Glovey Huggey & How to Stop Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking is a habit displayed by infants and younger children wherein they put their thumb inside their mouth and sucks it repeatedly. This habit can be their means to pacify and comfort themselves. Thumb sucking is known as a soothing and pleasure-seeking device of children and frequently displayed when they are tired, hungry and sleepy. This habit seems t be harmless when displayed by infants because this habit is being tied up with their breastfeeding activity. This activity normally gives babies the normal sucking instinct.

When the thumb sucking became strongly attached to a child even if he starts to grow older than the ideal age where thumb sucking is at its peak, parents begin to worry and think about the safety and welfare of their children. Thumb sucking normally stops at the age of 5 or even earlier in some cases. This habit must be eliminated preferably before the child starts to develop permanent teeth because if not, this habit may lead to serious dental and speech problems. Excessive thumb sucking also affect the over-all teeth and mouth growth of your child.

Parents find it hard on how to stop thumb sucking activities of their children but it is more difficult on the part of the child who has already gained the strong attachment on this habit. Asking your child to stop thumb sucking may affect him emotionally and psychologically. Breaking the habit is really complicated especially when the child refuses to cooperate. Parents are advised to have genuine patience and support for their child because the breaking process requires the involvement of both the parents and the child.

Using thumb sucking devices can provide the ultimate solution on how to stop thumb sucking. Glovey Huggey specializes in making and offering thumb sucking devices that works more effectively more than what you expected. The Glovey Huggey offers small gloves made out of spandex material and these thumb sucking devices teach the little ones how to stop thumb sucking in a comfortable and less aggressive manner. This product is worn by children same way on how a traditional glove is being worn. Their thumbs are covered and guarded by the Glovey Huggey gloves protecting and saving their thumbs and nails as well.

These thumb sucking devices effectively helps the child stop thumb sucking without letting the child feel pressured. With these especially designed and created thumb guard by Glovey Huggey, your child can now stop thumb sucking positively. These thumb sucking devices also helps in avoiding abnormal mouth growth, misshapen pallets, and improper alignment of teeth. This unique thumb guards come with colorful and attractive designs your children will surely love. Using this Glovey Huggey child-friendly thumb sucking devices will make the child hardly notice his struggle against his old habit.

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