from thumb sucking?

The answer to that is yes because having a thumb sucking glove as a thumb guard will greatly help you stop your child’s bad habit. It is very affordable, so you can make sure that it will suit your budget. Thus, you don’t need to look for harsh methods just to prevent him/her from thumb sucking. The thumb sucking glove is made by Glovey Huggey, so it will surely provide a positive result. It offers different styles so your children would like to wear it. Different colors are available for you to have a wide selection to choose from. Your child will surely love the funkiness and artful designs by their thumb sucking glove, so it will be easy for you to put it on them. Also, it is washable to prevent the spread of bacteria. It is delivered in a gift box so that your child will be excited to open it because they would think of it as a gift to them. It has a plush toy which comes together with the thumb sucking glove. The plush toy can also be used to keep their attention away from thumb sucking.

This is a winning strategy that uses the best positive way that your child needs when removing their bad habit of thumb sucking. You can also do this together with other strategies like giving rewards to make sure that you will be able to effectively help your child remove his or her thumb sucking habit. Your child will surely love this kind of strategy instead of nagging them. Negative attention will definitely not be of help and it is strongly not recommended because it may worsen the habit of the child. You need to be patient and determined to remove that bad habit of theirs. Never scold them as this might only worsen the situation. Tell them that this habit is bad and make them understand the negative effects of thumb sucking. You can also go online to look for the best ways on how to prevent your child from thumb sucking and get rid of this habit for good.  So start the new year off right and pick up your Glovey Huggey at