Five Tips for Helping Your Child Love the Dentist



Although the dentist is necessary to ensure proper dental health and a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime, it is often one of the most feared places for children. It can be an intimidating experience when parents have to encourage children to visit the dentist, but with a few methods and practices it can become an easy, and even enjoyable, process.


Introduce Your Child to Their Dentist

Allow your child to get to know their dentist and be able to joke around or have a conversation. It will help them to not feel as vulnerable and will make it easy to catch up after the first visit said a sedation dentist Austin. Try to have the dentist introduce him or herself and have a conversation with your child without wearing the mask. Choose a dentist that is friendly, has a sense of humor, and is sensitive to your child’s fears.


Plan a Fun Activity Afterward

By planning a fun trip to the park or toy store right after the dentist, it can take a lot of the attention off the appointment and provide an activity your child can look forward to. It will work as a distraction and make it easier to get through the visit with something fun coming right afterward.


Bring Fun Games

The waiting room can be one of the scariest places for children as they nervously await to be called into the dentist’s office. Bring fun games along to keep them distracted and have comforting items with you to provide a sense of security and familiarity to them. Allow them to play their favorite video games or read a good book with ease.


Sit By Their Side

By making it a habit to sit next to your child while they’re in the chair getting examined, it will inevitably provide a sense of comfort and help them to relax. Even if you need to hold their hand, it will make it an easier process that they know you’re by their side and that they’re safe with you there. Eventually, they’ll be independent enough where you can stay in the waiting room.


Be Positive

When helping your child know what to expect, keep a positive attitude and avoid using any negative words. Discuss the benefits of visiting the dentist and how it’s a luxury, considering other countries are without dental care. Show how thankful you are to have healthy teeth, which will help your child to have an appreciation for it as well..