Easy tips to Prevent thumb sucking

Thumb sucking is a natural activity of the infants. Even the doctors say that it is a healthy habit till the time babies do not develop permanent teeth. Most of the children leave this habit when they are 2 years old while some of them continue till they are 4-5 years old. Though thumb sucking is not a very big problem but it can cause problem in the teeth which can disturb the overall positioning. That is why it becomes necessary to prevent thumb sucking and a number of measures are taken for it.

Some of the simple as well as beneficial tips to prevent thumb sucking are given below.

Making use of thumb sucking devices such as the Glovey Huggey; which is really a superb option. There are a number of thumb sucking devices like thumbsters or soothers which are specially designed to overcome such problems. These are easy to use and have no side effects on the health of your child.

The Glovey Huggey thumb sucking gloves is the next option that you can try. These gloves are made of spandex material which is comfortable and gives a relaxed feeling to the kid. The gloves are made with to cover the finger or the thumb so that it can prevent finger sucking as well as thumb sucking.

Different kinds of sour liquids or gels are also available which can be applied on the thumb of your baby. As these are awful in taste therefore they will not try to suck their thumb. Repeating the same for a few days can bring a difference in their habit. Thum liquid is one of the most popular liquids which is used to prevent thumb sucking and is safe for use.

Pay attention to what your kids are doing. Make sure that this habit is overcome at an early age only so that there are no problems. Make your kids busy with magazines or toys that they like. This will divert their mind and they will not think about sucking their thumb.

Thus there are lots of measures that can be taken to prevent thumb sucking at an older age. Parents should focus on the growth of their child and try to keep them away from such habits but if they are unable to stop this habit, they must try the above ways. It will surely be useful and worth trying.